‘There’s nothing more nourishing than a home cooked meal.’ Why you still can’t sell them here

[BLANK_AUDIO] There is nothing more nourishing
than a home cooked meal. And [BLANK_AUDIO] [UNKNOW] is a way that [BLANK_AUDIO] More people can share that and
create more networks and more community relationships
around our home kitchens and support our livelihoods in the process. And so, the pressure that we want to put on the county is not so
much about pressure, it’s more like an invitation to participate
in this beautiful thing that can happen. We eat from these kitchens already. We feed ourselves. [BLANK_AUDIO]
We nourish our families, our housemates, our community. We host dinners,
we have potlucks, we share food. The food is fresh. And I think that’s the county’s role is to support in turning it
into a livelihood and creating the structures necessary to make
it safe as it grows into a livelihood. State of California recognizes that
it is perfectly legal for people to sell food out of their home kitchens and
basically set up home restaurants, set up food services out of what already
functions to feed people every day. And the catch is the counties must opt in,
and so that’s the hold up. That’s the bottle neck right now, it’s
the counties are not waking up to the fact that they need to support this,
they need to do [BLANK_AUDIO]

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