Lazy Keto Chicken | Keto Dinners | Caveman Keto

Lazy Keto Chicken | Keto Dinners | Caveman Keto

Today on Caveman Keto Recipes, I’m going to make for you: Lazy Keto Chicken. this is something I came up with when I didn’t have any prepared for dinner and wanted to make some quick The ingredients are just Jalapeno slices, shredded cheese in this case I’m using Cheddar and Monterey Jack together just cause I had them. Bacon, chicken and salt
pepper we’re going to start by applying salt and pepper to both sides of the chicken Now, you take the Jalapeno slices and put a few in the center of each piece of chicken Next, take the cheese Gonna move these over to make some space Take the cheese and cup it around the chicken I’m going to put a decent amount of cheese on there I’m using 8 ounces total of cheese, 4 ounces of Monterey Jack and 4 ounces of Cheddar Next, and this is why its super lazy and super easy You cut the bacon in half and you drape 4 slices on top of each one then Get a foil lined sheet Lift it up Carefully drop it on, tuck the bacon under Now place this in the oven for 35 minutes at 350 degrees or or until the bacon is fully cooked Well folks the recipes all done, I cooked this for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and finished it off for 5 minutes on broil you can see we have a nice golden brown crust on the bacon and were also set for dinner see you next time!

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  1. What about the macros? 80g of protein 33g of fat isn't that too much protein for keto ? Regardless it looks delicious

  2. Yeah on its own this is a lot of protein. I often eat it with creamy cheesy spinach which has a lot of cheese and cream cheese that ups the overall fat content of the meal.

  3. I have done bacon with cheese, and chicken with bacon, but not the 3 together. Looks really good and I will be giving it a try.  Thanks.

  4. Nutrition Information
    Serves: 2
    Serving size: 1
    Calories: 591
    Fat: 33
    Carbohydrates: 1
    Fiber: 1
    Protein: 70

    THIS IS NOT KETO!!! this is a Paleo recipe.
    Paleo: High Protein, Moderate Fat. Keto: High Fat, Moderate Protein
    Not trying to mean just giving the facts

  5. made this again last night – super yum! added a bit of sugarless bbq sauce under the jalapenos and bacons because first ones were a little dry. tasted awesome!

  6. I hate that 90% percent of Keto recipes include bacon. Is there anyone someone can recommend me that's original and not the expected? I hate bacon. Mind as well just call this diet a "bacon diet" instead of "keto diet"…..

  7. I made this a few days ago. Everything I've made since then doesn't taste as good because was so delicious! 😂

    Just a thought – wouldn't it be easier to skip the cutting board altogether (since you aren't cutting anything) and assemble the chicken directly on the foil lined pan? I did that before I saw your video – just from the recipe on your site. One less thing to wash, and once the chicken was assembled it didn't have to be moved.


  8. Making it for dinner tonight! Didn’t have jalapeños handy, so I’m using a spoonful of chunky salsa (no sugar, of course) instead.

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