The Culprit Gives Chickens With Rat Poison To Remove Stray Cats | Animal in Crisis EP77

The Culprit Gives Chickens With Rat Poison To Remove Stray Cats | Animal in Crisis EP77

For 3 years Blue chickens have been found in every corner of the hood.. Informant : Since there are people who give leftovers or meats to stray cats I thought it was mixed with nutrition supplement For cats to survive during winter But I thought it was strange at the same time, so I called the vet Turned out that it was mixed with rat poison So the blue pellets on the meats were rat poison.. Informant : Since then, I started to look for the culprit Found out that the culprit had put poisoned food in over 20 spots For 3 years of searching Once in two or three days, Chickens mixed with rat poison were discovered.. informant : One died in a day, and the other shivered all day Can’t erase those terrible scenes in my head.. For the past 3 years, every day The informant had to face cat carcasses Informant : I found the poison three years ago on Dec The culprit hid the prey bowl over here The strange thing is.. The culprit placed poisoned chickens within a 0.6 mile radius.. That’s how hundreds of cats were gone.. The worst thing is that Kittens have lost their mom.. They’re two months old, but still very small Weak animals.. On the way to find the kittens’ family There were three kittens and their mom here But.. Found rat poison in the corner Is that rat poison? / Yes, ate them all already Wasn’t there before though.. Don’t know when it was placed there What a fatal trap for cats.. Over 3 years.. Why on earth has he done such a terrible thing to cats? Blue rat poison is the only clue.. Pharmacist : Haven’t seen anyone buying lots of rat poison While asking around Pharmacist : There was someone who came to buy rat poison Every 2 or 3 days Someone came to buy rat poison A man in about the fifties or sixties Bought a huge amount of rat poison The same rat poison used to kill the cats I asked him why he was buying so much Asked him if he has lots of mice to remove Then he said he works at a warehouse Haven’t seen him for a while Since the culprit has bought a huge amount of rat poison He must have bought many chickens to use them together You can buy sliced chickens only in this market The chickens the culprit used are only on sale in this market! Almost once in a day Or once in 2-3 days She thought the man was strange So she saved the screenshot from the CCTV Informant : I know this guy I caught him putting rat poison before Yelled at him like why killing poor cats I was with another guy and we started arguing Then he said he won’t do it anymore It’s his house This one 3 years ago The culprit promised not to poison cats anymore But again.. He broke the promise And has been poisoning stray cats.. Meet the culprit and find out the truth PD : Hello, we’ve been waiting for you We’re from SBS broadcasting company Got a report that you’ve poisoned cats with rat posion.. Culprit : I wanted to tell that.. People suspect me of poisoning cats Since I did it once before I mean.. How can I catch cats and why would I hunt cats I make money on my own. I don’t need to hunt cats for food The guy said he tried to poison just once before The culprit insists that he only did once 3 years ago PD : We received a picture of chicken with rat poison and a report that you bought rat poison once in 2-3 days before Upon seeing the proof, the culprit becomes embarrassed The culprit : Anyway, I bought rat poison a few months ago When did you last buy rat poison? 3-4 months ago The culprit admitted his crime There’s a small pavilion in this hood But residents can’t rest in the pavilion because of cats They cry out loud and run on the roof.. I don’t understand why nobody’s doing anything about cats I reported to the borough office, but they came up with nothing Said they couldn’t do anything since the number of cats is increasing He thought that poisoning cats was not a big deal I promise I won’t do it again Don’t worry I’ll go back to my daily life.. Giving any toxic materials to cats is the violation of Animal Protection Law The proofs are handed over to the investigation agency Hatred against stray cats with no reason.. When will it come to the end..? There have been hundreds of stray cat abuse cases.. A giant arrow pierced this cat’s body.. The animal abuse case upset the whole nation in Korea.. What happened to the cat? Where is the cat now? / Over there / Inside? The cat ran away from people and hid An arrow pierced the cat’s body Looks very dangerous.. Informant : Can’t live like that Local : If the cat were a human, he wouldn’t have survived The rescue starts Hook the cat’s neck with a snare and put the cat inside the net.. Vet : Wait, wait The arrow is pierced dangerously Fortunately The arrow avoided kidney and liver and didn’t harm them at all If the leg bone wasn’t broken due to the arrow, It could have brought the more serious situation by letting it penetrate the body and cause damage on vessels and organs Fortunately, the arrow which hit the back leg bones didn’t harm any vital organs.. But why how come the cat was shot by an arrow? A bow used in archery game Test with the same bow Turned out that someone shot the arrow from a close distance Expert : The angle of the arrow pierced in the cat’s body indicates that someone intentionally shot the target located lower than them As the investigation of the case closed in on the culprit The culprit finally confessed and the case was over Terrible animal cruelty against such weak and naive animals.. “What have I done wrong to you?” The cat who’s heartbroken as much as he’s hurt physically.. But now, the cat met a good family Happier than ever Also, the cat’s named ‘Bokdong’ and made a new friend! The cat’s best friend, Sowon But Sowon also was abused before.. When will stray cats stop suffering from pain..?

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  2. This is why I’m going to be volunteering in animal shelters. Foster cats so the shelters can take in more cats.

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