Tia Mowry’s Easy Back to School Lunch | Quick Fix

Tia Mowry’s Easy Back to School Lunch | Quick Fix

– Hi guys, so, if you are
dreading back-to-school, don’t be. Because I have an easy lunch
idea that will save you time so that you can start the morning strong. (upbeat music) I totally get it,
back-to-school can be hectic, I have a baby at home, but don’t worry, you guys are gonna love this one. And a special shout-out
to Seattle’s Best Coffee for sponsoring and collaborating with me. Together, we are gonna show you guys how to make back-to-school
mornings go smoothly. So, the secret, shh, with this lunch is all about prepping in advance, so that your mornings are less hectic. Yes, hooray for less hectic mornings. (cheering) So first we’re gonna start with a snack, that I’m telling you,
this is incredibly easy. Because you can prep them on the weekends, they’ll be available for
you throughout the week. And what we’re gonna start
on first are the apple chips, I mean every child loves
apple chips, right? And then we’re gonna move
on to the popcorn trail mix. So, apple chips are a great
alternative for regular chips. What I have in front of me is a sheet pan, and I’ve lined it with a baking mat. You can use either Gala
apples, or Fuji apples, you want them to be really nice and sweet. What I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna take my thinly sliced apple, like so, and just place it onto the baking sheet. This is like so incredibly easy. If you don’t have a baking mat,
you can use parchment paper. But, if you use parchment
paper you wanna make sure that the apples aren’t too
thin, because they’ll stick. Next, I’m just gonna sprinkle
some cinnamon on top. Look at that, whenever
I’m sprinkling something, I always have to say:
make it rain. (laughs) What I’m gonna do next is I’m gonna throw my apple chips into the oven at 250 degrees for an hour on one side. Once it’s done on one side
I’m gonna flip them over and cook them for another hour. And then you will have apple chips. While my apple chips are baking I’m gonna move on to my popcorn trail mix. One thing that I love about making your own trail mix is it’s less expensive. Sometimes when you buy trail mix at the store, it can get a little pricey. But not only that, I love
making my own trail mix because you can cater
to your child’s needs. You can cater to whatever
snacks they like. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start with some popcorn, because this is, after
all, my popcorn trail mix. And to that I’m gonna add my
toasted sunflower and cashews to my popcorn, just like that. I’m gonna add some
apricots, and what I’ve done with my apricots is I’ve cut
them down to bite-sized pieces. I’m just gonna add that. And again, you can add raisins to this, whatever your kids like. And then I’m gonna add some
pretzels, just like that. And I’m just gonna stir. Just kinda mix all of this in together. And I’m just gonna store this
in an air-tight container. So, while my apple chips are in the oven, I have my popcorn trail mix. And again, this is all prep work, so that our mornings can be less hectic. I mean, does it get any easier? So, once you take them out of the oven, this is how they look, and
this is what it sounds like! (laughs) Apple chips, this
is like totally awesome. You wanna make sure that you store these in an air-tight container. So, I’m really excited
about my sandwich idea, because it’s really quick and easy. I mean, Tia Mowry’s quick-fix. And you can prep them the night before. I’m gonna show you guys
how I make my pinwheels. First, I’m gonna start with a tortilla. I just love saying tortilla,
because Tia’s in it, like: Tia, Tia, Tia, Tia. (laughs) Okay, enough of that,
kids are hungry. (laughs) So, I have my tortilla, and I am going to spread some whipped cream cheese. Now, I have a little
secret to tell you guys about whipped cream cheese: kids love it because of the texture, and not only that. You know, you would
think to put mayo on it, but mayo has a lot of oil. And the oil from the mayo
will make the tortilla kind of soggy and soft, and
we don’t want our pinwheel to be soggy and soft. And I’m just gonna place
some turkey, like so, and you wanna try to get it nice and flat. As a kid, I always loved lunch. I couldn’t wait for that bell to ring. You know how there’s like
that bell that goes: ding! (bell rings) The bell would ring for lunchtime and you would see all the
kids go run out and play. I remember four square, do
you remember four square? And then double Dutch, I
mean lunch is so much fun! (kids cheering) You get to eat and play, as an adult, I don’t know if we can do that. (laughs) Now onto my cheese, what
kid doesn’t love cheese? I’m using monterey jack cheese,
you can use cheddar cheese, really any cheese you want, there we go. And of course, we have to get
our veggies in, for the kids. I’m gonna add some
spinach, just like that. So, one thing that’s great
about pinwheels in general, is you can do different variations. You can have a variety of things, you can do just veggie pinwheels, you can do cheese pinwheels, you can just make a variety
throughout the week. So, I’m gonna give this a nice
roll, which is a lot of fun. Just kinda wanna keep everything in there. And I love this because
it has its protein, we have veggies in there, and it’s delicious, quick, and easy. So, I’m just cutting these
into bite-sized slices. And you see it’s really
nice and pretty too. You see the green from the spinach. So I’m just gonna place my
pinwheels into a bento box. And if you don’t know what that is, it’s just a box that has a
lot of compartments in it. I find that kind love bento boxes because it keeps the food separated. Our lunch is halfway packed,
and all we have to do is put the top on and
throw it in the fridge. So, the morning of,
watch how easy this is; I get my coffee started, because that is the most important thing. Cory and I, we like the flavor of Portside Blend from Seattle’s Best Coffee. It is a smooth and premium coffee that’ll give you a great cup
of coffee every single time. You know, Cory and myself,
we have a newborn at home, and we need consistency. So, I’ve taken my pinwheels
out of the refrigerator, and now I’m going to assemble my lunch. And again, this is all been
prepped, so it’s quick and easy. My popcorn trail mix is ready to go, and all I have to do is just fill it up. Love this trail mix combination because it’s sweet and salty. We’ve made our apple chips on the weekend, they are ready to go too. How delicious and great does this look? Any kid would love to have this. (kids cheering) I mean, I would love to have this. This allows me to have some
me time, some peace and quiet. And a delicious cup of coffee with all the extra time that I’ve saved. So, I hope you guys enjoyed
my back-to-school lunch idea. And I also wanna give a special shout-out and a thanks to Seattle’s Best Coffee for sponsoring and collaborating with me, and making back-to-school
mornings go smoothly. (upbeat music)

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  7. 2 PB&Js, 1 juice, 1 snack sized bag of chips, fruit of some sort and “dessert “ all made the night before so we can grab and go in the mornings.

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