Professor argues eating meat promotes toxic masculinity

Professor argues eating meat promotes toxic masculinity

100 thoughts on “Professor argues eating meat promotes toxic masculinity”

  1. She is no longer a professor. Shes lives in Milwaukee in a vacant house. Uses street drugs. Goes around and harasses the community about her ideals. Sounds like her students didn't like her either

  2. Once I woke up when I was 11 wondering about to possibilities of the future, now I just turned 22 and I legitimately don’t want to make it 23. I’m genuinely concerned for the well-being of the human race.

  3. She makes it all sound so technical, yet it isn't. It is a very simple concept like the fact that she is a complete waste of a body and mind.

    Her book is called "I love myself" because its teaching her how to love herself because no one else loves her.

  4. Okay, I feel bad for her. She is clearly not mentally all there and I don’t think she’s realizing how much she’s humiliating herself because of it. This isn’t one of those things where a LARGE amount of people agree with her despite how wrong it is, sane people disagree, and so do most insane people come to think of it. It’s kind of sad.

  5. Ohhh I just see it now!! It's the same doctor that thinks math is racists, just cause they understand it or know how to learn it, does not mean it's racists… It just means you dont wanna learn anything or are not able to! Like if I dont wanna learn about abuse to women, then Im a racists too?

  6. How many $’s is she Giving/Handing to someone else? Peeps like this think there time /idealism is the same as $ & don’t give Their $. Ask Bernie

  7. Going out on a limb here but, but I feel like I'm sensing some sexual tension between these two. The irony of him sticking his meat in her burrito…

  8. There was a deranged killer on London Bridge last week in England. He was stopped by males attacking and disarming him. No sign of any women trying to do that, just men. Thank god for 'toxic' males! They saved lives. Women were no doubt taking selfies.

  9. There's no such thing as ''toxic masculinity,'' it's only called that because females don't like men being men and they want stupid little Simps so they can control them. Real men are masculine and that's how we're supposed to be by nature, not little bitches to do a female's bidding!!!

  10. Cavemen gave meat to their women after daily risking their lives hunting and fighting off predatory beasts trying to prey on the tribes and their children
    Women enjoyed the so called benefit for eons that men risked their lives to keep them alive

  11. i am a democrat and this is just …………………. The vast majority of people eat meat. Deal with it. We are animals. We eat animals.

  12. I Love how she keeps insinuating the eating meat is a sign of male privilege but she can't see how her idea of universal healthcare for animals is dripping privilege. She has a doctorate and she is what, 27? Chances are she didn't get it from waiting tables. But hey what do I know I'm just 1 man.

  13. eating only veggies rots your brain, just look what happened to the snowflake "professor" who is brain dead 😀

  14. I choose to protect my wife and family by masculine brute force if they are threatened and such masculine power is required. I hope this lady never finds herself in a situation where masculine brute force is required to save her from danger.

  15. I get it. Her values are superior and she wants wants to require everyone to adopt her values. Perfect leftist cult member.

  16. Universal Whattttttrtt????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    As a PhD Student I wish to ask for forgiveness people
    She never meant all she said😀😀😂😀😀😀😀

    At times too much of reading gets us into a trance

  17. Naw…it's not the red meat eaters that create toxic's toxic stupid radical women like this her that does.

  18. If we keep killing nature, we may create a society that covers the planet and reaches for the stars. We've done it for 40,000 years, and it's made humans awesome. If we stop everything that's made us great and begin virtue signaling now, mankind as a species will be gone in a generation.

  19. Men are literally designed (by evolution or divinity, irrelevant in this context) to be hunters. Men were hunters and women were gatherers for millions of years, and as omnivores we need both animal and plant foods. So yes, eating meat (and hunting animals) is very masculine, and not eating meat goes against our masculine instincts.

  20. She speaks in outdated stereotypes and pretends that anything related to it in today's society. She should show these clips to whatever college she attended in an effort to get a refund

  21. Jesse said, "the animals are there for us to enjoy". She says , "Did God say so?". As a matter of fact HE DID SAY SO! IN the first few chapters of Genesis God told Adam, "I give you dominion over everything in this garden". This woman is a complete loon. She uses INTERSECTIONALITY of a myrid of ideas to support that eating meat causes or triggers Male Toxic Masculinity. This is stupidity running amok.

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