Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

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  1. My fried chicken recipe:

    10 PCs of chicken

    A pack of bread mix

    Some cooking oil

    A pinch of salt

    Some gravy I took at KFC

    bing bong bam boom


    A can of coke
    (For me to drink)

  2. Hey, quick question. Guy Fieri’s chicken looked delicious, but I don’t have mustard powder. Do you think it would tase the same if I added some mustard gas instead? Thanks.

  3. *Guy Fieri fried chicken

    Me: woah, thats a lot of seasoning bruh

    White Guy Judge: Definitely a little bit of seasoning on this one.

    Me: …

  4. I went back to watch Gordon Ramsey's buttermilk fried chicken and I gotta say this..

    You totally fucked the recipe up, Jesse.

  5. This is an insult to gordon Ramsay’s recipe. Did you even watch his fucking video? he cuts up the shallots and onions, has fresh herbs, spices it more. You didnt get the extra flour off and the oven is not OPTIONAL! Dumbass

  6. Lemme tell u how u cooked it wrong everyone hated Gordon’s chicken and it’s like yo if u ate Gordon’s chicken it’d be like a party in your mouth

  7. Americans: Bites into the chicken
    Asians: Eats the chicken piece by piece
    Russians: Shoves chicken into throat with 200% vodka sauce
    Finlanders: Eats chicken in front of a vegetarian fest and in front of vegetarian police

  8. The David Chang recipe reminded me of a Jaboody Dub video I watched once featuring a Ramen cook book. I'm not sure why.

  9. You used wing-only pieces for Snoop Dog's recipe but then you used whole chicken pieces for the rest. The wing is going to be the most flavorful and most of your (negative) comments on the other recipes have to do with the inside not being as flavorful (which obviously breast pieces would never be as flavorful as actual wings).

  10. Wow he fucked Gordon over, the seasoning was a joke lol.

    No way Gordon would fuck it up that bad. The fried chicken video I saw looked so much better than that…

  11. I hope y’all know that fried chicken is a European dish (it’s Scottish) and that it’s origins have nothing to do with African people or Africa in general.

  12. I have done gordon's fried chicken and its the best i have ever tried.. And this is far from his original recipe

  13. You'll be ashamed of how different the taste are with your fried chicken fried using gordon's recipe to gordon frying the chicken himself

  14. having 3 people judging chicken wont decide which is the best. Its like having 3 people decide which country to bomb, its like the UN with only 3 people.

  15. While their recipes are important so is the cook. That misleading title says it all. No celebrities are cooking in this video. The recipes are also not shown. Why would I watch this? A video that has someone talking so damn fast without saying anything.

    Do you know any of the recipes? OF COURSE NOT because he didn't share. Stupid clickbait and misleading titles.

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