LARGE FAMILY FREEZER COOKING DAY | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Freezer Meals

LARGE FAMILY FREEZER COOKING DAY | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Freezer Meals

– Hello again friends. Today is another super,
mega freezer cooking day, batch cooking day,
whatever you wanna call it. I am loving getting these
days in, though, when I can to have a ton of meals
ready for my family. (soft piano music) Remember, I did some huge
freezer cooking during my pregnancy with baby
Benjamin who is currently, I’ll give you a peak,
he’s here doing his job. Oh, oh, his eyes opened a little. Ooh. So he’s been in the swing. He’s probably gonna wanna
nurse pretty soon, actually, looking at the time there. I feel like he’s gonna wake up and look at me with one big eye. Today we are getting
a bunch of meals done. I can do fabulous things now
that I have had Benjamin. Like I can bend, and I can
get my hustle on and work fast and all those things
at Jamerrill speed that I like to do. So, I feel like, okay,
let me organize this here. I’ve got to organize how
I’m gonna do this video like I how I organize
this freezer cooking day. I’m gonna show you guys
my whiteboard and my plan, we use the word plan loosely. I’m gonna show you my plan
and then I’m gonna show you where we are this moment. I feel like we have
officially started within the last 30 minutes or so, but I actually, see I’m already jumping into, just how it goes, you’ll follow along. I actually started gently last evening. One YouTube viewer
suggested that I start doing my beef and my chicken over
night in my slow cooker so that it’s less I have to
do on my actual cooking day and since I am trying to
get all these meals done in one day, I took her advice
and that’s what I’ve done. So I’ve already done 10
pounds of ground beef and I’ve done 10 pounds of chicken so far. So what I have in my
slow cookers right now is I have four pounds of sausage, and I have another five
pounds of ground beef. In my other freezer cooking
days, I’ve used my Instant Pot and I’ve used my oven, but
I thought this go around I would do that since a lot of it happened while I slept last night. So, the meat that needs pre-cooked, that needs only about one more hour. And then a lot of the
other meat, like pork chops and chicken breasts and such,
can just go in freezer bags with some other ingredients
for slow cooker meals. And that meat is raw at this point. So, I really am gonna quit lying to you and show you my board. So here’s my board for today. And this is how I keep
my head on straight. Okay, this is the plan,
the plan, the plan. We’re gonna end up with about 40 dinners. I’m gonna end up with about 15 lunches and about 30 breakfasts. I use my numbers loosely
because as you’ve seen in my other videos,
sometimes I end up making more than I plan on some dishes, and some dishes I just get
tired, or I scratch it. So this is my optimistic,
Jamerrill’s had two full cups of coffee and I can
bend and we’re feeling good about life plan right now, okay? So, my goal is, we’re gonna
make at least six loaves, see, six-plus, optimistic plus sign. Six-plus loaves of blueberry beard, six-plus loaves of applesauce bread. I don’t even have on here
banana bread, and look. In my bowl here I’ve got,
I know it looks gross at this point, this is
about four gallons of frozen bananas so, I’m
already off my list here. Off the cuff, and also I’m
making a bunch of banana bread. Okay. I’m gonna do at least four
pans of baked oatmeal. Six-plus egg, sausage, and cheese bakes. We’re gonna do 50 bagel
breakfast sandwiches. I would like to do
homemade freezer biscuits. I left a question mark
there as to how many we’ll get done. I might only get a few dozen
done just to show you guys how to do those. We shall see. And then if you’re new
here, some people think, oh, all I’m gonna give my kid is one slice of applesauce bread and that’s it a and they’ll say, “That’s
not a healthy breakfast.” Well, you can also add
in fruit, add in yogurt. We would have a slice of applesauce bread, and then they could
pick another side item, have a glass of milk, wa
lah, wholesome breakfast. We do these freezer sandwiches. More on those coming up,
and if you wanna know more, I have more videos on these. For my slow cooker meals,
I’d like to get a total of 16 done. We’re gonna do chicken
teriyaki four times. We’re gonna do garlic and
lemon chicken four times. We’re gonna do beef and broccoli twice. We’re gonna do creamy
ranch pork chops twice, and we’re gonna do
chicken parm four times. And that just means I’m gonna
make the recipe super big to get it in several bags. These will be frozen and
then the night before, I can stick ’em in my fridge and dump ’em in the slow cooker in the
morning or at lunch time. A lot of times, I’ll get
slow cooker meals whenever we’re in our busy, every day rhythm, I’ll get slow cooker
meals going at lunch time, and then they’re ready at dinner time, ’cause if they go for
about four hours on high, that’s how that works. Okay, so then oven meals. So, I like to do four pans of fried rice, four pans of chicken stuffing bake, four pans of Shepard’s pie, four pans of pizza casserole, four pans of baked ziti, and
four pans of freezer lasagna. So, that’s 40 dinners. I put six to eight weeks
worth of freezer meals and I also want to break down the price for you guys as how much it
costs to make all this food, the freezer meal in particular. ‘Cause my grocery hauls break
down to just a couple dollars per family member per day,
since we’re a family of 10, but, for all this food in
particular, I know some of you have asked me and would like to know. This is, it says, “Remind me.” This is my note. The way that I got six to
eight weeks worth of meals for the 40 freezer dinners,
this would be if you were having one nine by 13 pan a night or one of the slow cooker meals. You know, if you have a seven-day week, you might have a day, here, I’ll look at ya so you’re not just looking at talking hand here. We’re gonna have a freezer
meal every night for six weeks, is technically 42 meals you
would need, however, of course, you’re gonna have a leftover
night or you might have a night you end up going
out to dinner and such. For us, these 40 dinners,
they should stretch for about, I would say, up to five
weeks, with carrying on happening on other nights,
I know for the month of September, that I am
focusing on for this plan, we have a birthday celebration, we have two out of town events, we have family visiting. I’m trying to think, see my mental list. We have dance starting back up. We just have lots of things going on like all families do. So, we’re gonna need these
quick and easy dinners. Another thing, I mentioned
this in my recent grocery shopping haul, for these
freezer cooking days, is that I do focus on planning
for a good four weeks, and the after that, for
week five, or even week six, before I do another huge haul, I like to do my pantry challenges
and clear out the freezer and clear out the refrigerator, and then we go load up again. So, this is again,
optimistic plan for today. We will see how goes. I’ve made myself a note. What I was thinking when
I wrote this is I would focus on breakfast meals while the rest of the meat was finishing up and while I got my rice
cooking in the Instant Pot. Zion already did veggie prep, and he’s been taking
care of dishes for me. The next thing I’m gonna
have him focusing on, he’s having a break right now, I’m gonna have him work on the 50 bagel breakfast sandwiches. Naomi is working the sandwich station. She’s already over there. She’s doing meat and cheese sandwiches, which is here on our list. But kind of what I’m seeing happening, again, already off of my list, I’m seeing that I need
to get my freezer meals, that just have the raw meat,
that go quick in the bag, that are really quick
and easy to put together, I need to get those put together I believe as my next trick. I’m gonna get the chicken teriyaki, the garlic and lemon
chicken, and the creamy ranch pork chops ready to go in the bags, labeled and in the freezer. And then from there, let’s see, you guys can help me think. From there I need to get
some breads in the oven, and then I need to also
get rice in the Instant Pot because we’re gonna do fried
rice and what else here? And the baby’s crying
so he wants to nurse. So, yeah. I’m gonna do the next thing now. So, I’m gonna help Miss Naomi. She’s here trucking along making
ham and cheese sandwiches. I’m going to put the
letters, this is just for our grilled cheese shelf
in our garage freezer, I’m just gonna put GC on
here because this is just like how we do out
grilled cheese sandwiches, only this month we’re adding ham on it. Technically these can be
used as just a regular old meat and cheese sandwich. You would take them from
the freezer and put them in the refrigerator the night before, and then the next day at lunch, everyone can just add
mayonnaise or mustard, or whatever the condiments
they want on it, and have a quick meat and
cheese sandwich for lunch. What we did last month is
we did 100 grilled cheese which is just the bread and the cheese. This month I thought, “We will do 100 grilled cheese with ham.” So they’ll be grilled
cheese and ham sandwiches is my plan, but of course is
someone wants to have them the traditional way, that’s fine. I just figured grilled cheese
with a slice of ham on it would be extra yummy. I also have a video up, I’ll
try to have it pop up here, and I’ll have it linked
below where we can do grilled cheese in the oven, and that’s another quick
way to get 12 or so done at a time. So real quick before Benjamin hears me, what I’m gonna tackle right
now is to get the garlic and lemon chicken together. This is a total of 10 pounds
of chicken and we have olive oil, lemon, garlic
powder, some minced garlic, parsley flakes, and pepper, and I’m going to show you,
I’m gonna divide this up into four bags and this will be our garlic and lemon chicken. Super simple, research
the slow cooker meal. We will probably have it with
a salad or steamed broccoli on the night we eat this,
and this will be four different nights at dinner. Now for our family, since
it’s gonna be about two and a half pounds of chicken per bag, oh yeah, baby hears me, I gotta hurry up. Two and a half pounds of chicken per bag. This will be for one
night with no leftovers. If your family is smaller
than nine people eating, you might have some
leftovers left over the next day for lunch. Okay, so, I just got this first bag of garlic and lemon chicken done. I wrote lots of directions on there. I do not do this on every bag. All my other bags just say
garlic and lemon chicken, but I did for you if
you wanted to do this. You know, if you have
somebody else doing this beside yourself, they
might need the directions, so it says defrost night before in fridge. Dinner day, dump in slow
cooker for four hours on high or seven to eight hours on low. Serve with salad and steamed broccoli, or whatever side dishes you want. So here is what everything looks like all dumped in there. What it ends up being, and of course you can always go over
to In the description linked
below, I will have a link that takes you to all these recipes. But what’s in here is it’s
half a cup of olive oil, half a cup of lemon
juice, two tablespoons of minced garlic, two tablespoons of parsley, a teaspoon of pepper, and then one thing I just forgot that I’m
gonna add in right now, that’s why making these
videos helps me, too, is I’m also gonna add in two
tablespoons of garlic powder, and then that’s it. We’re gonna mix it up
and seal it and it’ll go in the freezer, and of course
we’re doing four of these. Alright, just added the
garlic powder in there, so we’re honest and true done
and ready to mix this up. And when you seal these, you
wanna squeeze out all the air you possible can. I will work on sealing it
again here in a minute. I of course am going to
have to put my camera down, but I’m just gonna get it all mixed up. Woo. And then I’ll try to get a
little bit more of the air out. So here we have one bag, and now that I’ve show
you some of the steps, I’m going to show you what it looks like with four all done. So here you go guys. Here is four bags of the
garlic and lemon chicken. I’m gonna line these up in the freezer and move on to see if I
can get the next meal made. And Zion is working on
getting 50 fried eggs done for our bagel breakfast sandwiches. Okay, so real quick, I’m
gonna put together four bags of our chicken teriyaki. We will have this over steamed brown rice, from the Instant Pot, probably, on the day that we have it. And that’s pretty much what it is. So all I use in this recipe is we’re gonna use two pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. We’re gonna use one cup of brown sugar, one cup of soy sauce,
one cup of diced onions and green peppers, and one
tablespoon of ground ginger. And there are some soy
sauce alternative out there that you can use, but this is what I have so this is what we’re going with and now I’m gonna show
you it all put together in the bag. So, real quick guys, this is the four bags with just the chicken breasts
for the chicken teriyaki and now we’re gonna add
the other ingredients. Here’s what every bag looks like with all the ingredients dumped inside and now I’m going to mix it up,
seal it up, stack it, and show you what it looks at the end. So this is what the four
bags of lemon garlic chicken and four bags of chicken
teriyaki look like, stacked up all pretty,
and now I’m gonna take a break with that baby
because he has big sister holding time and he
says, “Where’s my momma.” Mr. Benjamin, this is the
first time you’ve been on the other side of freezer cookin’. That’s right. Oh? Oh? Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi, oh, yes, I agree. I agree. Hello. I just got done nursing
Benjamin for quite a while so he’s happy in his swing again. Came back in here. I’ll show you my updated
board here in a minute. I just don’t want my whole video to be my stinkin’ whiteboard, right? But I’ve got a plan together
on pulling through the rest of the things I wanna accomplish. First thing I wanted to get done was some of these other preps
that can be going on in the background so I’ve
got eight cups of brown rice going in my Instant Pot and I’ve got about 16 pounds of potatoes
in my pot here to make homemade mashed potatoes. So these things are
just gonna do their work for us right now. Over here, Zion has been working on these bagel breakfast sandwiches, so, I told him to save the last
one so I could show you how easy they were to put together. So we have fried eggs
and a slice of cheese, and a slice of ham, on a bagel and then he has individually wrapped them. Looks like he got about
eight or so per bag and these are the bags
that are done do far. So these’ll go in the freezer. Then on the mornings that we need these, we can microwave the bagels,
or we can unwrap ’em, put ’em all on sheet
and put ’em in the oven at about 400 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. I do have the recipe for
these on the blog, too, so you can hop over and see these. Okay so to update you
guys on the whiteboard, we have the bagel
breakfast sandwiches done, chicken teriyaki’s done, garlic
and lemon chicken are done. The meat and cheese sandwiches are done, Naomi is using the last bit of the cheese to just do some regular
old cheese sandwiches in baggies as well, so we can
use that block of cheese up. So, I’ve got the IP rice going. We got the potatoes going. So right now, the pork, beef, and chicken slow cooker meals that I have left. The beef and broccoli,
the ranch pork chops, and the chicken parm, we’re
gonna get those bagged. Then, I’m gonna get
blueberry bread in the oven. I’m gonna do my egg bakes, baked oatmeal. Then I’m gonna construct the
pizza casseroles, the ziti, the lasagna, some more bread in the oven. By that point, make some fried rice. I have to feed people dinner, but that’s gonna be real quick, hopefully, from the fried rice. I need to then make the
mashed potatoes that’s going to go on the Shepherd’s pie. By that point, I’m sure,
this is to remind my brain more bread in the oven, then
construct the Shepherd’s pies, and then make the chicken stuffing bakes, more bread in the oven, and at the end, I’ll do freezer biscuits. And, uh, if this all goes
down as planned, ha ha, we will have accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish today. Here’s an update on the beef and broccoli. I’ve been working on that. What I have, let me move
my bags here for ya. So, in this bag here, we have
two pounds of cubed steak. We have half a cup of soy sauce, half a cup of brown sugar. I’ve got a tablespoon of sesame seed oil. We also have a tablespoon
of minced garlic. And that’s all that goes in this bag. And then, in our second
bag, I’ve got, it’s about 26 ounces of frozen broccoli. It’s half of one of these big 52 ounce frozen broccoli bags. So they don’t go together at the same time in the slow cooker. What I will do whenever my family goes to eat this meal, I’ll put
this in the refrigerator the night before, just the meat. And then the day that we’re gonna have it, I’m gonna put this in the slow cooker. It’s gonna go in for
about four hours on high, six to eight hours on low. But the last 30 minutes
before we are ready to eat, 30 minutes before it’s officially done, I will take out about
half a cup of the liquid that is made, and I will
whisk in two tablespoons of corn starch and then pour
it back in, and that’s gonna thicken the sauce up. And then I’m gonna dump
in my bag of broccoli and it’ll all be together
for the final 30 minutes and then we will have it over rice. So that’s how, so I’ve got two of these, that’s how the beef and
broccoli works for us. So now I’m putting these creamy
ranch pork chops together. All these are is I have
two pounds of pork chops, it’s gonna be one can of
cream of mushroom soup, one packet of ranch dressing, dumped into a bag. And then on the day we eat it, I’m gonna dump it in a slow cooker and that’s gonna be there. Here are the two bags of
the creamy ranch pork chops. We’ve got bag number one, bag number two, ready to go into the freezer now. Alright, we got a lot going
on in the background right now but here are four pans
of the chicken fried rice that I made and we also
had a corn for dinner. Update of what is happening right now. Let’s see. Trying to, I know things have gotten done, okay the fried rice got done. Everybody ate dinner. Cross that off. I did make four pans of fried rice, one went towards dinner, though, so there you go, there’s dinner tonight. IP rice is done, potatoes are done. I still need to put together
the chicken parmesean freezer bag meals, but that’ll be quick. And so, a quick little
adjustment here is I have to get some bread in the oven. I should have done that,
like, you know, early today. Way up here on the list, but here we are. No bread in the oven yet. Gonna get that in the oven,
and then I’m gonna jump to building the pizza
casseroles, the baked zitis, and the lasagnas. And then I’ll check back in after there, after those things are
done, and we’ll readjust. Mr. Benjamin David, he
has a different view of freezer cooking. He is now on the other
side of freezer cooking. Look at him. I was looking at him here thinking “Last time I was doing blueberry bread, “you were not out, and
now you’re out, buddy.” So I’ve been wearing
him, he’s been sleeping. I got a big batch of my
blueberry bread mixed up which, reel for reel,
that recipe is up over on Large Family Table. I know I’ve said that
before in different videos with good intentions. “Oh I’m so gonna get that up “by the time the video comes out,” but no, for real, it’s been
published for a few weeks now so that recipe is up on the site, if you’ve been looking for it. I do it the same whether it’s blueberries or applesauce or bananas,
because those are the three main breads that I make for my family, at least during this time and sometimes I do cinnamon breads. There are some other ones I do, like cinnamon sugar type breads. But, anyway, I’ve gotta
get these pans full. Update. So right now, I have
four nine by 13 pans done of pizza casserole. The recipe for this, again,
is over on the blog, but, it’s made with pizza sauce and pepperonis and parmesean cheese and
then mozzarella on top and mozzarella mixed within it, so, it’s different than
baked ziti and lasagna, mainly because of the pizza
sauce and the pepperoni and just a little different
flare on a noodle dish that’s quick for a busy family on a night when we actually want to eat. And there’s the Mr. Benjamin check in. Yeah, this is funny. I was wondering why I had
an extra pack of pepperoni, and the reason is,
because I need to top the pizza casseroles with pepperoni of course, so here it what they look,
now that they’re all pretty with their lines of pepperoni. Now they are pizza casserole ready. So, ya hoo. Okay guys, so this momma
is fading and I think my best laid plans are I’m gonna have to just throw in the towel for today. The only thing with that
is tomorrow is our last lake day for this summer,
so tomorrow we’re gonna be gone all day at the lake. That will be a lot of fun. I’m not gonna be able to finish up these last couple meals tomorrow, though, so Thursday, the following day, Thursday, I’ve got a few things,
small in comparison to what we’ve tackled today,
that I have to get done. You know, I go back with my movie quote in Finding Nemo, “You think
you can do these things, Nemo. “You just can’t.” So, yet again, Jamerrill has
not been able to do all of this in one day, and hopefully
it’ll just be a day and a half and I can get this done. The first half of Thursday,
like Thursday morning. I can always hope, right? Today I didn’t get started
until later in the afternoon anyway but little kids are in bed. It’s just, it’s a quiet house now. I’ve enjoyed working like
the last two hours or so, maybe even three with them
just in bed because it was a rainy day today. They were in the house more, and, anyway, I’m rambling now, so,
I’m gonna show you what we did get done today. Okay, I got done, it
was actually 10 loaves of blueberry bread. We got done the 50 bagel
breakfast sandwiches, we got the 100 PB and Js,
the 100 meat and cheese. We also, I don’t know the
count, by Naomi also got, I wanna say at least two
loaves of just regular cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches. We got four bags of chicken teriyaki, four bags of garlic lemon chicken, two bags of beef broccoli, two bags of creamy ranch pork chops. I got four pans of
chicken fried rice done, four pans of pizza casserole, four pans of baked ziti, four pans of freezer lasagna, and, yeah, that’s it so far for today. So Thursday, my plan is to finish up, do four pans of chicken stuffing bake, four pans of Shepherd’s pie. Do four bags of chicken parmesean, six pans of baked oatmeal, six egg bakes, and at least six applesauce breads. So that is the reality of
how this is going down. Hey guys, so Tuesday I was having my big freezer cooking day and of course I ran out of steam ’cause
we had a lake trip the following morning, so
I just kind of gave up with the last couple meals, and I was hoping, it is now Thursday, so I was hoping to get
them done this morning. But we’ve had a big another fun day out, so it is now evening now. It’s 8:35 and I am putting
the last of the meals together so what I’m doing now, and
this is what I also have in the oven for a late dinner for us, is this is a stuffing and chicken bake and Naomi’s holding Benjamin for me, so I can try to form a sentence, so you might hear him in
the background squeakin’. So this is about four pounds on boneless, skinless chicken breasts. We’re gonna pour some
cream of chicken soup over top of it. You can also use cream of mushroom, and then we’re gonna top the
rest of it with stuffing. This is four boxes, four six ounce boxes. So it’s 24 ounces of stuffing, and then we’re gonna cover
it tightly with our foil and our saran wrap and label
it and this will be one of our freezer meals. I’m doing several pans of this. And that’s it, that’s the
stuff in a chicken bake. You turned it around? You’re sittin’ on the stool
like a big boy, aren’t you? – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] By mommy? What you doin’? What we been doin’? (baby mumbling) We been shoppin’? – No. – [Jamerrill] Was mommy shoppin’? – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] Your face messy? – No, I need napkin. – [Jamerrill] You do need napkin. So we’ve got all these vegetables chopped, and now we’re working on some tuna salad. – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] You gonna
have some tuna salad? – Um. – [Jamerrill] And tell
mommy, you were saying these name so well. What’s this? – A tayo. – [Jamerrill] A tomato? – I said tomato. – [Jamerrill] You said tomato. And what’s this? – Um. A cute-p. – [Jamerrill] A cucumber. – A cucumber. – [Jamerrill] That’s right. You were calling it a cutie, weren’t ya? ‘Cause of your little bites. – What’s that? – [Jamerrill] What’s that? You tell me its name. – Um. It’s cupe-cumber. – Cucumber and tomato. Now a little late Saturday night reality is I’ve been working on
shuffling through the oven different loaves of the
fruit bread that I make and I freeze, and these loaves, they looked to odd. They looked so odd, and I just took a bite
and there’s no sweetener in them and I must have
forgotten another ingredient. Daniel was helping me. Daniel helped me with
my first five loaves, they turned out perfect, but the next time, I think
I just got distracted ’cause he’s so cute, so
another thing I made. So another failure is I
was gonna make four pans, I’ve been talking about
doing the Shepherd’s pie for the freezer. Well I went to get that
done and realized that the ground beef that I had already cooked, I must have used all of
that in the baked lasagnas and baked zitis that I did for the freezer because it was gone. So I had all of my potatoes done, too, to do homemade mashed potatoes for the Shepherd’s pie, so. So what I did did is I
ended up taking the potatoes and I did a homemade, a big
pot of homemade potato soup. So I’ll show you that ’cause I didn’t want all
those potatoes to go to waste and it has been really chilly here, so, good time to start getting
the different soups going but here’s how it turned
out and that looks yummy. I’m gonna have some.
(tapping) And the on top of that,
you may have seen in the background here, we have, I paused, Daniel’s been
sitting here eating applesauce, watching Popeye, right? Mommy will put it back on in a minute. We’ve got to talk to
the camera for a minute. Say, “Hi friends.”
– Hi, friends. – Hi friends. So you see I have just homeschool and game explosion on the counter. I wanted to get done, getting
these cabinets done today. Everything is pulled out. The cabinets are cleaned out now. Now I just need, you know,
we don’t need three quarters of the stuff that’s on
this counter rolling into a fresh school year, so,
one thing it did bring back to my mind, though, is, I really need to get back at, at least on the top 10. What? – [Daniel] Bubble bath water. – Bubble bath water? Yeah, mommy’ll get you cleaned up. He’s asking for bubble bath water. I’ll get you cleaned up. All done. I need to get, you know,
we’ve talked about– – [Daniel] Mommy, mommy. – You want it, okay, let
me get you a washcloth. We’ve talked about doing big
bookshelves in our dining room and, uh, yeah, Travis finished
school and we had a baby and now we’re doing
outside projects, but– Sure honey, hold on. I really, really, really
need book shelves so that I can get, you know, our
years and years worth of materials organized. Here you go honey. There you go, wash your mouth. Good boy. Um. And we just, we have so many books. We have probably, I don’t know, 20 to 30 boxes full of excellent books in our garage that we need
permanent homes for, so, anyway, I’m gonna see if I
can at least get this stuff sorted and put away and then fall asleep and tomorrow’s a new day. Today we are down to the baked
oatmeal and the egg bakes. So I can finally give you the full rundown and the freezer tour to let
you know how it all worked out. What my plans are, and what reality is, so here we go. Right now I’m working on some
apple harvest baked oatmeal. And I mixed my dry ingredients
and my wet ingredients separate and then I
combined them all in my pot because a large stock pot
is bigger than any of my current mixing bowls. So we have apples in
here, we have all spice, we have raisins, we have vanilla. The full recipe of course will be over on, but
I’m gonna show you how I’m putting all this
together in our nine by 13 baking dishes. So here are the four nine
by 13 baking pans full of apple harvest baked oatmeal. What I’m gonna do now
is put it in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes
and then we’ll go from there. How the baked oatmeal are doing. It smells really good. They got about 11 minutes left. Daniel just gave me back a broccoli. I wanted to show you guys my lunch. So I’m having a super salad with all the good stuff in it. – [Daniel] Mom, can I have this one? – [Jamerrill] You can
have that broccoli, sure. It is lettuce and tomato and
broccoli and cauliflower. (Daniel spitting)
Oh, awesome. Thank you. A little of baby spit. Little bit of cheese, whole can of tuna. No, let’s not spit anymore honey. Thank you, all done, please get back. I appreciate you getting back and removing your spit from my salad. Yee haw, folks, yee haw. So, let’s see. Double baby spit, and a little cottage cheese,
a little salt and pepper, a spec of ranch. And again, a double load of baby spit. And then I also have some watermelon, and I am kind of going back and forth, eating them at the same time. And a big old thing of water. To recap everything that went down with my September freezer cooking. So, in the last video clip, I
was working through four pans of baked oatmeal and of course I still wanted to do some
peas I wanted to get done to have in the freezer. What happened not long after that is I had a teenager who was running with the dog, fell on a rock. We thought he broke his elbow, and I spent the evening in the ER and that was that, and so by
after that evening I thought, “Okay, this is good for now.” I took one solid day and did
nothing but freezer cooking and then just here and there
over the next couple of days I filled in some other
meals that I thought I’d get done with that first day and I didn’t. So, I got it stocked up really well, and then there are still
a few things that I would like to do over the next few weeks just to get into the
freezer and we’ll take it from there as we roll into October, so, what I got done is I got
done 36 dinners, not 40. Got done 36. And I got done about 30 breakfast for us and about 15 lunches. And of course you know, what I
do, what I consider breakfast and lunch is really, really simple. We got done 10 loaves of blueberry bread. I got done eight loves
of applesauce bread. I’m looking at my list here. We got 50 of those egg, ham, and cheese bagel sandwiches done
and I did four pans of baked oatmeal and then we
did over 100 peanut butter and jellies and over 100
ham and cheese sandwiches for the freezers, too. We have since grilled
those hame and cheese and they’re just fantastic,
so that has worked out well. What I didn’t get done, before
I tell you all the dinners, what I did not get done, I never got those Shepherd’s pies done. So I did not get done
the egg bakes as of yet, and I did not get biscuits
for the freezer done. But I will do those, and I’ll
probably do separate videos for those. I did get done, and now
this list is for the slow cooker meals. I got done four bags of chicken teriyaki, four bags of garlic and lemon chicken, four bags of beef and broccoli, two bags of slow cooker ranch pork and then four bags of chicken parmesean. That was 16 meals for the slow cooker. This past week, we’ve done
the beef and broccoli. We had the creamy ranch pork. We haven’t done the chicken teriyaki. Oven meals, I got done four
big pans of fried rice, four big pans of chicken stuff bake. Four pizza casseroles. We had that about two nights ago. Everybody loved the pizza casserole. I got four big pans of baked ziti, and four more baked lasagnas. And so that’s 20 oven meals. And then of course, I have
other things I can make. We have other things to eat. But all of those meals
are sure convenient. They’re certainly worth
dedicating one big day to, and then having other
little freezer cooking sessions as I’m able. So now I’m gonna take you
to that outside freezer and show you how things ended up lookin’. So here is an overview of how things look. Now it has been about week
since I added to this, since I officially consider myself done with my September big freezer cooking. We used one of our bags of
our bagel sandwiches already but here’s where they are. Up here we’ve got our bread. We have lots of different dinners and baked oatmeal here. The peanut butter and jellies but now, we had two days
this week where we used the freezer peanut butter and jellies and those were super convenient. More meals down here,
I’ve got all my different slow cooker freezer meals going on, and then in here we have
all of our ham and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches. So this is how the freezer
looks at this point. Hey guys, I wanted to
add in here really quick that I have a new mega freezer meals planning pack available,
and excuse my voice because we’ve had the crud here the last two days and my voice
is definitely hoarse, but I wanted to get this
added onto this video. So here’s what the cover looks like and then the inside of
the pack is really fun. There are a bunch of free, printable pages to help you plan your
own freezer cooking days. We have a freezer inventory sheet. Pages to help you plan
your freezer cooking day. A weekly freezer meal plan, printables. A monthly freezer meal plan sheet. Freezer cooking labels for your meals. Also a list of what to
freeze or not to freeze. There’s a list of your
family favorite freezer meal recipes. For this new mega freezer
meals planning pack, all you need to do is
text the word “Freezer” to 44222, and I will shoot you back out this freezer meal planning
pack into your email. Just follow the destructions, yeah, follow the instructions
that follow that text and I will get this
into your inbox for you and I guess that’s it, friends, so we’re gonna try to feel better here and I’ll see you next time
with another new video. Also hop over to for all the recipes and
other helps, bye bye. (upbeat pop music)

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