We Made A 100-Layer Dip • Tasty

We Made A 100-Layer Dip • Tasty

this is dedicated to Keanu Reeves all 100 movie literally making it big yes we aren’t that is the name of the show I know I just got excited [Music] welcome back to making a big the show where I make giant food for my friends and special guests today I’ve invited Kelsey and Peach okay she’s done some cool stuff on BuzzFeed multiplayer you might have seen her 100 baby challenge it’s really crazy and I thought it kind of fun to invite her in dream of a giant food challenge we could do together so let’s go meet her so Kelsey yeah oh well I hope you’re hungry today you do a lot of crazy things on the Internet one of them is this 100 baby challenge yeah so it’s a challenge in The Sims where you have a matriarch who’s like one character and she supposed to have 100 different children all different parents you have to have a different parent for every kid okay she’s tired she don’t okay well we’re on our second matriarch now Shar our first one has sadly passed off oh my god so you know how you said every single parent it has to be different that gives me an idea because you know how there’s something like a 7-layer dip right you see where I’m going with this what if we did a 100 layer dip where every single layer was different I see where you’re going with this it’s gonna be a challenge to even think of all the ingredients if I do it I will probably have to ask for your help if you’re down to like help me out cuz I would think it’s like you know it’s almost like a game you know we’re gonna have to feel gods as a strategy to it I’ve been training for this day alright good well I’m gonna go brainstorm maybe with the Tastee team and then I was shopping and I’ll see you in like half a day but yeah all right I need to make a 100 layer dip and I need help thinking about all the 100 ingredients no sweets this is kind of like savory tex-mex Southwestern so if you have any idea feel free to start yelling about ok so yeah oh chorizo that’s really hard yeah that’s a difference that counts that common ingredient gosh Doritos Cheetos Lay’s I need more cheese we only got 14 oh that’s kind of gross okay no okay I need one more can’t end on weenies guys I’m gonna go to the grocery store and I’ll be back in about six hours oh yeah whoo guys I got the stuff it’s not like four hours in there someone help me want the door to my car Thanks [Music] we got all 100 ingredients oh man no we’re gonna cook all these things and build this dip don’t know what’s gonna happen but I’ll see you guys back in the studio so Kelsey is that what we’re putting it in we went to the pet store wood we got an aquarium oh I have a little game plan here this is a color-coded order from top to bottom of all the ingredients they are sorted by a category there’s gonna be a narrative story arc throughout this dip you get me I love a narrative story arc all right ready yeah all right let’s do it editor put the snapping sound effect yeah we’re ready to go we have spoons and utensils to get all this food into here okay this is the breakfast burrito section what is the very first thing we’re putting it first up is potato chips if you crush them so they get like crashing like so they get more compresses as a hundred later that’s a good point that’s 199 more to go corn chips yes all right let’s go that was nice amazing oh now we have cheese I’m a very cheesy girl normally start with Gruyere yeah that’s really yes it’s about the next breakfast sausage Oh a cute spicy Italian sausage and you’re Italian right yes so it’s just like me that’s what you were expecting to me no but then again I like have simulated babies as my job so we’re both or both in a weird world how we are okay what do we got it’s I can’t pronounce that Oh boss kielbasa it looks cool I kind of want to taste one – oh are you sure let me say yes say one for this time zombie ground beef I guess boar meat yellow bell pepper Oh vegetables I like vegetables wow that is really pretty nice I’m so glad I have someone helping I reduce how do you get lonely sometimes it means on the show I’m talking to an audience that hopefully is watching that how you doing slow guys thanks for watching see you bye the end make sure to stay through the whole thing so we just finished our breakfast burrito next up is chicken salad so we begin with a layer of romaine roommates like one of my favorite salads because it’s so crunchy crunchy right here you go your crunchy my crunchy lettuce that’s so you did a really good job with the order here I played around the Google Docs chicken next how many chickens do you think that is in this are you actually let’s not do that’s kind of dark are you really looking you’re the one making a hundred babies yeah someone doesn’t make it there seems there since okay there no you watch black mirror don’t you tell me no I don’t watch me I’m here for this exact reason this isn’t where it might get a little messy so we have chicken salad I think using hands might be a little weird maybe we got a spoon oh yes a rubber spatula aha alright you do the honors you’re doing a great job spreading it here thank you I’m really trying to put my heart and soul into the spreading you’re also putting your arm into it yeah I don’t know if I have really had much chicken salad in my life me neither it’s not like a see tear choice when you get sandwiches you know it’s like on there but no one really wants good Wow way to make those chicken salads tears well upset we got tomatoes tomatoes you’re beautiful you’re like Keanu Reeves like how he feels you’re breathtaking breathtaking this is dedicated to Keanu Reeves all 100 corn corn all right avocado yes how do you think we could buy with this how many houses yeah none we live in California next is Parmesan to finish off our chicken salad we want to make it right on 21st layer now we’re going to move on to a little bit more healthy salad cuz this have got a lot of cheese so what’s first on the list iceberg lettuce amazing ooh this is my one of my least favorite letter I hate this this one tastes like water yep next up green cabbage cabbage is a little better cabbage yeah kravitch I like crap why do they call it red cabbage it’s purple cabbage radishes radishes you’re gonna do like there’s like coins you can like make em rain this is me at like the Barcade man this is the Chuckie Cheese yeah pepper hummus this is possibly the best hummus I’ll just do like this technique the the scoop and poop I think we can smear the hummus is together okay oh my oh my oh my hold on me finished pooping okay I’ll let you plea sorry that was too cuz I hit there whoops oh mrs. Dunn Jesus goat cheese goat cheese and feta cheese feta wait nice all yours oh yeah good yeah all right let’s go whoo all right next is cilantro uh-huh it’s launched about people Pamela I like cilantro it tastes like soap to me I tell people it’s genetic they don’t believe me come on do it for the viewers exactly I feel like it’s like when you feel a little kid like yeah let it go oh man that’s gross a little bit it’s it’s just like so tastes like ass mm-hmm not good all right well Mexico I love you converse yeah why don’t you take a little cleanse that palate hmm cool we’re a layer 31 we got through the healthy salad I think it’s time to bring in the next wave of ingredients yeah probably gonna get a lot more unhealthy from here off we’re done bean and cheese land let’s do those beans yeah here we go so black beans pinto and red oh yeah oh that’s a lot next refried beans which is I think it’s like the previous three why do they call the rewrite I’ll look this up later yep someone knows and that someone isn’t on this set right now after that we’re gonna do a type of cheese which one is that oxic uh-oh Oaxaca like like Mario cheese let’s go cotija cheese where do we just finish our bean and cheese dip yeah we did oh how can you okay so now we’re into the Thanksgiving dinner portion which is always a class but we’re gonna start with a caramelized onions caramelized onions I love those okay cooked mushrooms I had to grow into love of mushroom at first I was like no you’re eating fungus there’s nothing wrong deli turkey like you know turkey on Thanksgiving yes exactly just like mom used to make and honey ham like the ham you would have at Thanksgiving is yes too slow yeah you got slap to him a little bit makes a few good sounds like something else mashed potatoes oh yes you had a big spoon over there Oh cornbread stuffing the rice it’s like a wedding Oh what will area almost halfway the guy the last thing on top of your Thanksgiving is spinach I didn’t know what to put okay I wanted something green we’re going into like an Italian sandwich territory salami pepperoni next yes we have ham again making another debut appearance that was I think honey bass different yeah that’s a layer 50 oh that’s 15 that’s 15 oh we’re halfway there yeah yeah I’m pretty tired to you I’ll take a break yes yeah all right we’re gonna make a drink oh yeah okay so I’m gonna make some layered drinks oh yes this is a 100 layer dip so I thought it could be fun do some like blended stuff so take some frozen mangoes all right time to blend so first there it’s mango oh yeah okay what’s next we’re doing more berries next that texture looks so good oh that’s cool alright that’s layer number two last one we’re gonna go for a white banana looking there coconut banana it’s like almost like ice cream oh wow pretty sure people call that an ice cream that is a three layer drink for you and for me so pretty all right here we go Nancy straws you’re scared the mingle is amazing pull them enough everything I’m trying refresh I feel revived alright well we’re gonna get back to it 50 more layers to go we’re gonna continue where we left off yes finishing the Italian sandwich suctioned what do we have next three cheese can you explain what these cheese’s they’re Havarti so we’re gonna party with Havarti Colby jack and pepper jack next we’ll have a sliced we have a layer of red onions and a layer of white onions onions have layers yes just like our ogres yep universe I love track what are you doing at maths whoop okay don’t go you’re much better than this than I am basil jalapeno that’s not jalapenos jalapeno spicy stuff no I can’t handle spicy for the life 8:2 flaming hot cheetos and they start sweat no it’s not working the diced green chilies fried stuff oh yes onions in french fries here we go tastes good now we’re onto our buffalo chicken dip oh yes so we have Q tea party chips followed by more of the color orange great yes that’s the Buffalo it’s orange alright dude that was a bit of a stretch but I bet it will taste good after that we got pulled pork yes get in there rotisserie chickens there’s a different type of chicken than the chicken we put in earlier yes it’s different history style and now it’s blue cheese celery this is the wait there was no buffalo sauce in this whole orange the orange so now we are loaded chili we’re gonna start with a Mexican cheese blend huh in an Italian cheese blend then Swiss and cheddar okay do you have a giant spoon it is a lot of chili that’s amazing chili has no chill we’re trying to do thin layers yeah we’re getting close to the top the math may have may or may not have been a little maybe we got a little gung-ho at the top looks like finish strong I will do the spread I’m spreading for this challenge God my buns can’t be stopped they’re wonderful so now we are onto the stuff my mom wouldn’t buy for me as a kid that looks good together you want to explain that one it’s self-explanatory let’s just put the very not far so what’s our first thing with your fried onion onion rings oh I love pimento yeah veggie cream cheese there was some spinach artichoke dip in there too more dissatisfying it’s a big blue all the things you just weren’t allowed to have I mean I would want a store but my mom’s like no that’s not healthy it’s not good for you I mean you’re wrong this is marscapone okay so getting really intense with the tips right now I think it’s good cream cheese even more more white spread serious white spreads I think that’s enough oh no that’s here we go now it’s are we done with the white spreads that’s good white spread I’m tapped we are next onto the bruschetta spread okay so did you know you weren’t allowed to have were shut up no chives I love chives oh that’s pretty now blue tortilla chips nice big corner there what it’s these are fried onions yeah they’re different they’re not like the chip they’re actual onion actual fried onions or last all right that’s a big potato section what do we got right now let’s change up the color a little bit’s do the bacon Oh scallions eggs sure tater salad okay good old-fashioned American orange cheese unnatural beautiful and then not the yellow one for the white one too and then we’re gonna put in some nacho cheese yep that’s pretty cool all right it’s like soaking no the cheese is like soaking in okay so I have our last ingredients everybody’s probably wondering right now like where is the block don’t worry we have it under control it’s classic where we have tortilla chips one is a ranch flavored nicely done maybe we should i crush little bit that’s Cola it’s just like soaks up the cheese that’s great sour cream sour cream oh boy here we go again with the white yeah it’s a lot of weight at the top it’s okay alright peak oh heck yeah what the Supreme Champion the one we all came here there you go dip for look at her she’s beauty and she’s grace Wow we’d actually like filled up great level how did this happen I don’t know how did you do this good ad you’re a magician you’re a magician put that on you eat it eat it okay finishing touches or just add some cheddar that doesn’t count this wasn’t counting so it’s still 90 garnish garnish and the final touch layer 100 parsley 100 whoa that is it 100 layer dip beautiful I’m gonna go make some giant chips to be with this oh yeah our giant we call Shrek yep Shrek see you back in here with some of the giant chips so this it’s a giant flour tortilla the ones used like roll burritos I like cut them into a like triangle and then just spray with some oil and love and bake it until it’s crispy but I ain’t that oh this is just a shovel okay okay cool yeah you can try to dip a chip into it I think it’ll probably break you can try and if it breaks I’ll bail you out with the with the shovel I think what this is here for I’m like nervous the guest of honor please as you will Oh Oh yep there you go where did it go a little indents oh I felt that yeah there you go whoa all right I’ll put it place it on your chip here’s you have a fork I’ve got I just yep okay we’re gonna put it down okay this is like a full plate of nachos you know one scoop I see some corn nuts [Music] oh yeah so you can remember the one we went through all Wow all right well I think this is a two-hander Cheers every time you bite into it it’s different Oh past even my wildest dreams I don’t like an entire egg this is the joy of the 100 row I keep eating and you keep discovering new things the treasure is the friends we’ve made along the way can you finish this no well going through a lot of food today yeah we did don’t want it to go to waste I have hundreds of employees really hungry thank you for joining us Thank You Brad yeah great co-host made this possible thank you Shrek we’ll see you guys next time and we’re gonna feed a lot of hungry people peace out guys bye [Music] you [Music]

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  1. All I could think the whole video is that there are starving adults and children in this world but yet in American this is what we do to get views on the internet 😔

  2. we made something that is pointless and gonna throw most of it out anyway just for video views…. meanwhile in africa…. meanwhile in the ocean… meanwhile greta assburger

  3. I'm only 7 minutes into this and I can't help but wonder why Alvin didn't have her either wear a hair net or pull her hair back 😳 Layer 101, Kelsey's Hair 😒

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