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  1. I was paying attention to such a good message Tim because alone time is very good for the soul and nature is good nourishment but then you go and distract me with that body shot at 03:17 😎

  2. My favourite video of yours, feeling the nourishment through the screen and the contentment in your voice and face are beautiful! :o)

  3. How can you find a place with out some one walking along a trail and see you naked? I want to get out and find me but im too freaked out to go on a hiking trip alone. Bugs how were they did you get bit?

  4. I like being alone too. I get to reflect on myself and figure things out in my mind, bettering myself everyday.

  5. At the same time we live in a time where some people have to do the hard work for us to be able to have the privilage of dedicating our time to "spirituality" or whatever one wants to call it. I think it's important to also keep in mind that we live in an unjust world where people are working really hard to either produce food or to be able to afford food. This is where spirituality becomes narcissistic and can only really be practised by a select group of privileged people. I don't mean to bring negativity, but sometimes it's good with a reality check, I think activism is going to be very important, until there is true justice. And that justice includes both animals and humans who have been dealt a bad hand in the game of life. Just a friendly reminder. I know some will take this as something too negative, but I think it's needed. Peace.

  6. Years ago I went to a beach in Australia. I got naked. It was really freeing. Now I look for opportunities to be naked. Unfortunately I  am shy so finding isolated places to be one with nature and my body is a challenge. 😛

  7. Wonderful mindful words. 
    aNture is magic. We must protect her, and all of the sentients beings on the planet.
    Stay aware, stay strong, stay vegan.

  8. I agree! Many people have a hard time doing that though. I went tent camping last weekend and there were more rvs at the campsite than tents. People were vacuuming and I even saw a kid on his laptop. I can't even claim that I was being totally natural either. Strange how hard it is to be simple.

  9. I'm out, un subscribe, bored of this shit now. Love you skillz man, ur like an artist. But I'm bored of vegetarian chat along with soul searching

  10. The Peak District is my favourite weekend get away place, try doing a dusk till dawn walk without a torch, I walked all the hills around Edale 22 miles alone at night without a torch, very good experience

  11. brilliant video, I agree but visually I keep seeing/ expecting medieval warriors galloping up to you on horseback and you.. leaping for your sword for the epic battle…and in this scene you succeed because you're the lead actor to carry on….

  12. Very nice!
    I like to hear you talk, just to hear your words flowing.
    I am happy that you did not speak about veganism, because it already has a high presence in your later videos.
    This is more like inspiring in a more comfortable way and is also needed.

    Man. I really appreciate your work.
    I think that you are very very cool Tim and your videos helped me a lot to stick with veganism (just started 2 months ago like boom. Carnivore to vegan, over night.)

    You really helped me a lot with this.
    Plus your sport motivates me and I also love to see your daily living.

    I m happy to have people like you on the screeen of my smartphone and some other mindful and active persons in my life.

  13. Your sense of calm and your gentle words bring me peace. I enjoy listening to you, especially in this video. You resonate in me. Thanks for speaking. Namaste, brother Timothy.

  14. I did this today. Went back to the little village in the middle of the countryside where I grew up and just spent the day walking and breathing…its so easy to forget how to Be in the city.

  15. You're an amazing person. I love your videos and your spiritualness. Be one with the universe my friend. Namasté.

  16. You absolute nutter!! As always, loving the videos and the philosophy. Moving and developing with you, Tim. Outlooks are amazing and can't wait for the next video. Definitely want to meet up some time and talk philosophy, sport, life. Awesome video, thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Lovely stuff. I've recently been really interested in your view of how life flows and events events synchronise for which there's a purpose behind everything and therefore forming the illusion of coincidences. I'd be interested to hear what you would say about this in justification of negative events such as pain and suffering if you have done so already. Not trying to put down the idea in any way but would just be cool to hear your side of it. Cheers.

  18. Hi Tim, I was getting ready this morning for my customers and I turned on my spa music to put everyone in a peaceful place when they arrive and it was just a perfect fit for your beautiful video. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  19. Two years ago, I would've called you a fuckin' crazy hippy. Now, I deeply respect you and see you as a being resonating on the same wavelength. It's nice to see and connect to likeminded individuals like this. Nice to see fellow movers walking down a similar path. Keep on walking and stop sometimes to recharge and reconnect. To con-centrate. 🙂

  20. Being aware is so rare that people think you must be on drugs to be so peaceful and in the moment. The people who are on the same level will resonate with this, love it.

  21. So true what people are saying we're not sure if your loosing it or just really inlightend , just saying be careful tim .

  22. When i 1st started watching u it was only parkour i was intrested in now its kool to see u listen to alan watts watch conor mcgregor russel brand etc which i also do n feel weirdly suprised when ur mentioning them

  23. ahaha when you showed that you were naked. i was not expecting that.

    anyway, great talk man. It's been too long since I've been out and amongst nature by myself. you have have inspired me to go out on a long bike ride early tomorrow, before the sun get's too strong. 🙂

  24. IF this man doesn't ever experience a fairly LARGE dose of DMT it will be a shame.. well that goes to all of you really x

  25. Great stuff! Yes, humans were created in a garden not a city. It's only natural to feel good surrounded by pure nature.

  26. Great video, i'm living in Thailand atm, but originate from the lakes. Beautiful places. You look like your in so much bliss in this video, good for you and its great to see you taking time to do stuff like this! Just wanted to say that you have really inspired me to not only go vegan but live my life as a vegan in the 21st century, i agree with all your stuff! Keep up the good work within the vegan and might i say happy / caring movement. Wish all the best for you buddy! Peace!

  27. So i commented a little over a month ago on one of your videos. I basically explained what i thought was a decent diet and you explained that meat wasn't a necessary part of my diet whether i got it from a slaughter house or in the wild. Since then i've done a lot of research on the health benefits of the vegan diet and learned that we are herbivores by nature. I've learned that our digestive system isn't even designed to eat meat and that meat rots before your body get through digesting it. So since i was convinced it was a natural diet, i decided to try it out. It's been a month now and i feel great. I've specifically been eating a vegetable centered, no added sugar diet. I'm really glad you do what you do, Tim. Thanks

  28. WOW…such great thoughts about "being alone"…you validated my feelings of enjoying being alone–and how we can get so caught up in others when we are around others…great post, Tim–thank you!!!!

  29. heloooooo anyone interested in seeing how an irish couple cope with being vegan on holidays in portugal check out my latest video! Vlog #1 from our eco-holiday ! 🙂 thank you xxx <3

  30. I love my alone time too.  Often times I'm happy when my friends can't make it with me to the beach or on a hike.  When I'm alone in nature is when I'm most at peace.  And P.S. that was hot 🙂

  31. hey  +Timothy Ⓥ you probably won't see this but if you do I am a young lad from Utah (US) and have been training Parkour and Freerunning for about 3 years now. and I just saw your video on Adam Dunlap that you made a while ago. I had no idea who Adam Dunlap was until today. So I have 2 take flight (fake flight) t-shirts, and I feel really bad. I only got them because I had no background knowledge of the shit that Adam Dunlap and Take Flight do. I only got them because I just thought they where cool Parkour shirts, and they where for a cheap price. How come all other Parkour and Freerunning Clothing is SO expensive? I would like to buy Storm, Tempest, and and Farang clothing but it's so expensive. Also should I keep the shirts or sell them? I feel really bad that I supported a fake company that takes away from the art form of Parkour.

  32. can you advise on how to pick our battles? those we find easiest to fight? or those we find hardest?
    i'm referring to trying to live an ethical lifestyle and the frustration of not being able to be ethical in every single area of our life (unless we become 'extreme'). how do you pick which areas you put the effort into to be ethical, and which areas you don't (e.g. having electronics, cars etc)?

  33. I can see why your on some next level shit, you actually take the time to rewild yourself, because the further we are away from nature the more we lose our humanity.

  34. You are amazing! Have you ever thought about growing your own food or living in the nature? I mean serously, alone, forever.

  35. Nice Tim! I couldn't appreciate you more for sharing this spiritual and natural journey with us. I become more and more inspired, grounded and self aware when you share your experience. Thank you.

  36. Mr Tim am excited about islamic food ….they fast, they eat less meat (only halal ) ……..am waiting for a video if you could do it about healthy and islamic food (that wd be after a long search ) and i thank you …you're our freerun master before everything

  37. So far physically, yet your words and spirit resonated all around me. Thank you for pulling the vail and sharing it. I discovered you yesterday and have seen many of your videos. It's such an incredible experience to see your growth and your heart expand over a couple hours. Blessings and health to you my brother.

  38. does anyone else get a funny feeling when spending time alone – after some time a strange feeling gets over me – when finally the outside noise is gone, the silence gets scary sometimes – maybe im afraid to get to know myself better

  39. I enjoy being alone to 🙂 now I have become more mindful I find myself distancing myself from all other humans. interaction requires a lot of energy.

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