Martha Stewart Weighs In | Chopped Junior | Food Network

Martha Stewart Weighs In | Chopped Junior | Food Network

[music playing] Moving on to Jordan. Today I’ve repaired a
cranberry-and-pomegranate-glazed ham, sweet potato-carrot
puree, and sauteed green beans. I just find this to
be wildly sophisticated for a 13-year-old. Maybe a little small,
quite frankly, but just striking presentation. The sweet potato,
the integration of the pomegranate–
I just think this is a really smart dish. Thank you so much. MARTHA STEWART: How
did you make the glaze? JORDAN (VOICEOVER): Martha
Stewart is in the kitchen. Someone pinch me now. I took agave nectar, maple
syrup, pomegranate seeds, and the mousse. Well, I like that
you incorporate maple syrup, which
is a very traditional Thanksgiving ingredient. But you cooked the
ham in the glaze. Yeah. That toughened up the
ham a little bit, I think. Don’t you? GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: Yeah. Don’t forget, this
is brined and cooked, so it just has to
be warmed lightly. Jordan, you clearly have style. Thanks. In Michigan, do lots
of kids dye their hair. Not very much. CHRIS SANTOS: Takes a
certain amount of courage to be yourself. Definitely. If you have courage,
then you can go after whatever you want to. ANNOUNCER: New season,
“Chopped Junior,” premieres

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  1. Not very much 0.o there's so many people with dyed hair in Michigan my sister's school has over 300 people with dyed hair

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