1. Lol. The melon Jamie ate out if the vending machine, I'm prettg sure was actually a winter melon, which is supposed to be cooked before being eaten xD

  2. If the plan is for them to make Japanese food for Japanese people, shouldn't they try some Japanese food at some point? So far it's all unusual fusion stuff, stereotypical/touristy stuff, and ramen. Fingers crossed.

  3. If there's one thing I learned after many trips to Japan. It's that no matter where or what restaurant you come into, almost everything they serve is delicious. Heck, even fastfoods and convenience store food are delicious there.

  4. I’ve had ramen there. It was honestly the top two things I’ve ever tasted in my life. The Japanese do food and presentation on another level. It’s unreal.

  5. 5:18 5:26 I love how James embraces the local way of sun protection 😂👍 Many foreigners often find it weird, but in many Asian countries it's actually very common for people to use 'sun umbrellas' to shade from the sun in warmer months! (These umbrellas/parasols are also lighter than normal umbrellas used for rain)

  6. went to japan in october 2018 and again feb 2019….best trips ever. so much so, im apply for work in the country for english teaching. wish me luck!

  7. Ben using your chopsticks to point with is considered rude in Japan, as is hovering over the communal bowl with them.

  8. Please do another trip to other countries. I love your acceptance of different flavours and would be brilliant to see you try real Mexican food, or any other brilliant middle/south american taste bomb to the South African bry or even a NZ Hangi.

  9. I keep kosher, and honestly I’ve never minded not eating pork and separate milk from meat isn’t hard either, but I really get jealous of some of this seafood haha! Good thing there’s tons of fish I do eat!

  10. If you guys don't show us how to do Japanese food and sake pairing at home, I'm going to be lost. Also annoyed. Also hungry. And sad.

  11. I miss going to Japan! My father lives there. He moves between Fukuoka (South Japan where Ramen is famous) and Tokyo for work. Ramen is one of my favourite Japanese foods.

  12. "I think we can confidently call this Japanese Tapas" – Jamie, 2019.
    Will Jamie cause another nationwide food outrage? Stay tuned.

  13. Why is Sorted so interested in Sake? Most people in Japan drink either beer or shochu (younger people) while older (men) drink whiskey.

    In fact, sake is being marketed to China, due to hardly anyone drinking it in Japan:

    – https://japantoday.com/category/business/focus-japanese-sake-pours-into-china-amid-shrinking-consumption-back-home

  14. I was looking away when I heard "I just got this from one of those roadside produce stands."
    My first thought was "Bitter Melon?" then "Aw."

  15. Barry looks so smug-mischievous-excited the entire time back at the studio like he's got a secret and he can't stop giggling about it

  16. Jamie eating that mallow stuff (google said it's Jute Mallow?) at 8:18 though… It is said to be bitter when consumed raw apparently, and could be poisonous (stalk and area near to the seeds)! I hope he didn't felt unwell after 😱

  17. Love, love, love it.
    I'm starving now for everything they've eaten. I love Japanese food and I think I might just die and go to heaven if I were to eat it in Japan. Imagine the joy…. Ok, I'm hungry now.

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