Purple Digestive Elixir – Amazing Juice for Instant Immunity Boost

Purple Digestive Elixir – Amazing Juice for Instant Immunity Boost

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for Instant Immunity Boost We all know the uncomfortable feeling that
inflammation and bloating can cause. The key to feeling better is to avoid consuming
food that causes these unpleasant issues. Instead, consume foods that fight inflammation
and cancer, such as cabbage, kale, and broccoli.  One of the most powerful vegetables is red
cabbage, since it contains phytochemicals that are antioxidants that neutralize free
radicals that can cause cancer. Red cabbage can prevent prostate, lung, breast,
and colon cancer, along with lowering your cholesterol.  Red cabbage is high in nutrients, including:
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, dietary fiber, iron, magnesium,
manganese, potassium, pantothenic acid, thiamine, folate, and riboflavin.   Red cabbage also contains sulfur, which utilizes
its detoxifying powers to protect the body against radiation exposure and keep your digestive
system functioning properly.  Red cabbage contains additional health benefits,
such as: Prevents premature aging Red cabbage contains antioxidants and Vitamin
A, which both help your skin to look young and healthy.  Helping the weight loss process Red cabbage is low in calories, but high in
essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, which leave your body feeling
full for a longer time.  Boosts your immune system Red cabbage contains Vitamin C, which helps
to form white blood cells that fight off infections and disease within your body. Boosts your eye health The vitamin A in red cabbage supports your
eye health by preventing cataracts and any degeneration from occurring.  Healthy bone growth and development Red cabbage contains essential nutrients that
build bone marrow in your body and help to fight inflammation, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Helps protect Alzheimer’s disease Red cabbage contains anthocyanin, which reduces
the chances of plaque building up within your body. This plaque has been shown to cause cognitive
and memory loss. Purple Elixir Recipe For a juice that provides all the benefits
of red cabbage and so much more, follow this recipe: Ingredients: – 1/4 red cabbage
– Half a cucumber – 1 green apple
– Handful of fresh mint – Handful of fresh basil Preparation: This juice is so easy to make. Just juice all ingredients and enjoy immediately
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27 thoughts on “Purple Digestive Elixir – Amazing Juice for Instant Immunity Boost”

  1. vegetables are far better eaten cooked. if you drink blitzed cabbage your stomach will bloat and you will be in agony for several hours. same goes for any raw veg that is blitzed.

  2. I like cabbage, a lot, more than most lettuce, goes great over mexican food with radishes.Thanks for this, great juice idea

  3. God bless you, for the most wonderful advise you have given me. I am going to have this recipe at least 4 times a week. Many Thanks. John.

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