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  1. I like that kind of Japanese dish!!👌 Niku jaga and buri〜! That is a big cafeteria! It reminds me of Gakushoku (University cafeteria). EMT is very informative! Yay!

  2. you clear away one by one in order just like western food,even if it is japanese style food.
    it always amazes me. (´・_・`)

  3. 肉じゃが美味しそう。ロシアのバルチック艦隊を破った東郷平八郎という人がイギリスに留学した際に食べたビーフシチューの味が忘れられず、部下に命じてつくらせたのが肉じゃがの始まりだそうです。

  4. Teach him how to eat delicious Japanese foods…You should eat boiled rice and toppings alternately.His way of eating spoils the taste of the Japanese meal.That is a little unfortunate….

  5. In Japan, it is a violation of manner to completely eat dishes one by one.It is called "KATAZUKE-GUI".
    All dishes should be eaten little by little and finally disappear at the same time.

    Also, you should not have a flat dish in your hands. It is only a cup of rice and a cup of miso soup that you can hold in your hand.

    You are acting so embarrassed.

  6. I need to see Eric and Simon & Martina get together and get FOOD just anything may it be street food, secret place food, homemade, conv store food.. etc.
    A grand tour so to say

  7. Hey Ericsurf6, what is your proffesion in Japan 🙂 ?
    Also i am gonne spend new year in Tokyo, any recommendations ?

  8. do meal time in Nippon Prison or Pelican Bay and live the good life drinking Pruno , and shanks and cook in your prison cell

  9. Good video, Eric! That was so funny when you got "schooled" over where to return your tray. Such a typical Japanese experience for foreigners! And she was ready for you too – knew her English! LOL

  10. 今の若い人も結構そうらしいけど、いわゆる三角食べはしないで、おかずとか一種類全部食べ切っちゃうのね。ちなみに私は前回の東京オリンピックの年生まれ。

  11. eat more Washoku taste best in Nippon. ! Yoshoku taste best in the original Country and you get Supersize Food Portion !

  12. go Koreà and eat at Lotte Mart, Emart food court and you get clean water cup in a ultra violet light despenser if you stay at Nongshim Hotel you sleep like Nihongo on a Korean Heated Floor 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷😜😜😜

  13. you gave this meal same score as the street food video where you had a lot of tuna sashimi and barbequed tuna!!! seriously?!

  14. I went here for the observation deck, both towers when i visited japan. I didn't know about the cafeteria until a year after I left in dec 2015. I must visit this next time, if there is a next time. Maybe I can stay at Eric's son's roomnow that his son is in a U.S. college.

  15. Returning the tray is just like my college at Iowa central community college. But without the use of trays.. lmao we only grab plates of whatever and then bring them back to our table. If you want something else you grab another plate. It's basically a buffet. But returning the plates are the same way as the conveyor belt. #GOTRITONS! 🤣😁

  16. if in indonesia
    you just dump that shit away
    left that shit then run before you pay the foods
    thats the way we are indonesians

  17. best tips ever for cheap cafeteria typical Japanese home comfort food. please make a video at university campuses cafeteria open to the public

  18. amazing value compared to USA Eric. I love how they have so many healthier options or at least lots of vegetables & soups & salads. you're a blessed man. thanks again for the cool videos. maybe you can do a video with your son at those tiny hotel pods or even alone showing that experience all inclusive with food & entertainment

  19. I see this and now i know why the japanese are so much healthier, mannered and productive. A typical office lunch in the U.S would be trying to down an overpriced processed burger with no recycling in 20 minutes.

  20. Side salads for 60 cents to a $1.30? Variety lunch for $6? Government cafeteria pushing some kind of proletarian paradise for the public servants?

  21. hi eric, you look like you are in good shape for your age (no offense, hehe), is it the diet in japan that makes it hard to be obese? i was wondering if i would lose weight if i live in asia. i am asian but live in north america and would be considered fat to other asians.

  22. I love your videos. The Japanese are so organized and thoughtful of cleaning up after yourself. Seems like a great place to live. You would always get those people here in US that would say " screw this "and leave there tray and trash at table. Sad

  23. About face masks in Japan: 1. You don't want to get the cold from other people. 2. If you have a cold and you don't want to give it to other people. 3. To prevent hay-fever (cedar trees produce a lot of pollen). 4. Lunch hour, to avoid spitting on food (hygienic). Thanks.

  24. I like the meal looks yummy I also like the processional brunch for office workers decated for professionals I would rate it nom nom nom

  25. This is the perfect example of a society that cares and it shows. You couldn't get people to do that in the states.

  26. i suggested this recently then found this video from three years ago. very fascinating; so efficient. i suppose i should pay more attention. i will be looking back at your older videos now. thank you!

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