Micro vs Macro Nutrients and how digestion breaks these into amino acids, fatty acids and sugars.

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macronutrients and micronutrients please keep watching what we’ve been doing is
we’ve been noticing listen to people talk and listen to confusion they have
and one thing that people talk about especially when they’re looking at
nutrition books in everything they’re finding these terms macronutrient
micronutrient and I think it’s confusing some people so I just kind of wanted to
explain what this is so macro just like you would think that
means big and micro like you would think means small so macro nutrient when you
talk about your nutrients macronutrients are gonna be those things that are
measured like an enlarged like grams like grams of protein grams of fat and
grams of carbohydrates to where micronutrients are your vitamins and
minerals and these are gonna be the ones that are measured in like milligrams or
micrograms and if you don’t know the metric system to a milligram is one one
thousandth of a gram and a microgram is one one thousandth of a milligram so so
these are very very small and so today we’re really just gonna be talking about
your macronutrients and there’s there’s something I really want you to
understand and this goes into a series that we’ll be talking about but when you
talk about macronutrients when you first when you talk about protein what your
body does with nutrition when you eat it when your body when you take protein
into your body what it does when it goes to when they talk about digestion
digestion basically means it’s taking these great big protein molecules
and it’s breaking down to the little bitty building blocks that make up the
protein and these little bitty building blocks of protein are called amino acids
okay now there are there’s like 20 different amino acids that your body
when it takes down the protein breaks down these 20 different amino acids and
then it puts them all together in whatever way your body needs to make up
different proteins and these 20 amino acids can be put together in different
ways to make up over 20 thousand different types of proteins
that your body needs so that’s what digesting is you break it down the small
building blocks then your liver and your somebody it reorganizes these and the
things that your body needs to be healthy and to heal and to grow and to
be strong um fats are the same way when you eat fat fats that the basic little
building blocks of fats these are called fatty acids and so when you take in
these fats your body against either digestion it breaks it down these small
fatty acids and then and the fat dietary fat is very good for you you know not
processed food not not trans fats not you know seed oils not vegetable oils
those are horrible toxic to your body but but good fats if you’re talking
about like olive oil or coconut oil or honor or oh yeah real butter um these
are all good or animal fats these are all good fats but your body knows how to
take those in and it and it helps it grow and heal but when you break these
down it breaks down a little fatty acids and these fatty acids again your body
uses fat and used your fat it make every single cell in our body the membrane is
made up of part of it is made up of fat and also a lot of other hormones that
our body makes is also made up of fat and the storage when we put when we
store fat in our subcutaneous fat cells this is good this is the energy that we
use when we’re not eating so what we should be doing and we’ll talk about
this later too is eating the fat out of our fats that are subcutaneous fat cells
so this is all good that this the way our bodies are made now when you talk
about carbohydrates carbohydrates to the other macronutrient when this breaks
down it’s basically building block our our sugars is what it is so there’s a
sugar is called a saccharide so there’s monosaccharides which are just like
single sugars and say like glucose and fructose those are just single sugars
then there’s disaccharides where you put these two things together and that’s
sugar the sucrose that you eat with it you know that you eat they put in
everything that’s called sucrose and that’s got that’s a combination of
glucose and fructose together and we’ll have a whole series on this also and
that’s a disaccharide and then it goes into polysaccharides which is a bunch of
sugars all put together anyway the important thing I
wanted you to realize is this is how everybody does what our body went it
when you eat something our body tried to break it down the basic building blocks
and use that to keep our body healthy and growing and pain strong but um but
one thing once you realize there are such thing as the essential amino acids
in a central amino acid okay the remember that’s the basic building
blocks of protein an essential amino acid means this is something that your
body does not make the only way you’re going to get it is you’re gonna have to
eat it through the nutrition you’re gonna have to you’re gonna get these
essential amino acids and there’s nine different amino essential amino acids
that your body doesn’t make and you have to get it from the protein you eat as
far as fats there’s two essential fatty acids and again that means that your
body does not make them you can only get those from the foods that you eat and we
have to have these nine essential amino acids and there’s two central fatty
acids for our body to be healthy however you will never hear the term essential
carbohydrate there’s no such thing your body can make all the carbohydrates that
you need and and so every protein can be turned into sugar fat can be turned into
sugar and everything else you break down it can be turned into sugar so when
you’re eating it’s extremely important that you get your get a wide variety of
protein and get a wide variety of fat of the healthy fats there there’s good fats
and there’s bad fats like say stay away from the vegetable oil stay away from
the seed oils definitely stay away from processed food and all the trans fats
those are those are extremely toxic to your body because your body’s trying to
figure what to do with it and it can’t and it actually ends up turning up our
body let’s the chicken is essential carb and we’ll go more into detail on this
later that was just an an FYI okay thank you
for watching this and be sure to check the links below for where you’d find us
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