THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON Trailer (2019) Dakota Johnson, Adventure Movie

THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON Trailer (2019) Dakota Johnson, Adventure Movie

Three two one The sheep in this world and their wolves in this world And I’ve known to do too far. They’re just too weird travelers who lost their way so we don’t clean you up Right put a baptism. I’m more on baptism by far time, okay? Come to my wrestling school and become a badass that’s what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Yes, it is You met a half-naked boy with Down syndrome who has no idea how to get along in this room Just slip out from under your nose you two are close. We are well, then you’ll figure out where he’s at. You’ll bring him back Are you following me? Maybe we could be friends And buddies bro dogs and chill have a good time scene in wrestling schools Maybe yeah, one long road leads all the way down. I’ll drop you there I’m looking for a missing person. Have you seen him little man Elena? It’s girlfriend back there Eleanor to badness on the road. Oh, yeah Number one don’t slow me down rule number two. I’m in charge. Hey, what’s mean number one? Party no, not party Back you have a young boy with Down syndrome in the middle of nowhere Alright, well while you’ve been doing paperwork, we’ve been doing something called living Ahead Tell her I’m gonna give you all my wishes for my birthday. I made a promise to him. Give me that wrestling school Dayton No, we’re not gonna hop on your little raft and cruise around down the ribs So how far is it no definite are your fingers to scale? Yep I think it’s time for us to go back now. We could be a family friends are the family you choose Wrestlers got alter egos. You need a name Falcon peterborough. Yeah

21 thoughts on “THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON Trailer (2019) Dakota Johnson, Adventure Movie”

  1. You're walking in the woods. There's no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him.

  2. shia is one of the most under rated actors of all time along with a few who dont get enough recognition

  3. This had me rollin the whole through out the movie, up until the end. They fucked it up there either, someone fena CORNHOLE the person responsible for dropping the ball and then merk em.

  4. Move The peanutbutter falcon will rule out for long…as its great to make a movie on people with Down syndrome and wonderful story it has…Dakota J. always make us gay…so beautiful and wonderful she performing….

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