Milk Company Facing Lawsuit Over Digestion Claims

Milk Company Facing Lawsuit Over Digestion Claims

By now, I’m sure most people have seen the
commercials for this, a2 Milk, which is allegedly a milk that is easier for people who are somewhat
but maybe not completely lactose intolerant. It’s supposed to be a little bit easier for
them to digest. But according to a new class action lawsuit,
the company really doesn’t have enough information to be able to back up those claims. Joining me now to talk about this is Scott
Hardy from Top Class Actions. So Scott lay this one out for us. This case, it’s a little bit confusing. There is a lot of science that goes along
with this. But ultimately the law, the lawsuit is trying
to tell us that aa2 Milk , they really can’t back up any of their claims with credible
science. Right. Yeah, this one is definitely confusing because
you have a lot of people that don’t drink milk, maybe lactose intolerant, they have
problems digesting it. So this a2 Milk, as you said, is, is heavily
marketed as easier to digest. It’s supposed to just be easier to handle
for the average person. And that’s because the way they advertise
it, they say that most cow’s milk contains two types of protein, a1 and a2, but a2 Milk
only includes the a2 proteins, which by their theory will make it easier to digest. Now the, the, there are allegedly 12 types
of casein proteins and the most common of those 12 are a1 and a2. Now the company is stating that the BCM-7
peptide is what causes digestive issues and that’s what’s causing digestive issues for
those who have problems with dairy. And by only having the a2 protein in their
milk, hey, magically it’s easier to digest. Not magically but hey, it’s just the a2 protein. But the, the difficulty behind, behind the
science for this is that the studies that they have supporting them and their claims,
they happened a lot in a different class action we covered, which actually was one of the
reasons I started this company. Where they have these studies to go ahead
and show the effectiveness of their product and how it’s better for people. But the clinical studies that were created
were wholly created by this company and at different businesses that were created just
to run these studies. So these, these studies aren’t very independent
because it’s not like you’re going to a clinic that runs hundreds of studies a year and you’re
saying run this one study. No, you’re going to a clinic that might run
one study a year or however many studies you need run. And then that place might cease to exist afterwards,
which really makes it hard to get a solid gauge on what is actually the science behind
it and what are simply the marketing dollars to get a study that proves the point that
you want proven. Wow, that’s, that’s actually really interesting. So, so we’re dealing with this company and
they want to market a product by saying, out of all the, the 12 proteins in milk, the first
one, a1 is what’s bad for you because of the, the peptide chain that it creates. So this is the bad one. We’ve taken out the bad one and to back it
up, we actually created this little group that did a study that proves exactly what
we needed them to prove. Now that’s pretty interesting and it also
really takes a lot of their credibility away. If this is the way that this, you know, the
events transpired. If that is where these studies came from,
you know, you obviously you’re starting with this confirmation bias. We need to prove this thing instead of let’s
find out which protein is what and which one is causing issues for consumers. So, you know, you’ve got a lot of different
moving parts here. You know, a ton of science involved in this,
ton of studies involved in this and it looks like they came from these little study mills
that they create. And you also have just in general the label. The labeling of this product that makes a
ton of claims that so far, we can’t even verify can we? Right. We can’t verify them. And one of the, the plaintiff’s main point
on this is that whether you’ve got a1 in your milk or a2 in your milk, the milk still has
lactose. And the vast majority of people out there
who have problems digesting milk, it’s because of the lactose. So even if you strip out this a1 protein,
then you still have lactose in the milk. People still may very well get sick or have
problems with it. And the stripping out the protein doesn’t
actually impact that. And that’s what the plaintiffs are saying
is, thanks for stripping out the protein, but you still have lactose, so people may
still have major problems. Right. And when you watch these commercials, they
do give the impression that hey, you can’t tolerate regular milk, try this. This is better. This is easier to digest. You’re not going to have the pain and the
problems that come along with regular milk. So, you know the, the lactose, as you pointed
out, that’s the lactose part of lactose intolerant. It’s not a1 peptide intolerant. So this is going to be an interesting one. This is a product, as you mentioned, heavily
marketed out there. You see it in supermarkets all the time. A lot of people do choose this. The ones with a more mild, I guess you would
call it, aversion to dairy. They can still ingest it, but if they take
a little too much in it does cause pain and discomfort in digestive problems. So they did latch on to a market that is out
there. The question that we still need answered is
have they been honest about that? And hopefully that is what this class action
ends up finding out for us, right? Exactly. I mean, we’ve already received 140 comments
on this class action and we just posted it on March 7th. So we’re getting a large amount of traffic
of people saying, hey, I bought this milk and I don’t have a report from these folks
yet on whether the majority are saying yay or nay. It made me feel better. It didn’t make me feel better. But we are, and we know that they’re at least
140 people out there so far that have said, I’ve bought this and I’m interested in finding
out more about this class action. Absolutely. And if anybody needs any more information
on this issue, you can follow the link in the description of this video and head on
over to Scott Hardy, with Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with us today. Thanks for your time, Farron.

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  1. I have never understood why we, as a species, continue to drink milk after infancy. Not only that, but the milk of another species. Are we the only example of milk drinking into adulthood? And if so why? What advantages does this have over a normal adult diet? What would be the effect of removing milk from our adult diet?

  2. Ok, I can't be the only one wondering why no one is addressing the Holstein in the room here, right?? "Lactose intolerance" means you're intolerant of the lactose, or "milk sugars". So how will taking out milk proteins while leaving in the milk sugars, address the issue of being unable to digest the milk sugar??

    Edit: Ok, they addressed it later.. lol

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  4. It also expensive at $6.99 a half gallon. So they are making people pay for the fact that they claim it's easier to digest.

  5. OK. Not saying A2 milk isn't a scam. But how is their approach any different than what Big Pharma has been shafting us with for decades? Can you say HYPOCRITE?

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