Your Food Horoscope: Taurus | Food Network

Your Food Horoscope: Taurus | Food Network

– Hello. I am Angel Eyedealism. And I’m here to tell
you what the best foods are for your zodiac sign. Taurus– clearly, the
foodies of the Zodiac. They are ruled by Venus. Therefore, they
love luxury food. And they love lots
of money so that they can buy lots of luxury food. However, they will scrimp
and save and then blow $800 on a chocolate gold leaf cake. They have somewhat
slow metabolisms and can put on weight
in their later years. So try to avoid the sweets. They tend to eat very
slowly and thoroughly devour the object of their desire– food.

6 thoughts on “Your Food Horoscope: Taurus | Food Network”

  1. We actually have fast metabolism
    If Allah didn't give us that, we would have been like the fat bombs of the earth with that kind of lust for food

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