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[theme music] I’m in Baltimore to
check out the biggest, baddest, most eye popping
meals this town has to offer. Among those offerings
is good old pizza. But nobody blows the lid off
a typical slice like Champs. We come to Champs at
least three times a week. I have Champs
delivered to my work, I have Champs delivered at
home, we come in to eat. It’s family run, great
food, great atmosphere. Friendly, food is great. JOSH DENNY: Behind
the greatness is owner Sunny Rawal, who
started here as a driver almost two decades ago. The owner, he just
decided to sell it. And then you were the guy
to swoop in and pick it up. And then we just decided to
take it a different direction and go different ways. JOSH DENNY: Sunny expanded the
menu so wide it led to his most monstrous creation yet,
the ultimate Chesapeake pizza, a pizza that tastes like
Maryland and is almost as big. We’ve got the biggest
pizza in Maryland. And is three foot
as big as they come? – In Maryland, at least.
– OK. They have pizza gets
bigger and bigger, but the problem is our
oven can’t hold anything bigger than the 36 inch. We want to go bigger, we’ve
got to get an extender on it. If someone meets us, hey,
we’ll go above and beyond. We’ll take another
couple inches up. So it’s really about
competition, right? Yes. I like that about you. Now how much dough
does it take to get a ultimate Champ’s pizza going? It’s about 120 ounces. About eight pounds. Yep. Wow, look at that. Thing’s tripled in size. So we throw it right
up on the screen. It’s like making a
bed, delicious bed. Definitely. Gotta get the wrinkles out. Now what’s a Chesapeake pizza? Man, it has crabs,
shrimp, little bit of Maryland seasoning. So this is like
Maryland in a pie. Yes. So we’ll use about 10
scoops of alfredo sauce. I feel like we’re
counting down. 10, 9, 8. You’re making me
lose count, man. This looks easy. But it’s not. It’s the hardest part
about making the pizza. The main thing is
about how you float it. You press it down,
you’re pressing right through the dough. You want to let it float. I feel like I’m getting
hypnotized right now. Next step is to put cheese on. All right. About a pound and
a half, two pounds. Two pounds of cheese. Nuts. Got some broccoli. Broccoli? Cut. You’ll make it
through, I promise. Cheddar. Get a little cheddar. Main thing is color,
color, color color. Yeah, it’s beautiful. And the last step left. Can’t have a Chesapeake
pizza without crab. You get nothing but
crabs around here. You just want to put a little
coating on top of the crab so it doesn’t try to crawl away. You’re trapping
it with cheese. Yes. And the best part about it,
Old Bay seasoning right here. Maryland seasoning. Put it everywhere Look at that. It almost fills the entire oven. 30 Minutes in the oven, and the
Moby Dick of pizzas is ready. [cheering] Look at this thing. The slice is bigger than my arm. Eighteen inches. Oh, dude. The first thing I get in there
is that Maryland seasoning. A little bit of crab in
there adds some nice flavor. I know I was a skeptic
of the broccoli, but it really does a
nice job breaking it up and balancing out the bite. The alfredo in there. Alfredo is incredible. Perfect choice for
this kind of pizza. I think we should
cut this bad boy up and share it with the people. There you go. It’s almost like a real
good crab dip on a pizza. Like you would dip chips in. Yeah, this is good, it’s good. I taste that lump crab, man. – Yeah?
– It’s delicious. Lump crab. You get shrimp in there. Can’t go wrong with that. Being from Annapolis and I love
pizza, Chesapeake on a pizza, that’s really tasty. JOSH DENNY: Now I know, to feel
like a local, just add crab. [music playing]

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