Making It Big: Season 1 Marathon • Tasty

Making It Big: Season 1 Marathon • Tasty

100 thoughts on “Making It Big: Season 1 Marathon • Tasty”

  1. how about making the famous KichiKichi Omurice where the egg on top of the fried rice gets cut and the yolk spills out like an alien's stomach which is really satisfying. I want to see a big Omurice in the next season.

  2. 20:55 – I'm a simple Italian girl, so my answer is pretty obvious. Spaghetti is one of my favourite pasta, I kinda wish I was the guest so that I could eat a giant version of it!

  3. SUGGESTIONs for season 2:
    chocolate souffle
    choco chip cookies
    galaxy cake
    chicken steak
    Large amount of kabsa
    grilled chicken
    chocolate crepe cake

  4. when Alvin made the giant donut for Michael Counihan I was like, god damn, hes left hand probably can deadlift more than I do, I mean, ain't hard cause' I'm weak af

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