Raw Food Breakfast: Green Juice – A Fast, Delicious, Nutrient Dense Raw Food Recipe

Raw Food Breakfast: Green Juice – A Fast, Delicious, Nutrient Dense Raw Food Recipe

bjbj Smoothies are a great way to get started
with fruits and greens, but if you want to get serious about eating more greens, I really
recommend getting into juicing. Juicing concentrates a larger amount of greens than you could ever
eat in one sitting into a single-glass serving that you can drink very quickly. Look at this
bowl of green vegetables. It would be difficult to eat this many greens in a salad or even
blend it into a smoothie. But by juicing them, I can concentrate all the nutrition in these
greens into a single, light meal. So if you do want to get into juicing, it s important
to have the right kind of juicer that can extract the maximum amount of nutrition, flavor,
and color from your green, leafy vegetables. The best juicer on the market that I ve found
for juicing leafy greens is the GreenStar Juicer by TriBest. This juicer will juice
most any fruit and vegetable, but it s especially good for getting the maximum juice out of
leafy greens. Let s take a look at this juicer. The GreenStar has two gears that just gently
press the greens together. You can see, this isn t cutting me in any way. Other centrifugal
juicers that cut your greens result in oxidation, and you lose a lot of flavor and nutrition
and color, but not the GreenStar. And these gears rotate at a very low temperature and
slow speed. It s just 110 rotations per minute, so it s very gentle on the greens, and you’re
going to preserve all the nutrition that way. You’ll see when I start juicing in a moment
that the pulp is going to come out very dry, and that shows me that I m getting the maximum
amount of nutrition that I can from these greens. And juicing isn t the only thing that
the GreenStar does. There s another great plate. This is called the homogenizing plate,
and if you put this inside instead of the juicing screen, you can make incredible ice
creams and you can make pat s out of soaked nuts and seeds as well. So it s a very versatile
machine. It does take more time to make juice than to make a smoothie, but it s well worth
it. And let me give you a few tips that can help you save some of that time. The first
thing you want to do is save all your vegetable scraps during the week. Parsley stems, kale
stems, broccoli stocks, ends of cucumber and celery. Just keep them in a plastic bag or
in a container in your refrigerator as you accumulate them, and before you know it, you’ll
have enough vegetables to make a glass of juice after just a few days. Something else
that can save you time if you’re really rushed in the morning when you want to juice is cut
all your vegetables the night before into a shape that s going to fit through the chute
of your juicer and go ahead and wash them as well. And then you don t have to do any
of that in the morning. And then what about cleaning the juicer? That s one thing that
people often say is time-consuming, but you can cut that step out in the morning as well.
What you do is juice all your veggies, have your juicer right by the sink as you’re doing
it plugged in, and then afterwards, you just take off this entire unit and store it in
a bowl of soaking water while you’re gone for the day. And it ll be fine during the
day, and then you can just easily rinse it off when you get home and you ve cut out that
step as well. So if you follow these tips, you really can cut your juicing time down
to just minutes in the morning. So let s start juicing. You always want to start off with
a base of celery and/or cucumber because these greens are milder in flavor and they won t
be too overpowering. But make sure you get some dark, leafy greens in there, too. So
I m going to be using kale and parsley, but you could also use collards or spinach or
any other green of your choice. What about flavoring it because not everyone likes the
taste of dark, leafy greens? So if they re a little too intense for you, some flavorings
that can really help offset the green taste is using a little bit of lemon in your juice.
That really perks it up. And also, if you like things spicy, a small knob of ginger
that s going to perk up the flavor as well. That s enough for me, but if you want your
juice to be on the sweeter side, just go ahead and add half an apple to it. So let s get
started. Hear how quiet this juicer is? That s because it s a slow-speed, low-temperature
juicer, and that s what you want. Look how I can just put this kale in, stem side down,
right into the juicer, and it just eats it up. I don t even need to chop it ahead of
time. I m adding my flavorings in the middle here,
the lemon and the ginger so that when I continue adding the greens, I can push any remaining
bits of those flavors through. Look how dry this pulp is and how little of
it there is. So you can see that this juicer really got all the maximum juice that we could
and the nutrition that we could out of these greens.
Wow, this juice is such a beautiful, vibrant
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36 thoughts on “Raw Food Breakfast: Green Juice – A Fast, Delicious, Nutrient Dense Raw Food Recipe”

  1. Great raw recipee! I just started juicing today and I can already feel the difference in my energy level. I used Collards, Cilantro, Celery, Tomato, and beet this morning.

  2. I have this same juicer and it is fantastic. I'm glad you're really pushing this one instead of other juicers. They just aren't quite as good.

  3. I have a 'normal' juicer and I ten to mold the pulp into balls and put it through 3 or 4 times. Even then I feel I am wasting so much goodness.

  4. Jennifer, you make *the* cutest raw food videos. Love the production quality, your kitchen, and especially you 🙂
    Thanks also for the tips in the middle. I try not to waste any food in my kitchen, but hadn't thought of saving up stems & stalks for green juice. Bonus!

  5. kevin gianni's channel has a recipe for turning the leftover pulp into raw crackers. might be a tip for those of us who feel like we're wasting veggies.

  6. @templebarboy Although I am no expert. Tests have shown that slow, cold pressed juicers create juice that can store for up to 48 hours. (Compared to centrifugal juicers) However juice is best consumed within 15 minutes to prevent oxidation, or so I heard. Yet, as there is no fiber in the juice, you want to slowly sip and mix you saliva with the juice to start the first stage of digestion, in the mouth. Good luck!

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for this video. You're adorable. I have a greenstar too. I do leafy greens as well. But I get a ton of foam. Why don't you get any foam?

  8. Thank you so much for the subtitles.It is so important for people with a hearing problem. I love your recipes thank you.

  9. @30stmFantasy i live in south korea so the juicer i got is called NUC juicer and its not optimal at all. but my family uses the jack lelane juicer and im all but jealous – eventually i will have to invest in a more powerful juicer – i actually dont like the kinds of juicers featured in this video its hard to clean. mine is 3 parts that need cleaning – but bad at all

  10. @scalothis I often dehydrate the pulp to create crackers. Top with avocado or raw nut cheeses and it makes an awesome snack!

  11. I like to call BS on that demo. Did anyone notice the amount of finished juice compared to the vegetables used and the left over pulp?

  12. Love your work, Jennifer! As much as I know and have seen and read about juicing, I still learned some new info from this video of yours. Thank you!

  13. Just saw your post…Not sure if you've purchased a juicer yet. I have the Breville and I love it so much. It was a couple hundred dollars…I looked up the juicer she uses and it's 465.00 on amazon. If I had the money I would probably buy the Green Star but I really LOVE my Breville Ikon

  14. I saw that as well.. but she didn't bat an eye. hehe However, I have an Omega masticating juicer and while I have not had any "chunks" I find the juice has much more "substance" to it than the juice I get from my centrifugal juicer. It's almost a "blend" of juice and a smoothie. Interesting… I've only had the Omega 2 weeks, but I've had the centrifugal juicer 18 months and used it daily.

  15. I've watched this video a couple of times and did not "detect" the fact she "stopped" anywhere. That combination of veggies does make a lot of juice. I have used a centrifugal juicer for 18 months and regularly juice 6 leaves of kale, 4 stalks celery, 1/2 lemon, 1" ginger, 2 green apples and one large cucumber. That always makes between 28-32 oz of juice. I've heard that particular model does a great job.. but cannot speak to it personally.

  16. awesome video! I'm on a juice fast and I'm on day 8 and feel soooo amazing 😀 but I usually like more fruits juice like orange, grape och just water with lemon in the morning and do more green juice in the afternoon. but again awesome video! and I also have the green star 😀 2 thumbs up!

  17. I love how you are getting more juice than pulp. Mine is a Jack La Lanne's power juice Juicer. It does the exact opossite, There is more leafy pulp than juice. Lot's of waisted vegetation. I try to use the left overs, but end up having to throwing some out, as it goes bad quicky.

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  19. I'm not sure if you could/would do this, but you can run the pulp through the juicer again. I do that sometimes…

  20. I have tried running the pulp through a second time, but it only pulls out a few more drops.My Juicer seems to work best for citrus fruits, cucumbers, carrots, and other more water based vegetables, and fruits. It's bad with leaves.

  21. best thing to do is make your own juice press. it's easy to do and costs less then $20 with supplies. Just look online for instructions.

  22. I have a champion juicer, masticating juicers are best.  Centrifugal juicers heat the juice which makes it degrade and deteriorate sooner

  23. I have a vitamix. I just add whole vegetable and water and blend all together. Wouldn't it be more nutritional to keep the pulp fiber within the blend for more nutrition? I also add a healthy fat like advocado or a nut with blend.

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