Serving McDonalds to food experts?

Hi there, thank you for tuning in to Lifehunters, My name is Sacha, My name is Cedrique, and today we’ll be visiting the annual food convention in Houten to serve our top of the notch recipes from our high end restaurant to some food experts. The only problem is, we don’t actually own a restaurant, so we’ll be paying a visit to McDonald’s, we’ll pick up some snacks there and present them to the food experts at the convention. Let’s go! What tastes good with muffins? BBQ sauce? Sure. Are you serious? This tomato’s been here for at least a year. Where’s ‘Thijs’? DRIVER: Good luck guys! US: Thank you! We’ve arrived at the Expo in Houten with a bag full of treats from our favourite restaurant, McDonald’s. Inside this building we’ll run into a bunch of high end food experts. Let’s see what these people think of our ‘specialties’. Right, Cedrique? Let’s do this. Time to serve some McDonald’s snacks to the biggest food experts of the Benelux, yet telling them they’re trying out a new, organic alternative to fastfood. I tried this piece of melon, it’s delicious! Yeah, it definitely tastes fresh. It’s good. The structure is good. Yes. Not too sticky. Tasty. Yeah, does it taste good? Yes, it’s tasty. It is a bit softer… But also… also a little more moist. Enough with the sweet stuff. Let’s move on to what we’ve been waiting for, the real McDonald’s classics. Time to see what people have to say about these. It tastes like chicken. Alright. That makes sense. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. It’s nice and firm, has a good bite. It’s starting to… Tasty right? Yeah. Tastes like fish. Reminds me of cod. Rolls around the tongue nicely, if it were wine I’d say it’s fine. I feel some warmth releasing in my mouth. The taste is very rich. There are a lot of different tastes! Was it difficult to chew? No, not at all. If you had to compare this to, say, McDonalds food, what would you say is the biggest difference? It definitely tastes a lot better, and the fact that it’s organic is definitely a good thing. It’s just better for you. The taste is a lot richer. Yeah, yeah. It’s definitely a lot tastier than McDonalds, you can just tell this is a lot more pure. Yeah? Yes. Yeah, definitely. This absolutely has a lot more taste to it than McDonalds. Yeah? Oh yeah. You can immediately tell? Yes. I like it, it’s pure. It’s just a pure, organic product and that makes it very tasty. Delicious. Yes. What did you like about it so much? The sweet tomatoes. The sweet tomatoes? Yes! I’d recommend it! Great, thanks. She just got redder and redder. Well, that sure was one heck of a day, what did we learn here today, Cedrique? That if you tell people that something is organic, they’ll automatically believe it’s organic! That’s right. My name is Sacha, on behalf of Lifehunters I’d like to say… see you next time!

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