What Exactly Is Food Poisoning?

What Exactly Is Food Poisoning?

…and I ate this burrito and I think I got
food poisoning… That sucks, how long was the incubation period? *confused* what?? Hey everyone, Trace here for DNews! My buddy
Jared who runs the DNews social media pages got food poisoning today, so we thought we’d
pull back the curtain on foodborne illness. People CALL it food poisoning, but the medical
community call it foodborne illness, which makes sense. You’re not being poisoned by
food, but infected by something that’s living on the food. Commonly, food poisoning is caused
by bacteria, viruses, molds, toxins, parasites or allergens. They range from the fairly well known, E.
Coli and Salmonella to the far less known campylobacter, toxoplasma, listeria and clostridium
perfringens (clostridEum per-fringe-ens). According to the FDA, most foodborne illnesses
go away on their own and don’t have lasting effects — but there are those, like E. Coli
O157:H7 which can cause kidney failure and death if not treated properly. Not all e.coli
is bad, by the way. Some e.coli is part of your natural gut bacteria! A number of things can result in food being
“poisoned” or infected. Most often, according to the Mayo Clinic, food poisoning comes from
food that’s mishandled or not cooked properly. Maybe it’s left under the warmer too long,
not refrigerated properly, handled by a person who didn’t wash their hands, or touched a
surface that wasn’t recently cleaned. Every contaminant has an ideal condition, and they
vary from bacteria to virus. And though you might be thinking, YES! I was
at that place around the corner and TOTALLY got it from there, you might be wrong. Some
of these foodborne illnesses can strike days or weeks after exposure because it takes a
while for the organism to replicate in your body and strike — this is the incubation
period. The most common pathogens, C. Perfringens,
Salmonella and the Norovirus have short incubation periods ranging from 6-72 hours. All three
cause diarrhea, but while salmonella and norovirus ALSO cause vomiting, c. perfringens doesn’t!
E.coli and campylobacter incubate for several days before striking and both result in severe
diarrhea containing blood, and vomiting. Toxoplasma can incubate for weeks and produce no symptoms
at all, and listeria can live in your body from three to SEVENTY DAYS before showing
flu-like symptoms! You could eat something two weeks before Halloween and not feel it
til Christmas! Some cases of food poisoning or food borne
illness are even mistaken for the flu, because people can’t remember when they ate at that
dodgy deli. And again, most of the time, you’ll just get better on your own, thanks to the
immune system. But you won’t feel awesome. These diseases cause diarrhea because they’re
inhibiting your body from absorbing nutrients and water OR they’re causing MORE water to
be added into the bowel. This means your body has to pass all that stuff out of your digestive
system, and in a hurry. If you’re nerds, like us,
you can look up your symptoms on foodsafety.gov and know what you got, how long you’ve had
it, and what probably caused it! It’s, like, really nerdy. Also — drink lots of water,
but NOT caffeine or dairy because your stomach is already irritated, those will make it worse.
Make sure you consume some broth or electrolyte drink to keep some nutrients flowing too.
And, speaking of flow, DON’T try and stop the flow out yer butt with anti-diarrhea meds.
You’re body’s doing it on purpose, you’ll just get in the way, literally. If you see
blood, call a doctor. When was the last time you got food poisoning? Where’d you get it? Tell us down below in the comments and be
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  1. I’ve had food poisoning before but currently I am in the hospital right now with it. If you have food poisoning and your muscles start cramping really bad go to the hospital immediately or else risk having a heart attack. I almost had one. Constant diarrhea and vomiting drains your potassium and can make it fatal. Also if you have salmonella food poisoning it can have long lasting affects

  2. I have mild food poisoning right now. threw up this morning once. stool was become watery but not had any bad diarrhoea yet. woke up with stomach cramps, feeling weak and headache. not good.

  3. I’ve been looking all over YouTube, and I can’t find any videos explaining why people avoid foods they once liked if they became violently ill (throwing up all over the place) shortly eating that food. Here’s an example from my own life. When I was 7 years old, I went to a kid’s birthday party down the street where I lived. I ate birthday cake at this kid’s birthday. Then shortly after the party, my dad and I went to see a movie. During the film, I did not feel well and I threw up. We moved to different seats in the theater, and within minutes, I threw up again, only this time, I didn’t stop. As we got up to leave the theater, I threw up all the way up the aisle, through the lobby, out the door and across the parking lot. I was throwing up so much, I couldn’t breathe. Even after seeing a doctor, I threw up more at night. I was so thirsty I would have killed for a glass of water, but I threw it back up right after drinking it. After that experience, I really did not like birthday cake, and I avoided it like the plague. For my 8th birthday forward, I asked my mother to bake me a pie because I thought birthday cake was disgusting. Before then, I liked cake with frosting, but even now, I don’t like it. The only exception is Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, which doesn’t gross me out.

  4. please help mei accidentally ate spoiled spaghetti. after 4 hours i started pooping ang puking the worst is i have constipation helpppp

  5. I ate moldy food on accident yesterday than threw up and got a migraine for the rest of the day

  6. Experienced it once after eating a curiously undercooked helping of baked beans at a BBQ. Vomited all day. Felt as if I were in the throes of death. Slept damn near 48 hours straight. Whatever was lurking in that food was extremely virulent.

  7. I can't imagine how some of these vloggers who constantly consume street/festival food avoid it. Consuming various food items that have been left out in the open environment for hours/sometimes days.

  8. Probably got salmonella poisoning. threw up 5 times yesterday and had to go to the emergency lol. They just gave me a drug that stops throwing up but fam my stomach keeps grumbling and I keep farting. Let's hope this goes away

  9. Last year when me and my school went on a field trip, on the last day when we ate burritos I ate 2 and we was on our way to the school I got very ill and threw up for a week it was horrible

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyplH6fUBDQ



  11. I got food poisoning like a year ago from camping I'm vomited the in a car and had severe cramping and didn't eat anything that day

  12. I was about to eat food poisoning (i think)
    I microwaved a little cake that was in a plastic cup,so can someone tell me if I have that in my cake rn? Cuz I don’t wanna feel like death like these people in the comments,god bless who has it 🙏

  13. Currently, have food poisoning found outlaying in child pose without your arms out feels comfortable…..
    Never eating at chilies ever again

  14. This is the worst sickness I’ve ever dealt with. I’d rather be hungover! It doesn’t even compare. 😷😷😷

  15. I have food poisoning due to eating a barbecue in morroco, I had 1 week of diarrhoea and now I have severe stomach cramps and constipation. This is the worse thing I have had ever, that’s the problem with barbecues, they can be not cooked meat correctly and will kick it off. It takes over your life and the quality of life

  16. My cousin lives in Venezuela and his house doesn't have any furniture or anything, and if he gets sick it's basically all on him. All his fault for cooking bad food. Live by sword die by sword

  17. I eat somefood end up in hospital for 3 day no eating just water and my heart rate was 137 and the worst thing was i would not hold my baby becouse of the pain.my body was not working and so weak

  18. Got it at a family BBQ. Weeks later i got sick while in a school camp. We were doing a night walk activity n i vomited. They thought i was possessed. Even taking sips of water made me throw up. Freakin horrible.

  19. I got food poisoning right now the funny part is that when I vomit I just say "OH YEAH ENERGY" or "PARTY ON!" or "I HAD TO MUCH DRINKS" but yeah I'm just laying next to my toilet if you guys have it well good luck Buddy :'3

  20. 1.i woke up
    2.im happy
    3. I poo
    4. I vomit
    5. I have bad pain
    6. I have the runs
    7 the next day
    My order 1,4,3,5,6,7,2


  22. This might've not even been food poisoning but I still want to share it. I was visiting a city (I'd rather not mention the name of it) and got a steak, which was really good. My friend got the same thing, and we were both vomiting and pooping out straight water a lot 2 days later. It sucked, but it only lasted about a day or two.

  23. hay hay dios,oh lord im real sick i order a Boliche with white rice fry banana, soup,lentejas green beans, them i save it was very hot.i will tell you i went to McDonals calle 8 street i'm talking MIAMI,FLORIDA
    with all my Respect,pero but No No everyone have Rats,Bactetias,
    God is my witness.🐺 👎they need to clean😝 more and wash there 👏 yes
    i see them going and they flush 🚽💩Ladys clean your self,but i 🙈🙉🙊because you can get in serious.Troublem.
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    Ha Ha the alies🤣 are afrait to come here because our ecoli,haha is a joke
    my friend i feel like if i was going to Die is 24 hours,and i can't Stop,😓Diarreah, i have orange tree lemon,garli,clean water mix it blend and drink it i'm getting better, old India,Remedist Remedios de BC- D2- Cristo my family are Arabe they used everything to get better my grandmother.was1103👵 year, but they din't have all this
    Food,and people
    are 😧😵.i'm going back to my diet,🍇🍎🥝🥒🍄🥑🍏🍈🍉🍐🍆🥜🌰🥔🍑🍊🍋🍒🥕🍞🥐🌽🍓🍌🍍🌶🥖🍅🥗🍜🥘🍪☕NO,NO MORE
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    i get real sick i'm bless,🎂🍰

  24. I got it once and it was lasagna from a hospital of all places. No diarrhea but I was vomiting like I was possessed by something horrendously evil. I finally stopped after awhile but I had no appetite for a day or so.

  25. Yes I currently have food poison and anytime I eat I feel I want to vomit.how long it takes I cant eat nothing solid I got it from a friend fish and fried platies at my cousin house 🤢🤮😷

  26. What if you only eat home food and eat out at a restaurant once to twice a month and each time and only each time you get sick never win at home that kind of blows your logic out of the water doesn't it

  27. Ate subway started to throw up heavily to at a point I was nocked down on the cold floor which was my best place to me Bc I was so heated with cold sweats felt like I was throwing my insides up which i prob was doing.

  28. I think i had food posoning again tossing turning kept me a wake all night till the early morning i could"nt help my self by being sick a few times on the floor by side of the bed even then i still didnt feel right when i got up felt terrible as soon as i opened my bedroom door i was bending down being sick again in passage corridor i lost my appetite to eat of drink anything for few hours and most of the sickness was coffee drank on empty stomach and two small chocolate cake rolls i eaten last night. It amazing really how the body rejects it out of the body being sick..

  29. I'm currently food poisened and i want to kill myself ivve been in the toiled like 30 times and threw up like 10+

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  31. Be careful watch you eat some times it only lats 24 so that’s up side the down Sade it it no fun ❗️🙁😱🤮🤕🤒🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕

  32. I had some oysters in the Dominican Republic 2 hours later I started vomiting diarrhoea it's been now 2 weeks since I've been feeling sick still have a little bit of muscle pain still can't go to the bathroom normal my body still feeling weak I don't know what to do I did want to the hospital there I got up this morning and I feel like I'm gonna go back to the hospital now that im home I just came back last night everything I touch feels extra cold the bottom of my foot feel painful at time this is the worst feeling i ever felt in my life anything you can tell me please

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