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Welcome back to another myth busting
session with Ben and Sam. Today this one is probably best for you to answer Ben.
As I’ve got okay knees! So if you’ve got bad knees, what can you do in stead of squating? Good question, yeah look, one of my knees is particularly bad. Both of them aren’t the best. Instead of squating… I still squat anyway. I still squat quite a lot. What I find the really important thing to do when squatting is that for me, over a certain weight my form
starts to suffer and that’s where my knees start getting really affected. So,
there’s this sweet spot where I could do 6 and 10 reps comfortably. And for me, that might be anything over 110 kilos. When I’m going to full depth my form does start to suffer a bit and
with that, I have bad knees afterwards. So if I keep the weight under a certain amount, for you it might be weight and for others it might be rep ranges. So if you make sure your forms nice and tight, you shouldn’t have a problem. Cool, so if you’re one of the lucky ones with bad knees but can still squat. If I’ve got really, really bad knees and I can’t squat what’s something else? It’s a difficult one because I have found that
most leg exercises are actually just as bad on the knees as squats. Probably the
worse would be hack squats they hurt your knees at the best
of times. Leg press, it’s all about getting
your position right. Especially if you’re going to full depth.
One of the best ones actually is a hex bar. I call it a standing deadlift or an ez squat. Basically, your standing like
a deadlift but your standing inside hex bar. So you sort of bending down like
that and then you’re lifting up. So it’s sort of half a squat and a deadlift. I find it really good for your legs and some for some reason, it doesn’t tend to hurt the knees. I think it just allows a bit more movement. Allowing your body to be in a more comfortable plane than having the bar against your back but you can still go really heavy. So I’ll often use this lift, you’ll find it works your back and obviously works the legs really well. And seems to not affect the knees too much. So, if you want to lift heavy and you can’t handle squating then try a hex bar if your gyms got one. Otherwise just be careful with the leg press and find a position where you you know your knees aren’t hurting.

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