Nourishing young minds with Food For Thought

(train whistle) (light music) – Food For Thought is
needed because, sadly, more than half of Denver Public Schools have more than 90% of their students living at the poverty level, which means they’re on
free and reduced lunch. Sometimes those lunch
meals are the only meals they get during the week,
with no food at home. – Good luck hearing that a
bunch of kids aren’t eating and trying to ignore it, right? The mission is as you’ve heard it before. If you haven’t heard it before, just it’s the simplest thing ever, right? There’s a bunch of little guys
in Denver public elementaries who don’t have anything
in their homes to eat week by week, over the weekend. (light upbeat music) Friday hot lunch is kind of the end of them knowing what’s going to happen until they get back to school on Monday. We’re here to do one thing, just kind of bridge that gap. (light upbeat music) – It’s simple. I wanted to help people out, and I want to make a
difference in the world and make it just a better place. – [Man] We just have an
army of dedicated volunteers that converge on it, like ants on a hill. They dispense all the food. – We carry them via truck to the schools. Some of our volunteers
actually get the joy of going into the school
and delivering the meals outside of the classroom each week. The students know who are there. We get big hugs every week. – Our growth has been just fascinating. We’ve gone from 500 kids to 3,500 kids. We do that 36 weeks. If they’re in school, we feed them. We have zero overhead in our program. We raise money every which way we can. There’s no paid staff. People just want this to be fixed. They don’t think kids should be hungry.

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