hi guys welcome back to graceful beauty
my name is sherry and tonight I wanted to share with you my detailed evening
skincare routine now recently I filmed a video on my affordable morning skincare
routine and it’s a super fast affordable routine that you can do in the morning
now if that’s something that you would like to incorporate into your evening
routine all you need to do is swap out the sunscreen that I use in the morning
and then replace that with just a night cream or whatever moisturizer that you
love now I will say my skincare routine changes very very often but the products
that I’m going to share with you right now are ones that I have been using for
quite some time or some that I’ve even used for years that I just keep going
back to over and over again if you’re interested in seeing some of the
different skincare products that I might use in my evening skincare routine then
just keep watching the very first step I like to do in the evening is I like to
take off my makeup with a cleansing balm or a cleansing oil I do not like to use
cleansing wipes I think that they’re just a total waste but not just that I
feel like it’s just almost too much stretching and tugging on my skin and
that’s just to take off makeup you still need to follow it up with a second
cleanse afterwards to get off that residue that the makeup wipes would
leave so I prefer to just use either a cleansing balm or a cleansing oil and
one that I’ve been using for a while that I do enjoy this is by Physicians
Formula this is their perfect matcha three-in-one cleansing balm and it comes
with this little spatula and this is what the product looks like it’s just
like a very thick heavy balm and then I just scoop some out I like to use a
large amount of cleansing balm because I want to make sure I get everything off
and have a good slip on my face and my neck and chest
so I’ll just take this them out and then I’ll just rub it in my hands just to
kind of melt it and then I will apply it all over my face and I’ll play it on my
eyes and my lips and I bring it all the way down my neck and my chest and I’ll
just work that in for I don’t know a good minute or sell and I like this
cleansing balm because I can get all on my eyelashes and you know I’m getting
super super close to my eyes but my eyes don’t sting with this I even like to bring it down at the back
of my neck up behind my ears and on my ears and then I’ll also do all the way
down my neck and my chest because if you’re putting your sunscreen on
properly during the day you should be bringing all the way around the back of
your neck and up on your ears and under your ears to make sure you’re properly
covered you know if you’re only focusing on the front of your neck with cleansers
and products and serums what about the rest of this so then this starts aging
and then once I feel like I’ve really lifted up off all the makeup I’m just
gonna wet a washcloth and I’m going to just wipe it off or with this cleansing
balm you don’t even have to use a washcloth you can just rinse it off and
it’ll rinse off clean with no greasy residue so I’m just gonna run in the
bathroom real quick rinse this off and then I’ll go to the next step
now my face is nice and clean but I don’t stop there with my cleansing stuff
I always double cleanse and so now I’m gonna actually cleanse my face with a
face wash and this is by La Roche Posay this is one I really enjoyed this is
their pigment Claire and this is one that’s really good it helps brighten
your skin it’s really good if you have melasma and all of this
hyperpigmentation literally this is all you need this super small amount this is
probably even too much now if I go and actually get my hands wet under the sink
it will foam up really really well but what I’m gonna do is just rub it in dry
starting out and then I just have a little bit of water here in this
washcloth and then I’ll just get it wet that way now if you’re somebody with
super dry skin you might not want to use a foaming cleanser you might want to
stick with something that doesn’t foam up but I have normals to oily skin so a
foaming cleanser did this type of foaming cleanser it works great on me
and it doesn’t dry out my skin there are some other foaming cleansers that I
found that just my skin feels like the Sahara Desert so this is one that I
really really enjoy I’m just gonna work this in for a little bit doing the same
thing my ears the back of my ears the back of my neck the front of my neck and
bring it down my chest and I’ll clean my face with this cleanser
for at least another good minute and then this is the little four rail
cleaning device that I like to use sometimes I don’t know if you can tell
but it’s got like these little silicone bristles it’s very soft like it doesn’t
hurt it’s not like the Clarisonic that can be a little bit too intense for your
skin it’s like a light like the ultrasonic technology and I’ll just rub
this in little circles this is so gentle your skin doesn’t ever get irritated or
anything but it’s really just like using my fingers and it just gives you a good
deep clean without any irritation I’m gonna run in the bathroom finish
cleansing my face and then I’ll just rinse this off so my face is still damp
I don’t dry it and I never like rub it with towel to dry it off I like to keep
it damp so I can continue to apply the rest of my products I don’t use this one
every night but tonight I’m gonna use this one by montar bois skincare this is
the lactic brightening treatment this is by far my absolute favorite alpha
hydroxy acid product ever I love this better than even the drunk elephant baby
facial mask this is lactic acid not glycolic acid and I really love lactic
acid for my skin better than glycolic it’s a lot more gentle on me than
glycolic and I just put a few drops of it on a cotton pad and these cotton pads
by the way I absolutely love these I don’t always use cotton pads but when
I’m trying to kind of exfoliate the skin a little more I will use these I get
them on Amazon they’re called intrinsics I think
they’re called they’re just like little two-by-two wipes and so your product
doesn’t get wasted you notice I only put you know four or five drops of this on
there and if I used a regular cotton round I would need a ton more so this is
really good so that you don’t waste products and then I just will put some
on my face and then I’ll just do like a thin little coat of this on my skin and
then I also go down my chest sometimes I will let it sit for a little while and
then I will go in with a second layer of this to really get a good exfoliation on
my skin but by morning I mean you can already see how glowing my skin’s not
wet anymore this is just a glow from using this product because it’s getting
rid of all that dead skin that’s just sitting there making your face look
dull and dehydrated you can rinse it off after a few minutes if you feel like
it’s a little too intense I will say the first two times I ever started using
this it was like yikes but now I can put it on and I don’t have no burning no
itching no irritation but what I did is I got out my little handy fan that we
use in our hurricane shits and we’ve had to use these multiple times because last
year during the hurricane we had no power for I think it was like five days
but you can get these little things on Amazon they’re also perfect to use I see
a lot of people using these to dry their settings phrase and their makeup
products then I will go in with a few sprays of my mad hippie this is their
hydrating and nutrient mist you can use whatever essence you like you could do a
bunch of different essences sometimes I’ll put seven eight nine ten different
essences on and layer them to just really get my skin nice and hydrated and
plump but this is one that I reach for pretty often and it’s probably the most
affordable essence or hydrating spray that I own and then I’ll just spray a
few sprays you can spray it in your hand first but I like to just spray it on my
face and then I will just Pat it in the next product I go in with is my
Paula’s Choice niacinamide booster and this is just like a watery texture and
I’ll just put the three or four drops in my hand and then just kind of press them
together and then I will just Pat it all over my face now it’s a booster so you
could also if you don’t want to sit here and do all these different steps and
you’re in a hurry you can just squirt this in your moisturizer what the
niacinamide does is it’s really great for your fine lines it helps to brighten
your skin so this hyperpigmentation that i have when i don’t want to use all of
the prescription-strength products to lighten all of this this is
an amazing product for that but the one thing that I really really love if you
are dealing with pores that just seem to be looking larger than normal this is so
good with making my pores look smaller probably bought four or five of these
bottles and maybe the first or second bottle is when I started noticing
results and then I actually stopped using it because I thought well I don’t
I don’t see anything amazing and when I stopped using it is when I notice my
pores looked a lot larger so I don’t know if any of you’re like me like if
you use a product one time and you’re you don’t notice miraculous results and
you look 20 years younger instantly you might throw that product to the side and
move on to another product but this is one product that you really need to go
through maybe one maybe even two bottles before you really really notice the
results but like I said I don’t want to stop using it now because I really love
how it makes my skin look after the niacinamide I like to go in with another
polished ice product and this is her peptide booster and again it’s a booster
so if you want to be lazy and you just want to squirt all your boosters in with
your moisturizer slap it on and be done you can do that but I like to layer
everything and a lot of people also ask me what order of how should they apply
their skincare so they put their moisturizer on first or their C homes
first and easy rule of thumb is you apply things thinnest to thickest so
you’ll notice as I’m applying these I’m applying the watery texture products
first and then the more viscous products and then the creams and things like that
so thinnest two and then I always like to put the face
oil on at the very end after the moisturizer and this is not as watery as
the niacinamide if you can tell it’s a little thicker than the niacinamide but
it’s it’s still pretty thin so I will apply this next and I’ll just kind of
Pat it in between my fingers and then I just press it all over my face now a lot
of skin products I’ll just rub them in and really work them in really well but
with these I just like to press them in my skin I love this peptide booster
because it’s chock full of a ton of different peptides but it’s extremely
hydrating for my skin and this also will give my skin that beautiful glow because
it’s plumping everything up but then it’s also making my fine lines and
wrinkles not as noticeable the very next step I like to use is another Paula’s
Choice product this is her azelaic acid this is probably my third bottle of this
or two that I’ve gone through as oleic acid is so good there’s so many studies
you guys should Google all of the studies on azelaic acid but the studies
show that this has better results than like prescription strength threatened a
different prescriptions for rosacea different acne prescriptions I’ll just
show you what it looks like it comes out of this tube and it looks like a cream
but it’s more of a really thin cream it’s like a gel cream and I will just
rub this in all over my face and this is not a product that I like to patent I
like to rub this one in and I like to constant I put it all over my face but I
like to concentrate it in the areas where I have a lot of hyperpigmentation
and especially down my neck and my jawline where sometimes I will get the
hormonal breakouts I love that I can layer so many of her products and they
don’t get built up and cakey feeling this also has licorice in it which is
really good for brightening your skin especially if you have any
hyperpigmentation or melasma and then it also has salicylic acid in it which is
really good for cleaning out your pores which in turn will make your pores look
smaller and then it’s good for preventing blemishes as well next I like
to put on my favorite eye cream another Paula’s Choice product this is one I
my second bottle now this is the clinical ceramide enriched firming eye
cream I have a whole detailed video on this product if you’re interested so I’m
not going to go into details on it now but I absolutely love this some of you
guys have asked me do you still love this eye cream is it still your favorite
yes I absolutely love it I’d run out of it and didn’t have it for I don’t know
maybe a month and I totally noticed the crepeiness coming back under my eyes and
my under eye area and above here it just wasn’t as firm I will put this eye cream
all underneath the brow and I won’t get it all the way down here but I’ll get it
all the way to like where my crease is in my eye and I know a lot of people say
don’t put your eye cream underneath your right underneath your eye here they say
just keep it down here but I don’t I don’t have any problems with that I put
it all the way up underneath here and it just soaks in so well and I have no
problems with irritation the next thing I like to do is I like to put on a lash
growth serum and the one that I’ve been using is by City Beauty this is their
City lash I used to use the revitalash and I still really really love it but
revitalash is really expensive so I’m using the city lash now on both eyes and
I absolutely love the results I normally do this like in a zoom in mirror to make
sure I don’t poke my eye because then it’ll irritate my eye but I just put
this on as if I’m kind of putting on eyeliner and then I I’d like to get a
touch on my lashes and I do this in the evening but sometimes I like to do this
in the morning and evening as well next I like to put on my moisturizer this is
my all-time favorite favorite AM and PM moisturizer this is by elta MD it says
it’s there PM therapy moisturizer but you can use it in the daytime this is
very similar to the Cera v p.m. therapy moisturizer but this doesn’t have
parabens in and I love this it has ceramides it has a nice in amide I think
is the second or third ingredient in here it’s just chock full a bunch of
really really good ingredients it is so ridiculously hydrating but it doesn’t
make my face greasy I can even use this in the more
I have oily skin even if you have dry skin I think you would absolutely love
this because it’s not just hydrating but it’s deeply moisturizing but you don’t
have like a greasy residue on your face afterwards so I’ll just take like a
squirt of that and then on the nights that I’m not going to use my retin-a I
like to use Paula’s choice another Paula’s Choice product this is her 1%
retinol booster so if you wanted to make your whole routine really simple but
still use a ton of products you could squirt all your boosters in your hand
and then put a pump of your moisturizer rub them all together and put them all
over your face and call it a night that’s how simple this routine can be
using a lot of Paula’s Choice products even if you want to use a ton of
different products but you don’t want to spend a ton of time so what I do is I
just put one pump of the retinol booster and oops it’s running everywhere I don’t
know if you can see that it has like a deep yellow color to it that’s what
retinol has and I just always use the back of my hand that’s probably why my
hands look fairly young people always ask me what I’m putting on my hands I’m
not doing anything special to my hands other than the skincare that I’m using
at night and in the morning I end up rubbing it all on the backs of my hands
but then I also put sunscreen on my hands too I don’t gently Pat this on I
like to work it in there rub it in really well my skin it literally feels
like a baby’s butt because of that lactic brightening treatment that I put
on and so my products are really sinking in my skin well then my next step I like
to use another Paula’s Choice product you guys have asked me to do just a
dedicated Paula’s Choice video on some of the products that I love so I
probably won’t do a separate video since most of my evening skin care includes
Paula’s Choice products and the ones I’m showing you are the ones that I’m
absolutely obsessed with but this is her daily replenishing body cream this is
full of shea butter ceramides antioxidants but I’m not just using this
on my body what I’m using this on now is my neck and my chest I absolutely love
this as a neck cream I was reading some reviews where a lot of people were
saying that they just use this is their face neck and chest cream now
you know there are so many other body lotions that I would never even think
about putting on my neck or on my chest but after I read some of those reviews
where people were saying they were using it as their face cream I’m you know read
the ingredients a little bit more in detail and I thought you know what I’m
going to use this on my neck but what I absolutely love I don’t know if you guys
noticed a lot of neck creams out there they’re really heavy but then afterwards
your skin feel so sticky and you know like if you’re looking down reading on
your phone or computer afterwards it’s like my neck skin sticks together or
something after it soaks in like it’s already starting to dry it literally
will dry and there will be no residue at all but it firms and tightens the skin
but yet it’s still super hydrated I love love love this stuff
this also has safflower seed oil in it avocado oil has a bunch of different
ceramides vitamin E grapeseed oil I mean this and there’s no parabens also
Paula’s Choice products I absolutely love because they are cruelty free and
they are made in the USA you probably can’t even really tell but my neck is
not greasy at all but it is just so hydrated this is by far the best neck
cream I’ve ever used better than any of the neck creams that say they are a neck
cream you get 7 ounces in this a whole lot more than you get in those little
jars that are like one ounce so if you’re looking for a new neck cream I
highly suggest you try this one and please let me know what you think of it
when you try it and the final skincare product that I
like to use at night is a face oil now I don’t use a face oil every single night
sometimes maybe just three nights a week maybe four it just depends but this is
one that I’m absolutely obsessing over right now this is my good face stuff
this is their looks nourishing Beauty oil this stuff you
guys this is so good now I have I need to do another video I have about 20 or
30 different face oils that I have in my stash and I can go over which face oils
are great for all different skin types but this is one that’s amazing for all
different skin types it has a bunch of different oils in it I think Kukai oil
is the number one oil hence the color color of it that’s what
Kukai oil looks like and let me just show you
I’ll just put maybe four or five drops of it sometimes I’ll even do a full
dropper full trying to really layer it on but this
also has my all-time favorite vitamin C in it it’s not the vitamin C that
oxidizes that’s not what this coloring is from this has the THD the Tetra hexyl
deckle a sorbet vitamin c in it that’s my absolute favorite vitamin C because
it’s oil soluble so it’s supposed to go deeper down in so that your skin gets
more benefits of the vitamin C I will even put this on during the day I’ll
just do like maybe two drops and then press it in all over my face and neck
and then I’ll continue on with my sunscreen and my makeup I am totally
obsessed with this I will say that out of all my skincare products that I’ve
tried this is one product I’ve gotten quicker results with super fast results
with because when I incorporated this and her vitamin C serum into my routine
I noticed results really really quickly this is just my first bottle it’s
actually almost empty I didn’t have to buy three four or five bottles of this
before I noticed result and it’s clean beauty made in the USA no parabens no
phthalates no synthetic fragrances and dyes no petrol a lot of none of the
other nasty stuff that you see and a lot of other face oils so this is just
really good and nourishing for your skin so I could be finished with my skincare
routine at this point but something I’ve been using for a little over a month as
a product I’m absolutely obsessing over this is called the dolphin this is by
Jin amber beauty and I have it already on on the cool setting the cold setting
and I’ll use it around my eyes to help push my eye cream in deeper and then
I’ll also use it as like acupressure for nice little massage points and then I’ll
also use it too I’ll use it this direction to help lift and after I put
on my neck cream I like to take this side of it and just bring it down this
way I like to go down when I do it to kind of give up like a lymphatic massage
and push all those toxins out but it’s also helping that neck cream to
penetrate in deeper and then I’ll use this side and I’ll do the back of my
neck and I will literally sit there watching TV or on the computer for an
hour and do this over and over and over it feels so good afterwards the
circulation gets going in my face which that’s really really good for the health
of your skin but it’s just super relaxing and then when I’m finished with
my face what I like to do is I like to use it in my hairline and that helps to
stimulate the follicle so the any of those thinning areas of my hair they
will start to grow and I have already noticed some little small hairs starting
to grow in and that’s it and like I said my skincare products the routine that I
do it changes pretty often but all I’ll do is I’ll just either replace some of
the products that I’m currently using with something new or I’ll try adding in
new things to the same skincare routine and the best way to try to see if a
product even works for you or not you know I don’t suggest that you go out and
buy every single product that I just mentioned because you’re not gonna
really know what you like and what you don’t like so I suggest you just get one
product at a time and incorporate that one product into your skincare routine
use it for a while see how your skin dies and then if you say oh I want to
try something else then add in a new product but I hope you
guys enjoyed today’s video if you liked skincare videos and if you want me to do
more different skincare videos on different skincare products that I use I
hope you will give me a thumbs up so that I do know that you do like these
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find the links to all of these products thank you guys so much for watching I
really appreciate it and I hope you guys have a wonderful day

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