The Best BBQ Meat | Great Taste

The Best BBQ Meat | Great Taste

– And tell me what other
food do you do like this? When they are up on the grill
they put the cheese on it and it’s melted, “Ay man
who ready for a burger?” And they slide it on your
plate and you eat it– – That is a pretty
exciting moment in life. – Right then? – Cheese, melt the cheese. – Straight off the grill– – Off the grill and it’s go time! – Alright calm down. – Woo! I’m gettin’ excited. – They could put a charcoal
brick on your burger and you’ll eat it. – Hah! You will.
– No. – He puts two patties on his nipples before he goes to sleep. (group laughing) – Comes with a hot stone massage. (group laughing) – Just imagine him, goin
to bed, like, bedtime. And then he puts his
little thing on his eyes. (group laughing) (light jazz beat) – What up y’all, it’s me MegScoop. And the best barbeque meat of all time is chicken. – No, it ain’t. – Chicken be gettin’ burnt – Chicken be dry as hell. – It does. – That’s because ya’ll be going, ya’ll be going to the places
don’t have no good chicken. This is some good smoked chicken, see? – I don’t like barbeques that have just a bunch of chicken on the grill. – Why? – And I hate it too, when you go to people that ain’t got no money, they be like, leg or a thigh, leg or a thigh? (laughs) I’m like, nigga, gimme both. What up y’all, it’s your boy, KevOnStage I got my summertime bandana on, and I’m tellin you why
ribs are the most delicate, precious meat at zee barbeque. – [Patrick] Damn those look good. – You know what, it’s
hard to argue with that. Ribs are the shit. – I will say this though. – If ribs go out, I ain’t eatin shit else. – They’re ribs. You gotta put in on the ribs. If you don’t know that person that well– – Ribs are more expensive than chicken. – And that’s what it tells you. If you have money, you got ribs. – You don’t have that at every barbeque. – And I got ribs. – What up, man, this is your boy, DoBoy. New nickname alert, chef DoBoyardee, for this edition of best meats. And this is gonna be real easy. I’m gonna lay it out
real simple and plain. The best barbeque meat, ever, is hamburger. Don’t at me. – That’s trash. – I don’t wanna hear nothin’. – You just like hamburger ’cause you thought there was ham in it. (group laughing) – What’s up, I’m Precious. And I have the absolute best barbeque meat on the planet. [Man] What? – Act like you know. – You sound like the hype
man for our new song. – What is it? ♪ You know what it is, bitches. ♪ – I’ma tell you what it is after I get that barbeque sauce. Look, this that brisket. This that brisket. Can’t nothin’ beat brisket. And you know why? Boom. ‘Cause brisket can go on anything. You can eat it by itself. You can make a brisket sandwich. You can put it in the baked potato. You can make anything,
a salad with brisket, and brisket say– – And you are absolutely right. – I’ve never had that,
but that sounds great. – Hello everybody, I’m Patrick Cloud, and I’m here to talk about the hot link, as the best barbeque meat in the game. – [Kev] Why you sound like
you doin’ an infomercial? – Hot links are only
good when you cut ’em up and put ’em in spaghetti. – What? Shut up. – Nah, links are a good meat. – All of these are ridiculous. – Hot links are good. But I feel like they taste better in white bread versus in a bun. – I hate hot links. They make your butt hot.
– No, you don’t. – Yo, what’s up, it’s Tahir Moore. And I’m here to talk about the best barbeque meat of all times,
and it’s gotta be the hotdog. – That is just the stupidest
thing I’ve ever heard you say. – Nope, no, it ain’t. – I think the word should be
the most common and basic. – Yeah. – You can say whatever you want. – Most common, for sure. – Whatever, whatever. It can be the most common denominator. Any barbeque you go to,
you gonna find a hotdog. – [Meg] That’s true. – Your ribs gonna be gone if
you don’t get there early. Burgers be dry, or they be gone, okay? Briskets, a lot of black
people ain’t cookin briskets for a whole lot of people. – I’m hot links. – We’re sayin’ this. Our stuff is the best meat. Yours is what’s available. – That’s why it disappears. Yours is just always there. – If your grill’s too hot,
you gotta keep checkin’ em. But sometimes, people be
drinkin’ too early in the day. And the next thing you know, the chicken get all messed up. – But you be grillin’ orange chicken. (group laughing) – Your shit is good though. I’m with her for the cookin’. – He be messed up. – The best ribs are made by people. A restaurant can’t get it the
way a person can get ribs. – No, sometimes Chinese food restaurants be havin’ real good ribs. – What? Shoot this dude.
– Shut up, DoBoy. – No seriously. No, for real. They have really good
fried chicken and ribs. – I actually hear that too. – The fried chicken, I agree with– – Fried chicken, I’ll give you. – Because they fry everything. – Can’t nobody do ribs like black folks. I don’t give a damn. – That rib is not the same thing. (drowning each other out.) God made woman out of
ribs and then was like y’all can also eat these too, man. It’s fixin’ to be lit. – But you eat those in the shower. (group laughing) – All these videos on how
hotdogs have been made have been out for years. But do you think hotdog
sales have taken a hit? Absolutely not. – Hot dogs are the R.
Kelly of barbeque meat. (group confirming) They got a terrible past
and they’re still sellin’. – And we found out about
’em a long time ago. – I’ll take that. – We let hotdogs slide,
just like R. Kelly. – Absolutely. – Hot link is the gourmet
version of the hotdog. – [Tahir] That is true. – The hotdog is the ugly bootleg
version that nobody wants– – [Tahir] Your momma, hoe. – But if you got– (laughing) – [DoBoy] Damn. – But if you got some money on you, you can get these delicious hot links. – Bratwurst is the big
version of hot links. – No it’s not, polish kielbasa. – All them sausages,
italian sausages, kielbasa– – If you go to a barbeque, and there’s bratwurst on the grill, you need to leave. – When that brisket tender
and really just fallin’ off, it’s like, sayin, I’m tellin’ ya. – Brisket is like ribs, in the
way that it’s not done right. But when done right, brisket is amazing. – And if you don’t know,
I’m really country. See, we eat goat. And this is, goat tastes like
brisket when goat done right. – [Meg] Really? – On God. – Goats? – We make goat sandwiches, in the south. – What? – Where you from? – Shout out to my auntie. I’m from Texas. My people’s from Arkansas.
– She’s from Oak Cliff. – But my people from Arkansas. So, Arkadelphia, Arkansas,
Gum Springs, shout out. We put goats on the grill in Little Rock. – Barbeque is probably the least favorite prepared type of chicken. There ain’t no barbeque
chicken restaurants, ever, no where.
– Wow, I think there are. – There’s barbeque chicken at– – Name me one. – What are you talking about? – At barbeque. – There’s no barbeque chicken restaurants. – What does that mean? – There’s a KFC, there’s a
Popeye’s, they’re fried chicken. – Philips– – There’s barbeque joints. You gotta go to a barbeque restaurant. – [Patrick] What are you sayin man? – There’s no one place
that only sells coleslaw. That’s what you just said. That’s stupid. That’s exactly what you said. No, I said that there’s
fried chicken spots. There’s grilled chicken spots. There’s rotisserie chicken spots, not barbeque chicken spots. – Can you name a place
that only sells enchiladas? Enchilada Tom’s. (group laughing) – You’re makin’ stuff up! – That’s not even a
Hispanic name, you idiot. – Makin’ stuff up. I don’t eat pork or beef anymore. But the one thing that
will make me change my mind are some pork ribs. – Nah, forget all this guys. We gotta defend her. – Ribs good though. – They’re unhealthy. They’re unhealthy, they
kill you, come on, guys. – Everything kill you. – They’re not inherently unhealthy. – Why? – It’s pork. Pork is a terrible– – They’re not more unhealthy
than anything else that’s pork. – Yes they are. – They’re not more unhealthy
than hotdogs and hot links. – Those are terrible too. – Whoa, wait a second. Wait, whoa, wait a second. – They have nitrates in them. – Let’s not get on hotdogs like that. (drowning each other out) – [Meg] That is terrible. (jazz fades voices out) – Ribs are so good he
stopped arguin’ for ’em and just enjoyed them. – And let us argue, ’cause
we ain’t got no ribs. – He ain’t even arguin’,
he’s just eatin the ribs. – He don’t wanna share, that’s
why he’s eatin’ them so fast. – The rib was never gonna
make it back over there. Y’all never had a chance to take these – Oh man. – They’re the only meat that most people will really just have, in their freezer. You can be like, ah man, I’m hungry. Man, fire up the grill, I’ma
throw a couple burgers on. You can’t do that with ribs. – Burgers do allow you
to feed a lot of people. – That’s what I’m sayin’.
– A lot of people. – Everybody can’t get in on
the ribs and the chicken. – Right. – Everybody can always get a burger. Y’all argument is about, oh, they cheap, they too affordable.
– [Patrick] And they’re gross. – So what, man? Hotdogs are the common man’s steak. – It’s not the best barbeque. – What? – The common man’s steak? – It’s the common man’s steak. It’s the common man’s t-bone, right here. – Hey, talk about what the
casing’s made out of, real quick. – What casing? – Ew, what is it made out of. The outside of it. – The lining of the hotdog? – Basically plastic ain’t it? – It’s made out of unicorn tears, baby. You don’t know what that’s made out of– – No, intestines, stomach lining. – Same way you don’t know
what this is made out of. – It’s made out of urinal cakes. – It’s made out of pork in– – Listen, man, it’s better
than smokin’ cigarettes. – What? – That’s your argument? – That’s not a good thing. In my life, I’ve probably been
to at least 200 barbeques. I might have seen– – Do you tally them every– – A month. – I may have seen brisket at, maybe 10. Brisket is never at barbeques. – These are some specific numbers. – In Texas, in Texas, they have brisket
at almost every barbeque. You also don’t see
Bentley’s everywhere do you? But you’ll see a Neon,
anywhere, won’t you? Because, quality shit, when it show up, it show up and show out. Ain’t no price on it,
ain’t no whoop da whoop, good shit is good, and
bullshit is always available. (drowning each other out) – I’m not even a huge
fan of hot, spicy foods, but I like hot links. – You like everything. – You like food. – You would have ate all this
food that was up there, today. – You a fan of food. – You would eat barbeque jeans. (group laughing) – Hey, let me get the Levi 509s. (drowning each other out) – Barbeque jeans? – We already know that chicken
is the best barbequed meat. If you care about your life, and you want to survive,
– What is this? – That’s a bib.
– And not have a heart attack after– – Why’d you put it on after you ate? – Neatly, she got it
neater than a motherfucker. (drowning each other out ) – I forgot I had it, to be honest. – You make barbeque bok choy. (group laughing) – There’s not one piece
of nothin’ on there. – Fire up the wok. – Just put some barbeque, splash– – What other food can
you really double up, like when you go to your uncle, you like, oh man, let
me get an extra patty. He be like, go on on, nephew. You get a double burger, that be lit. – You can get two pieces of chicken. – That’s the relationship y’all have? Come on, you know what it is, uncle. All right, fat ass. (group laughing) – Double it up. – Get that double barbeque
burger on these hoes. – I’m tellin you though, that’s
how you look less greedy, if you get more patties and
less buns, you look less fat. – He really thinks that
people don’t notice he’s got two patties on his bun. – I always get three or four. – Yeah, but anyway– – A barbequed hot dog is the best way to cook a hotdog, though. ‘Cause if you boil ’em or
you do ’em in the microwave, they be tastin’ trash. But off the grill, they fire. – Well first of all, if you
still microwaving hotdogs, you need to get your life together. You can literally, you can boil
the water in the microwave, and then put the hot dog in that. It’s better than just puttin
a raw hotdog in a microwave. – Hotdog water stink, boy. That is some stinky– – All boiled water stink. Chicken grease stinks – No, when you boil rice and water– – Bacon grease smell good. – Bacon grease, I would
drink bacon grease. I’m not gonna lie to you on that one. – What? – You would drink bacon grease. – Bacon smell good, shit. – That’s why you can’t zip up your jacket. – I can zip this one up. (group chanting) – Wait, wait. – You gonna break the jacket. – Don’t break your jacket. – You can’t do it. Suck it in. – Hey, he gotta put his
feet close together. (group laughing) – Let me see your hands. – Oh my gosh, I can see, here. I can literally see how much
money is in your chest wallet. (group laughing) – You got $3.17 in your wallet. – Like I was sayin’– – That’s a wind breaker. – You know how when you
over pack your luggage? (group laughing) – In conclusion– – Precious, you actin’
like you gotta go pee. – You danced the whole time. – That’s my excited. Like, you know when you
feelin’ like a little kid. Yeah, good food make you dance. Well, nobody dancin’ over hotdogs. – But you dancin’ around the topic. Why is it the best barbeque meat. – ‘Cause it is *bleep*. I already answered this. I’m not gonna reiterate myself. This ain’t school, shit. (laughing) I told you. You have to use your
listenin’ skills fool. – I lost, in that– – The zipper’s moving on it’s own. (laughing) – On the best barbeque meat, okay. Ain’t nothing better
than that, god damn it. I’ma go get my brakes changed. – You look like a bag of Tahir. – Take it easy. – You look like a pregnant snake. (music fades)

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  1. Doboy saying Chinese restaurants make good ribs is the dumbest shit he’s ever said.

    Edit- 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ the fuckin man just said there’s no such thing as bbq chicken restaurants… WTF doboy

  2. Bratwurst literally means grilled sausage! I am from Iowa, German-America, with parents From Kentucky and the deep south and I love the German side of that heritage the fusion makes for some VERY good food. At least Bratwurst is real meat. Hotlinks is all the offal meat and fat, even if they say something is all beef rather than pork… Ain't gon say I don't eat it, but there is no sausage like a good beermarinated bratwurst… and no ribs like beer marinated ribs. Better ask somebody! LOL

  3. Kev: “The ribs were never gonna make it back over there. The ribs, Y’all never had a chance to taste these”

    Pat: “I want, Aww man”


  4. Man it goes like this im gonna rate this shit 1-10. 1. Ribs, ribs get number one for the gold. Dats like asking if I can get a piece of the cookie or have the whole kitchen. 2. Goes to brisket. 3. Chicken 4. Burgers. 5. hot links . 6 hotdogs is last man lol..

  5. I agree with kev. Ribs for the win. My dad isn’t black but he make some tasty bbq ribs and he does different styles of barbecue. He does sweet, tangy, and spicy. They all hella good. Some white people like my dad know what’s up when it comes to cooking

  6. They all know ribs is the first thing we looking at a BBQ!!… depending whose on the grill!! Also I love me a good slightly burnt hotdog

  7. Pork Ribs! Chickens are dumb, cows are dumb. Pigs are intelligent! Meat coming from a smart animal can't be bad for you!

  8. Precious is beautiful, but those hotdog hot girl summer inspired legs she got were irking the fuck outta me reflecting light the whole episode

  9. Precious from Texas and her putting bbq sauce on that brisket let's me know 1 thing……… IT AIN'T SEASONED RIGHT. Cuz MOST ppl in texas don't like bbq sauce on they meat. Put it on the side.

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