Meat Eater Breaks Down After Seeing the Truth

So we’re here bearing witness with South Wales Animal Save; and behind me is a truck full of sheep And all the way down the road we have another truck and a trailer lined up This is the life that we give them, these sentient beings that feel pain, want to live just like we do. This is how we treat them. -I can’t.
-It’s bad isn’t it ? No, I’m gonna watch it, I’m gonna watch it Yeah? Yeah Did you get to the very end? Yes Well done. Oh my god. Thank you for watching. Thank you for showing. It’s okay. *exhales* I’m not eating meat. No way. Don’t look at me like that! Is it why you expected, or was it worse, or… It is what I expected but it’s not the same knowing and seeing… Yeah, it is, that’s right, you’re absolutely right. It’s different when you see it first hand. Thank you for watching. Wow. Thank you. No, it’s okay, obviously the footage is horrible, but do you think there’s a humane way to kill an animal that doesn’t want to die? No, you can’t. How do we morally justify doing these things to animals? You can’t. We can’t. Do you think it’s humane, what we do? It’s difficult isn’t it ? I think it’s a matter of perspective. Yeah, how do we morally justify doing these things to animals, do you think? Good question hey, a hard one. We’ve doing it for years.. Does that make it moral ? I mean, we’ve been killing each other for years as well, haven’t we? Yeah, but I think … I dunno, because obviously I’m a meat eater, I don’t really have much built up opinion … on animals and such Yeah, but what about dogs, is it moral to eat dogs, is that ok? No, because they’re seen as a pet. But what’s the difference? But… would you have a cow as a pet? You just close your eyes, pretend you don’t know. Yeah. That’s right. Wow …. *sighs* Thank you so much. It’s okay, you’re welcome. What I was saying to your friend is that the only reason these things happen is because we pay for them to happen, which means if we find it upsetting, we have the power to make it end, and The way that.. this is how we treat over 90 percent of the pigs in this country, in these horrible farms and Even if they raised a nice open green pastures and they they’re organic or whatever they still end up in the same slaughterhouses with the same knife across their throat and that’s just the sad reality of of what happens when we exploit animals for our own personal gain, but when you see it and as you say, you experienced it, it changes You know you can’t hide from anymore. And it was so easy for us, we can go into a supermarket and we can buy steak wraps and plastic and not think about the cow, or buy bacon and not think about the pig. When you see it you start to connect all the dots, and you start to see the product coming from the animal It’s a very powerful thing to do, so to do it, do it for yourself, and then it will change so much about you. I think it’s amazing that you’ve watched it, and I’m so grateful. You should be proud of yourself. Thank you. Thank you so much for doing this. Honestly, it’s our pleasure. We love some animals, like my mum for example, loves dogs But she doesn’t understand why I would love a pig or a cow, you know Maybe it is just enough, maybe not to go fully vegan but just reduce the meat consumption ? What you’ve got to remember by that is this– that the animals are still dying and there’s still a victim involved even if we only eat, like, bacon once a month that’s still an animal paying the price for that. I mean, how do we morally justify taking a life of an animal? You can’t really can you ? Right, it doesn’t matter if we do it every day or once a month. We still can’t morally justify it. Should we allow culture to dictate morality? Maybe not but… I don’t.. I don’t think… I don’t think… No… I’ve gotta look at it selfishly, and like I don’t.. vegetables are – and things like that aren’t really my diet. I just love meat so… -Man, but you can, you can change that like you can…
-I know I can change it but Having, like, chicken…. some beef … But I’m trying… I see where you’re coming from completely. I pushed, I pushed the concept away for ages because I used to get Domino’s like every week I loved KFC more than, more than most things you know and I started to realize that you know Because I couldn’t morally justify it.. I was living in a state of a bit of moral hypocrisy, almost? Where I said, you know I love animals I don’t wish harm on animals, but I was paying for harm be inflicted on animals. Yeah I get that. -It’s not fair
-It’s not fair You wouldn’t kill a bird with your teeth would you ? Life is a life. Yeah. Yeah, good. I’m really happy to hear that have you got have you got some cards ? Fantastic, good for you man. Please, help yourself. Yeah. Yeah, take one of these as it’s the same flyer. Yeah, I went vegan after watching this documentary, Earthlings, it was, um.. It kind of just opened my eyes to so much that I had no idea about and I realized that I preached Loving animals and I hate people that commit cruelty to animals But the same time I was guilty of paying for People to inflict cruelty on animals you know and that’s how I kind of came to the realization of veganism for me was the only way I could morally align my actions actions with my morals There’s a … there’s a 22 day vegan challenge ? We actually have it here, I mean if you want to sign up, you’re more than welcome to. It’s just gonna be it’s just a really great way of just trying it and seeing how you feeling If after 22 days you feel good for it then stick at it, man. You know. Right we’re back in just a second. Thank you … torture, maiming, and eating pigs. One of the methods of slaughter of pigs in the UK is a gas chamber where groups of pigs are herded into metal cages which are then dropped into a chamber that is filled with carbon dioxide. Once inside the chamber, the pigs scream and thrash, fighting for their lives for up to thirty seconds. So basically in Canada, they found recently as a couple years ago that there was a mass shortage of people applying to work in slaughterhouses. They couldn’t fill the spaces, surprise, surprise right. So what they did is they’ve got Syrian refugees that would come into the country and made them work in a slaughterhouse instead to fill up the gaps right how sick is that so you’ve got people escaping War torn Syria, the country that was partially bombed by Canada themself, they’re refugees fleeing war, they say hey come to Canada, live a good life, by the way you’ve got to slaughter animals every day of your life I mean, it’s just sickening, and this is the exploitation I’m referring to. The exploitation is on a mass scale It’s not just, I mean the farmers and workers. Okay fair enough We’d established that maybe not they’re bad people, but the industry officials the people are making all the big money from it They knowingly exploit humans They knowingly exploit animals they knowingly exploit children by putting these hideous labels on things making us go against our innate compassion. Buying products that have these terrible kind of marketing ploys and this. It makes us– We’ve been lied to right That’s the thing we’ve been lied to our entire lives fooled and deceived into Purchasing these products and believing that these things can be done in somewhat of a humane manner I mean these industries have one thing in mind and that’s profit and people say to me, oh, vegan propaganda And I say, go out walk down the street look at every billboard every bus stop every magazine and tell me what you see . You see these pictures glamourizing flesh, glamourizing the murder of animals. And people say that when we show the reality we’re using propaganda But we’re not, we’re not airbrushing this we’re not taking glossy photos This is the candid reality of what goes on and what we have to understand is that we have been lied to and manipulated almost Every single day when we turn our TVs on and a McDonald’s advert comes up think about Happy Meals This is what we’re marketing to children Happy Meals This is what happens to animals We cut them up mutilate them put them into a patty and call it a Happy Meal it’s sick And we have to wake up and understand that you know these industries want to profit from us What’s empowering to know is because these things only happen because we pay for them to happen that means that we have all the power to make it stop It is a simple supply and demand situation. I think what often happens is we look across the world we see for example Syria or famine or whatever it may be and we think god, these problems are huge, far bigger than we are. And for the most part they can be and we rely on our governments to make changes, which they never do and they never will but the problem is, or the good thing is with this– Supply and demand. We pay for it to happen it happens, which means as soon as we stop paying for it to happen It stops happening. Veganism is one of the few times as individuals we have the power to create massive change We’re not relying on government officials or MPs or even CEOs and massive companies We’re relying on each other, the consumers to make that difference and that’s an empowering thought, to know that every choice We make as an individual has a profound effect on the lives of others. Yeah. Please.

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