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Paul d’Oliveira attorney from the law firm
of d’Oliveira & Associates. Food poisoning. According to the CDC (Center
of Disease Control), which is part of the federal government. One out of six people
each year will get sick from contaminated food. Usually, it’s from harmful bacteria
or viruses. Why? Well often resturants do not properly store their food, they don’t
keep it refrigerated long enough or, they keep it out to long, bacteria and viruses can form. People
eat the food and they get sick. They get food poisoning; vomiting, dirahea are they typical
sympotms. Sometimes people even have to be hospitalized, you can have fevers and all
kinds of long term issues, from food poisoning. Those are the more serious cases. If you or
a loved one has sustained food poisioning you may be entitled to compensation for medical
bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. Our firm currently handles these types of
cases, as we charge no fee until you obtain a settlement or recovery. So feel free to
call us toll free in confidence or fill out a contact form online in confidence. We would
be happy to discuss or determine whether you have a case. Thank you.

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