– [Narrator] Humans have well established relationships with dogs
that date back to 15,000 BC. There are about 50 million dogs in North American homes and 110 million in China. While most people today treasure
dogs as companion animals, many are still being raised as livestock for human consumption. The honest truth about the dog meat trade. Killing dogs for meat is a
serious animal welfare issue in Asian countries. It’s a billion dollar industry. 30 million dogs are
killed annually in Asia for human consumption. In Vietnam, five million
dogs are slaughtered yearly. In South Korea, one
million are slaughtered. In response to public outcry, the nation decided to make
killing dogs for food illegal but eating dog meat
however is still accepted. China may have one of the
densest pet dog populations. But it also has one of the
highest numbers of dogs killed for food. In the estimated 10 million
dogs killed for dog meat in the country every year. Only 20% of the population
actually eats it. While 65% have never even tried it. Why eat dog? At the beginning of the
first millennium in 206 AD, China was in a feudal state
during the Han Dynasty. At the time it was common to eat dog meat. Farmers often resorted to
slaughtering their dogs to supplement their limited
diet of rice and millet. By the Sui and Tang dynasties
from 508 AD to 907 AD, people began to eschew eating dog meat as they started to see
dogs as loyal companions. Over the centuries, food
availability began to rise and people of today no longer need to rely on dog meat for sustenance. Eating dog may seem
obviously inhumane to many but for some in Asian
cultures there’s a myth that pet dogs are
different than meat dogs. Animal welfare groups such as
Soi Dog are actively trying to bust that myth and educate
the public on the cruelty that is involved in
slaughtering dogs for food. The group launched a
campaign in South Korea called A Dog Is A Dog to
combat the misinformed notion that meat dogs do not
have a soul or feelings while pet dogs do. The dog meat trade is considered
inhumane for many reasons. The dogs are raised on factory farms and cramped in unsanitary conditions. Animals Asia notes that a
large percentage of dogs were either originally vulnerable strays or in many cases, pet dogs
stolen from families’ homes. Dogs are tortured for hours
before being skinned alive in boiling water, burned
alive, hanged, or electrocuted. According to Soi Dog,
the reason for torturing these creatures is due to the
belief that pain inflicted will tenderize the meat. Dogs are shipped to meat
markets in cramped cages and they arrive dehydrated,
injured, and exhausted. As they watch other dogs
get bludgeoned to death. President of Humane Society International and the Humane Society
of the United States, Kitty Block visited one of South Korea’s 17,000 dog meat farms before the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and was quote, heartbroken to see how starved these animals were. Not just for food but for human attention. As the inhumane reality
behind the dog meat trade is coming to light, there
has been major controversy surrounding China’s popular
Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The Yulin Festival goes
by the official name the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival and 2019’s event will take
place on June 21st to June 30th. During this time an estimated 10,000 dogs will be tortured and eaten. Animal activists have reported
that dogs are publicly clubbed to death at the festival and that it’s hygiene practices
do not meet the requirements of Chinese regulations. In China activists are working hard to end the dog meat trade. Organizations such as
Soi Dog, Animals Asia, and Humane Society International
are facilitating rescues in China to save vulnerable dogs. And they’re also addressing
the industry’s systemic issues. HSI launched China
Animal Protection Power, a team of activists that
work with local authorities to pull over trucks jammed
with illegally acquired and illegally transported dogs and cats. There is even a ban on
dog meat in Hong Kong. Dog meat bans have been introduced in other eastern countries too. The Philippines, Taiwan,
Thailand, and Singapore. More recently, Indonesia has
pledged support for a ban. In the U.S., a bill was
introduced in late 2018 to ban the import, export,
and slaughter of cats and dogs for human consumption. A similar bill has been
introduced in the UK that would ban the sale of
dog meat across the country. Want to show your support
for bills to ban dog meat? Check out the links to petitions
in our video description. That’s it for today. Remember to subscribe and
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  1. The same concept can be applied to all animals, what’s the difference between a pet animal and a meat animal? Also, anyone who torchers any animal should get the same treatment!!

  2. A sad and unfortunately a video that shouldn't be necessary. The trade in all animals as food should stop. I no longer view animals as food for me to eat and made the decision over 2 years ago to become vegan for the animals, the planet and my health.

  3. I can't believe there is a myth that food dogs don't have a soul and feelings but pet dogs do! It's also horrifying that they harm the animals to tenderize the meat and make it taste better!!! 😭😱

  4. I remember when I was about 10 or 11 I saw an extremely graphic video of a wolf being skinned alive for fur and it still scars me at 23. It’s so disgusting that not only dogs but all animals are being treated this way. It’s inhumane


  6. every country has different typical meals… ask indian how they like that westerns eat cow…. ic dont know any western country where people eat meat so i dont get the video ? blame asians although meat is still eaten here ? please clean in front of your own door before telling others to clean 😉
    Dont get me wrong im almost 8 years vegan now, but this way you only make people mad about asians and asians mad about you ….

  7. I specifically had a past life regression to ask one very important question from the 'other side.' My question was: Why would any soul choose to come here knowing the horrifying conditions and suffering it would endure only to be eaten. (Slaughter house, etc.) The answer I received was that they come for the love of humanity in the hopes that humans will make a different choice knowing the harm their choices cause. The heartache I feel for these sentient creatures had nearly been the end of me before learning this. Kindly educate others when the opportunity presents itself is what I've found works best.

    An enlightened being shared something that helps me cope::: These places are very dark. Darkness cannot exist where there is light. From far away, the best thing you can do is energetically envision flooding the areas (oceans and land) where this happens with love and light. Send prayers for those involved to realize what they are doing and send copious amounts of love to the animals. I do this daily. 🙏 Blessings to you all, with 💖&🌄

  8. I love how we in the West set the moral standards for other cultures!!! If you don’t want to eat dog don’t go to the festival!! Next thing will be pigs and we will all be running around with no testosterone and looking like sticks!!!

  9. I would like to see a bill in the United States stopping the eating of Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Turkeys, Fish and all other animal based foods. They are all as cruel as the dog meat industry, both to the animal, and the human eating them.

  10. It demonstrates the power of cognitive dissonance. Chinese people believing that pet dogs are different from food dogs… food dogs have no souls. It's how people treat farm animals, with no consideration over their interests in survival.

  11. Its not fair to wana ban dog meat trade but not other animal meat trades. Other animals like cows chickens and pigs have feelings and can be good pets. All the people who wana ban dog meat trade should be vegan, not speciesist.

  12. High speed slaughter lines cause many animals to be stunned improperly and dismembered while still alive. A dog is a pig a cow is a horse- ALL ANIMALS SUFFER

  13. as a cook i know one fact, Fear and pain in animals makes the meat more rigid and acrid tasting.
    So not only are these people psychopaths that need immediate help (i suggest Castration), but also cant cook for shit.

  14. The best thing anyone can do is meditate and send good energy to people so hopefully they either use more ethical practices or make more of a connection to the living things around them and hopefully make a change. No one's going to care about skinning a dog alive when they're whole system is shut down from PTSD and whatever else they have going on. The color you want to focus on is green send a nice cozy blanket of green to wherever you think it needs to go.

  15. If we could only get a bunch of celebraties who are compassionate to get together and use their money and influence it could stop this

  16. My heart breaks 💔 at what is still going on! A festival? Seriously? All those beautiful innocent dogs and cats being horrifically tortured in the most cruel and barbaric way! It’s disgusting and pure evil! All because these low life fucking pathetic countries think by eating their meat has health benefits or whatever? You people are deluded and sick and should be wiped off the planet! The bastards that torture and eat these beautiful animals should be tied by their necks beaten till their bones break and then set on fire and left to burn in excruciating pain! Your countries disgusts me! 😡😡😡😡😡

  17. They kill cats too but you'll rarely hear about them. And the rabbit rescue I adopted from has helped with tons of seizures of rabbits from horrible conditions and they don't get a single mention. Pretty stupid!

  18. For anyone interested in supporting dogs rescued from slaughterhouses in China, please check out @slaughterhouse_survivors on Instagram. These girls have left their lives and families to go to China and help as many dogs as possible. They're amazing.

  19. Eating dog meat is illegal in Taiwan. Asia needs to do better. If you have to eat the dog, then do it in a human way. Hours of torture before slaughter in the belief that it will tenderize the meat is NOT ok. That goes for all butchers around the world.

  20. 👩‍💼🐺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you for reporting on this issue,we must learn to change or our children's future will be knumd to killing anything or anyone, compassion will be a word they laugh at , being unkind to elderly, children and the sick will be ok.Please realize change starts with one step at a time .Be a voice for the voicless .This video is good,but reality if you are there in person ,it's beyond horrific and most acts are done in public with children playing and people laughing at the poor dog screeming and fighting to live .This you will not be able to watch or even imagine

  21. Dogs and cats were domesticated by man, that’s why they should not be eaten by humans it’s a very sad and cruel world we live in

  22. This is exactly the same thing that we do to millions of "farm animals" every day. Cows, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, fish, and in Yulin, dogs.

  23. Please watch

  24. Thank you for posting. A very efficient job of describing the issue. In addition to the wonderful Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand ( to whom I donate) I would add NoDogsLeftBehind in China.

  25. китайцы нелюди!!! Мрази, живодерская нация!!! Ненавижу!!! Стоп мад ин чайна!!! Не покупайте китайские товары!!!

  26. Thank you for creating this highly informative video! I so appreciate it!!! Yulin and the DCMT is the worst meat trade in animal cruelty due to the vicious torture that is inflicted on these poor innocent souls…

  27. No animal deserves to be treated this way, and it boggles me how most people think this is barbaric yet it's appropriate to abuse "our livestock" animals the same basic way! Cultural bias or cognitive dissonance? I went to a protest recently at a small farm selling goats and horses often used as sacrifice in cultural religious rituals, and was blown away that a large number of participants thought this was revolting, but killing them to EAT would have been appropriate! Wow.

  28. I’m sorry but why are they literally so stupid! They believe the stupidest things like how torture makes it tender! Da fuc

  29. Even chickens get treated better than these dogs. So heartbreaking. Look at them, some still wagging their tails, God..

  30. China has so many myths that are too silly to believe. When will they finally become civilized and learn that you should not eat a carnivore. That a dog is a dog and an animal with feelings. And that you do not become more virile by eating the flesh of a tortured animal and that the teeth of elephants and horns of rhinos are not medicine. Because of the myth that the Chinese believe, massive numbers of animal species are now dying out.

  31. Yes because they were on desperate times. To supplement as you say. And a lot of the rest of the world ate dogs cats and horses and even rats, through desperation and hunger and wars and so on. But the wars are no longer and the the great Wall of China do not keep farmers from each other and lifestock anymore. So they do not need to do it no more. And for the evil backward people I have China and Korea who say its our culture. Thats not your culture, your culture is what you can be and cultivate that's what it mean. Eating and torturing dogs and cat is your history that you continue to do. But just because you've always done something doesn't mean you should keep doing it and that it's right. It's als what and how these so called 20% of evil people do to them the torture and the pure evil and horrible disrespectful way they treat animals. There is no excuse for any of this and it could be stopped if these countries wanted it to. They just don't care or want to. If my neighbours started doing that to their dogs the whole street would kill them or they would have to be removed for their own safety as in England we've evolved and are civilised. The police would not allow it the animal welfare would not allow it and I would not allow. So no matter what you people say and use for excuses. It's not right. Dogs are our friends to look after us, guard our houses and homes and help people. Just like cats are meant for catching vermin and company for some and horses to plow our fields and carry our dead and even help in war. You people in these places that do these terrible evil things are just that. Terrible, evil low life people. And your country that allows you to do it is evil and shameful to. I know that those people think ohh she's just talking shit but those people will pay for this. And the county. That's why mother nature puts earthquakes and suenarmis on you people and more is to come. Yous need to stop it or your so called leaders do. If they are strong and wise.

  32. สงสารสุนัขและแมวมากคนหิวโหยอดอยากจ้องจะกินเศร้า

  33. Yeah but people are ok WITH MAKEUP, fur, leather celebrating Thanksgiving where turkeys pay because CHRISTIAN pilgrims slaughtered natives and believe that is something to be grateful for.

  34. If All the dogs ( and cats too) suddenly inexplicably DISAPPEARED from CHINA all of a sudden and China couldn't find them anywhere else as available for them. GUESS WHAT? THESE CRUEL HIDEOUS DEMON BASTARDS would NOT starve as there is PLENTY of OTHER TYPES of food and TASTY as well !!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Animals aren't here for our consumption! I just went vegetarian a short while ago, and as soon as I move out I'm going vegan. All animals are equal, they all want to live. Dogs and pigs are so intelligent and emotional, it makes me sick to see this disregard.

  36. people who eat dog meat should be shot there should be a stop to this its not rite just down rite cruelty i love to shoot them cuel butchers wat they do to these beautiful animals oh my god how sick r these evil human beings just not rite wat they do that video is just awful to watch .Governments in every country should stop this barbaric cruelty please

  37. Save the dogs! And god bless the countries that banned dog meat trade:

    Hing kong
    South Korea

    God bless their souls for banning dog meat, even tho some still do it, they will pay a fine when caught….


  38. Who ever said dog meat and cat meat r good for humans they r wrong . They carry parasites and rabies which can kill people it alresdy did . Who ever eats these animals hope ye die horrible deaths ye deserve it .. Booooo hate this video .

  39. Continue the boycott against china's dog food, dog treats. The contain animal byproducts. They don't just practice this during Summer soltice, dog meat in Yulin is available year round. Stop the killing, the cruelty the in humane treatment of these dogs and cats. Please BOYCOTT

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