Stop Poisoning Your Body | Sadhguru

Stop Poisoning Your Body | Sadhguru

There is anger in the world. there is anger in
the people’s minds, individual minds. There is no such thing as
anger in the world, isn’t it? There is anger in you,
there is anger in that person, there is anger in this person. Are you right now angry? Right now you are not angry,
that means there is no anger in this hall right now, isn’t it? But you can get angry. You can get angry. Right now there is no
anger in this hall. But you can get angry. So this is one thing
that we have to see. Anger is not there. What we call as life
energy, what is life you can make this into anger,
you can make this into love, you can make this
into compassion, you can make it
into frustration, you can make it into depression,
you can make it whatever you want. The choice is yours. if you had retained the choice,
if the choice was really with you,
definitely you would have chosen the most pleasant thing, isn’t it,
whatever is the most pleasant thing. Generally people are talking about
love, joy, blissfulness because people understand these as the
most pleasant things in their life. If you had a choice about what to make
yourself of right now in this moment, would you choose pleasantness
or unpleasantness? Pleasantness,
there is no question about that, isn’t it? If I ask you ‘do you want to live in pleasant
atmospheres or unpleasant atmospheres?’ Pleasantness. ‘Do you want to be pleasant in your
mind or unpleasant in your mind?’ Pleasantness. ‘Do you want to be pleasant in your
body unpleasantness in your body?’ Pleasantness. All you are seeking is just
this, please see. You may believe that you are seeking
money, property, God whatever. All that you are
seeking is just this you want to be
pleasant in your body, in your mind,
in your emotion and in your energies. This is all you are seeking. “No I am seeking God.” No, if somebody has told you if you
seek God you will become ecstatic. “No, I want to go to heaven.” Somebody has told you heaven is a
more pleasant place than this one, that’s why you want to go there
or you made a hell out of your life, whichever way. Fundamentally you are seeking
pleasantness, isn’t it? Now
this, the same scientist because he talked about
Emerson using the word Brahma, this scientist tried
to look for a word… for the,
to name the word, to name the chemical which is being received
by the cannibas receptors in the brain. He wanted to give a unique name
and he studied every scripture on the planet to find an appropriate name,
and the most beautiful thing is no scripture on the
planet except from India ever talks about
bliss and ecstasy. Everybody talks about salvation. Everybody talks about your sins
being washed away, at the most peace. Nobody talks about
blissfulness and ecstasy. So he called this chemical which is produced in the
body as Anandamide. You know Ananda? Anandamide. So cannibas receptors are
waiting to receive Anandamide. How much Anandamide you
produce in this system that is how blissful
you will be. It can’t be taken if you take it in the form of an injection you will become an addict. But if you generate your own Anandamide you will be blissful always. So if you are blissful
would you be angry? No. Anger Life has found expression
in the form of anger only because this life is not
blissful, isn’t it? If this was blissful every
moment of its existence, question of anger or controlling anger or putting anger down
doesn’t even arise within you, isn’t it? So what is needed is yes, there are situations in the
world which may be causing anger, but I am telling you if you
eliminate one situation, another situation will pop up. See within your own family or within your own situation, do you see for every small
thing people can get angry? Need not be a major issue. Yes? Not a life and
death kind of issue. A simple thing in your
house can make you angry or somebody else in the family angry. Isn’t it so? So it is not necessarily by settling
all the problems on the planet that we will eliminate anger. First of all if we teach ways of joyfulness
and blissfulness right from childhood we have not focused on this. As a humanity, we have not focused on
making our children joyful. If they are making lot of
joyful sounds in the house usually adults will go and
say “Shut up.” We have not encouraged joy and
bliss as a part of our life. If people were more joyful, did you have to talk
about controlling anger? It wouldn’t come, isn’t it? We need religions of joy, we need politics of joy, we need economics of joy, we need to bring that aspect
into our life on all levels. If that is not brought into
our life in every possible way, and methods to keep the
system joyful above all because without that it will become
a fake joy that you are pretending or you are trying to be joyful. Now if you are producing enough Anandamide in your system… you would be joyful, isn’t it? I can show you a million people… for whom we have taught how to produce more
Anandamide in the system that without any reason
people are just happy. People think, “Oh if they all become
happy they will become useless.” It is not so. Please look at your
own life and see. On a particular day
when you are happy are you willing to do more or on a particular day when you are
unhappy are you willing to do more? Hmm? When you are happy you are
willing to do anything, isn’t it? When you are unhappy you have
to drag yourself through life. When you are happy you are
loving, you are generous, you are flexible,
you are sensible, everything. When you are unhappy you can be
real mean and nasty, isn’t it? If you meet any human being when he is
joyful he is a wonderful human being. If you meet the same human
being when he is unhappy he can be a very
nasty human being. This is so with every human
being, isn’t it? ::, –>::,
The difference between heaven and hell is just this. You are doing something
willingly, that’s your heaven. You are doing something
unwillingly, that’s your hell. Hmm? We have already taken on attitudes
what we like and what we don’t like. I like this person,
I don’t like this person. Now with this person,
I will do things willingly. With this person,
I will do things unwillingly. This may be two people, two aspects of life,
two communities, two nations, two.. many things. This I will do willingly,
this I do unwillingly. This means, I have decided in my
mind, this is good, this is bad. When I hear,
even on national news channels, good guys and bad guys ..
it just.. Once you have this kind of thing,
you are going to be disastrous to the planet. It’s just a question of time. The moment you decide this is a good
person, this is a bad person, this is gone deep
into American society. No. There are no good
people and bad people. Everybody is oscillating
between the two. If you create a very pleasant wonderful
atmosphere, everybody behaves wonderfully. If you create an unpleasant atmosphere,
a whole lot of people act nasty. Yes or no? There are joyful people and miserable people, but there are no good people and bad people. we are entitled to destroy the
bad, isn’t it? Oh, we’ve been destroying a
lot of people for a long time, time to stop that. Because.. human beings are in different levels
of experience and understanding. Variety of people. Anybody who’s not like you
is obviously bad, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? Those who are not like
me must be bad people. Because the basis of goodness and what
you think is goodness is decided by you. No, you have no
business to do that. Willing means this. I’m just willing. I’m a hundred
percent yes to life. I am not yes to this
one, no to this one. No, I am just yes
and yes to life. If you are a hundred percent yes to
life, you are a volunteer. You have become a willing life. You have become so willing that
you have no will of your own. People ask me ‘Sadhguru,
how do you operate with all these people, all kinds of horrible questions they’re asking,
they’re doing this, they’re doing that?’ I said ‘My life is not about them. It’s about me’ It’s about how I am. This is about me. It doesn’t matter how they
are, that’s their choice. But how I am is my choice. This is my way. No matter what they do. I’m like this. Because I have not given
that freedom to anybody that somebody can freak me, somebody can make me angry, somebody can make me happy, somebody can make me unhappy. These privileges
I kept to myself. It’s time you do that too. Because… if somebody else can decide what
can happen within you right now, isn’t this the ultimate slavery? Hmm? Isn’t this? Someone else can decide what
should happen within you, what happens around you of course,
so many people decide, hmm? What happens around us is
not hundred percent ours, but what happens within me… must be my making, isn’t it? So people keep coming up
to me on a daily basis, ‘Sadhguru, I can’t work with this person,
she is so horrible, I can’t do it’ I tell them ‘See in this world, this is the sort of
people who exist. like this, like this, like this, like
this, this is the kind of people there are. But if you want to work with ideal people, you must go to heaven… and today. But… if you think, what you’re doing
is very significant, you must learn to work with
all these horrible people. This is how the world is. If you think what you’re
doing is very significant, you learn to work with
all kinds of people. You will see, horrible people
will do wonderful things. But… if you are willing, that you are not yes and no,
yes to one, no to another, you’re simply one big yes, you will find a way.

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