Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China | BEST Halal Food and Islam Food in China

Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China | BEST Halal Food and Islam Food in China

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I’m in Lanzhou, China The land of hand pulled noodles And we’re going for a full on Chinese street food experience I’m so pumped When you think of China You probably don’t think of Islam and halal food But that’s exactly what you’ll find here in the northwest I made my way for a food trip to the dusty and bustling classic Silk Road city of Lanzhou Specifically to try the unique Halal food of the Hui people This is the side of China not many people see And I came here specifically to have an authentic travel experience through food I found a lot of food reminiscent of countries further west With insane amounts of lamb and beef Leaving me absolutely speechless I am dying to try the hand pulled noodles here This is why I bought the flight What I walked into brought me into a dream world It was like a noodle sanctuary And what you’re about to see Is the most incredible display of noodle mastery Words can’t describe this Just watch This is noodle heaven I was speechless when I saw them making the dough And hand pulling the noodles The incredible skills of each person in the long production chain blew me away You can see the whole process in one line From kneading the dough To pulling it Boiling the noodles And filling the bowl with a specialty radish beef broth Some homemade chili oil Fatty beef chunks And green onions and cilantro From when you’re lined up and you see it all happening To when you take your first bite You’re going to question every other bowl of noodles you’ve ever eaten That has this incredibly aromatic essence to it With all of these hand pulled noodles It’s just like clockwork in the kitchen there Look at these Oh yeah! That is smooth That is worth the flight right here Incredibly flavor packed beef noodle soup Huge slices of beef So fragrant I’ve never tasted that type of fragrance before This is the slurping hot spot here! And after those life changing noodles I made my way into the back alleys of Lanzhou’s most vibrant Hui community And found an amazing selection of street food surprises But the one thing that stuck out the most Was the local street popcorn explosion This is so cool back here This old school Hui Chinese neighborhood And we’re going to see what we can find back here Wow that smells smoky! We’re going to have to get some here Oh that’s the corn! Homemade popcorn! Wow look at that! Homemade popcorn! Roasted over coals! This is so cool! Wow! He’s going to open it! Here we go! That is so loud! Fresh street popcorn Wow! Street popcorn! Super sweet, crunchy and smoky It doesn’t get any better than that Give some to the camera girl How is it? Is it good? Good That was so cool And now we’re getting to the good stuff For lunch I made my way to a must visit Hui restaurant That specialized in Shouzhua Yangrou A super delicious hand grasped mutton That falls off the bone And when I asked if I could film in the kitchen Everyone was super friendly and invited me in Chefs were churning out dish after dish at the wok station For a large Hui wedding upstairs While homemade lamb and carrot baozi Were being meticulously pinched and steamed This is what traveling is all about Tasting delicious local food And building connections with the locals Let’s eat This is an insane Chinese muslim feast This is shouzhua yangrou Look at this nice shouzhua yangrou I came here just to try this in Lanzhou This is going to be worth the flight Wow! That is so tender and fatty! Oh and that spice mix is like a nice seasoning salt You gotta take a bite of raw garlic after That is unbelievably juicy Flavor packed And fatty With that spice mix That is some of the best lamb I’ve ever had And over here These are specialty Chinese hui muslim baozi Stuffed with lamb and carrots Look at the color! MM! MMM! Look at that! You can see there is little pieces of lamb And carrot, and onion And it’s full of pepper So it’s quite peppery And the fat And the orange of the carrot is just soaking into the bun That is really nice And after lunch, to get hungry again And to prepare myself for a lamb head that I heard was on offer at the night market I explored more of Lanzhou’s street scenes One of the joys of traveling is exploring the local scenes after you’re full on delicious food And here in Lanzhou There was a lot to see and take in After walking around I made my way to the largest night market in Lanzhou To try the local specialties And lamb head So now we’re at a special night market here in Lanzhou We’re going to have a lot of Hui Chinese specialties Let’s go take a look One of the things I came to try was a special version of Laozao A fermented glutinous rice But here, it’s served hot with milk, egg, and peanuts And it’s super sweet Watching it cooked on the street over flame and smelling the sweetness will get you really excited There it is! The egg with the milk laozao Look at that! That looks frothy This looks so unique Peanuts on there! Peanuts and raisins and sesame This looks so good! Look at this This is the jidan niunai laozao I have no idea what this is going to taste like I’m baffled Let’s try it out Let’s get one with everything in there Super unique and delicious It tastes like the laozao fermented rice so it’s sweet And has a slight alcohol taste to it Except it’s creamy and there is an egg in there too With peanuts and sesame It’s quite sweet A little sour That is magical Here it is The moment of the lamb head If you’re fully committed to Food Rangin’ You’ll try almost any local specialty And here in Lanzhou I tested my core Food Rangin’ principles to the max When I found lamb head being offered alongside fried lamb organs Here we go guys Let’s do this This is crazy I can’t believe I’m going to have a lamb head right now Oh boil the head I have never seen anything like this Am I going to eat this? Look at the brain! Look at the brain! This is the limit right here I will eat this but Oh look at the brain! Am I really going to eat this right now? The answer is yes Oh that is really creamy That is creamy to the max That is actually very flavorful Honestly That lamb brain is so stinky It’s like creamy but stinky There’s a creaminess which is actually kind of nice But the stink is just all in there It’s so strong It’s amazing Locals haven’t eaten this The first bite was kind of like oh I see And then the flavor goes in And it has this strong stink I just gotta be honest here That completely took away my appetite It’s gone So I’m just going to go for a little walk now So thank you so much for watching my food and travel videos I had a great time here in Lanzhou Amazing food Please click that thumbs up Leave me a comment down below And subscribe if you haven’t already Thanks alot guys

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