You’re Eating PB&J Wrong | Food Network

You’re Eating PB&J Wrong | Food Network

Peanut butter and
jelly is awesome. But peanut butter is sticky. That means this sandwich
is messy to make and hard to swallow. I’m going to show
you how to make a PB and J that will keep your
fingers clean and go down easy. Are you fans of peanut
butter and jelly? Absolutely. Are you concerned
about the peanut butter and jelly getting
all over your hands? Yes. Peanut butter kind of
makes your mouth dry. That is a real concern. I’m here now with Peanut
Butter and Company in New York with a man who has
thought deeply about PB and J. He is Lee Zalben, the man behind
Peanut Butter and Company. Hey, Lee. – Thanks for being here.
– My pleasure. Thanks for having me. Now one of the issues that I
run into and a lot of folks run into when we make PB and
J is that first the peanut butter gets all of my fingers. And second, when I
close the sandwich it squishes out everywhere. What can I do? I think your
problem is that you are not exercising
proper peanut butter and jelly construction form. OK. I have a few techniques
that I can share with you. Do we need hard hats for this? We don’t need hard hats, but
I have two different techniques. The book technique, you open
the bread up like a book, and then you close
it up like a book. And you have synchronicity
on the crust on all sides. Got it. The border rule
is that we only spread peanut butter and
jelly to about a half an inch to the edge of the bread.
– I see. Room for expansion. Exactly. We don’t want the peanut
butter and jelly to seep out and to get on our hands. So we’re going to take
this and we’re just going to close up our book. And we’ll give it a
little bit of a squeeze. And you can see right here,
a little bit of peanut butter and jelly has come to
the edge of the bread, but we don’t have any seepage. That’s impressive, Lee. It came out a little
bit, but none has gotten all the way to the plate. Correct. And now a big question
from the folks at home, this is an eternal debate. Do you slice diagonally
or vertically? There’s only one
way to slice a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
and that is diagonally. You want to know why? Yes, please. Maximum peanut butter and
jelly eating surface area. That’s right. You can also survey
all of your bites here. Exactly. Do you take your first
bite from the hypotenuse or from one of the acute angles? I’m a corner guy. I like the start at the corner. Interesting. That also reduces
cheek smearage. Yes. I can tell you are an
accomplished peanut butter and jelly eater. That’s right. We’re going to get
along just fine, Lee. Now can I show you
a couple of my tips? Absolutely, can’t wait. Peanut butter is sticky. Can be hard to chew it,
hard to swallow it, right. What I like to do to
solve that problem is to put jelly on both
sides of the bread. I need to correct
your book technique. Oh, you’re right, sorry. Thank you, thank you sir. Much better. Now what that does,
is that it encases the peanut butter in the
jelly and acts as a lubricant. What do you think of that? My peanut butter likes to
just sort of be on the bread directly. Have you asked it? It speaks to me. Fair enough. If you are in direct
commune with peanut butter, I can’t challenge you on that. But I would argue that you
have not spoken to the jelly. Now I’ve broken
your border rule. You have. But I want you to try this. OK, I have the peanut
butter encased in the jelly. All right. I’m going to do the diagonal
slice just like we agreed. Agreed. Take a look at my
cross-section here. You have jelly on
both sides, you have peanut butter in the middle. The peanut butter
is now encased. It’s going to go down and easy. It tastes OK,
even pretty good. I don’t know that it’s any
easier to eat or to chew. Well, I want to take
this to the next level. Mm-hmm. Because I’m going
to win you over yet. All right. Let me show you
something else. All right, Lee. Well, you say no one’s ever
called you old fashioned, here’s your chance to prove it. We’re going to
kick this thing up to another level with
a new type of PB and J I’ve created called
the PBB and J. The PBB and J. – Follow me.
– All right. We’re going to start
off with a bagel. No, the extra B
is not for bagel. We’ll get to that.
– All right. And we’re going
to scoop the bagel. Once again, I’m going to go
jelly first on both sides. I know you don’t
love that, but let’s just agree to disagree for now. All right. But I want to make it even
easier for the peanut butter to be swallowed in
an effortless manner. I don’t know that
that’s a complaint that people really have. Well, they can’t say it
to you because their mouths are full of peanut butter, OK. Again, we’re not just making PB
and J, we’re making PBB and J. And the other B
stands for butter. I’m going to take these little
bits of the scooped up bagel and I’m going to briefly drop
them into some melted butter. And why are we doing this? We’re doing this because
butter is delicious. OK. And because butter
acts as a lubricant. Let’s go ahead and
fold the book just like you taught me, all right. Look at that. You have your jelly, you
have your peanut butter is encased on both sides. It’s encased on the
outside in jelly and the inside and buttered bread. It is warm, it is delicious
it is soft, it is gooey, it is everything
that you could want. All right. Mm. Oh, mercy. This sandwich scratches an
itch that I didn’t know I had. I don’t want itches like that. Well, Lee Zalben,
Peanut Butter and Company, fist bump me, butter bump. There we go. Now I’m taking this
into the streets. I will not be denied. Let’s see what
other people think. Oh, this is delicious. It was outstanding. I like this one better. Yeah, me too. Why? It’s really juicy. More flavor. More flavor and juicy. How often, how often
do you hear the word “juicy” used to describe
a peanut butter and jelly? It’s easy to eat, it’s soft. It’s peanut buttery. And buttery. Mm-hmm. Yeah, this is great. Thanks. It’s a pretty good day.

35 thoughts on “You’re Eating PB&J Wrong | Food Network”

  1. Butter doesn't belong in PB&J. My great grandmother ruined me for PB&J sandwiches by doing that to me in elementary school. Peanut Butter and Cheez Wiz together on toasted bread is where it's at.

  2. That is just so gross! Butter does not belong on a pb&j. All you need on a pb&j, is a smear of peanut on one slice of bread and a smear of jelly on the other slice, not too much of either. Never heard someone say that they get it on their hands either.

  3. I have literally had none of these issues when making a PBJ sandwich and I make PBJ at least 3 times a week for the past 4 years

  4. Who cares if it gets on ur hands when I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich my sandwiches get at least an inch or more in taller in the air if peanut butter is hard to swallow stick more jelly in or take out at least some peanut butter use for the next sandwich and stuff it til it screams for mercy idk why tf people always use so little peanut butter and jelly is to be enjoyed not taken lightly STOP PUTTING AS LITTLE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY IN A SANDWICH STUFF THE MF give it a like if you agree P.S. if jelly gets in ur hands/fingers wash it before you eat it if it squishes out, or get a wet paper towel on stand by or wash after common sense geez.

  5. I'm glad I stopped the video once the video talked about adding butter. but I regret listening to the idiocy and making PB&J so complicated. it's a bloody comfort food!!! damn… stop making this complicated with stupid ideas of trigonometry or crust ratio. so glad I never discovered this place in NYC… shame on you Food Network. today is not your day…

  6. This is honestly disgusting. The butter mixed with bread makes it look like a weird neon-green clump. It isn't a sweet garlic bread, its a PB&J.

  7. In school cafeteria where I worked for 15 yrs we always whipped the butter and peanut butter together and then spread. Kids loved them, never knew the secret was butter

  8. A few good options here. I'll add the one-side-heavyweight (just made that up). This sandwich is PB on one bread slice, respecting the pre-established border rules, and jelly atop that same PB. WHAT?! YES! And, and take your jelly jam preserves and smear them into that PB, like the holy communion they must be and are. Then put that naked-ass piece of bread atop and squish and suddenly it becomes the blanket covering the perfect slipping sliding sugary salty perfect union of PB&J.

  9. A large part of the dryness in a PBJ is  the crust. Spreading the jelly spread most of it on the body of the sandwich wiping the excess at the edge to minimize the jelly-less crust. This also adds more flavorful bites. Looking forward to you doing the PBH (peanut butter and honey) sandwich.

  10. Ironically butter is actually possibly the healthiest thing on that sandwich, doubly so if it's grass fed.

    Butter (Grass Fed to run of the mill) > Peanut Butter (natural with oil to hydrogenated) > Jelly (glucose and fructose) > Bread (glucose and fructose and sucrose)

  11. I have the solution to if peanut butter gets stuck in your mouth. It's this brilliant invention called a 'tongue'. You can use it to scrape away the peanut butter that's stuck in your mouth.

  12. There is no way to eat your food wrong. Dan Pashman is just an idiot who plays with his food.
    His advice on just about everything is stupid.

  13. Is the world gotten so bad that we need some jackass to tell us how to fix a PB&J sandwich? Man, the world is fucked if that is the case.

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