Kids Try US Military Food (MREs) | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try US Military Food (MREs) | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Beans, beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot the more you toot, the better you feel so lift up your legs and let ’em squeal. – [Interviewer] (laughing) What? (happy childish music) – Hi – Nyah – Kamila – I’m gonna taste test army food. Let’s eat! – Ooh what is this? – Hmm. – Is it some kind of squishy. – Doesn’t have a cover. – Beef Stew, oh no. (boy in black shirt groans) – Do they throw it at their enemy? – Daddy, how do you cut this? – Because he was in the army. – I don’t know about this. – Dip, dip dip – Monster’s Recipe that is Elegant. – Maybe. – Daddy. – Okay sweetheart, just like this, there you go, put it on your plate. – That looks disgusting. – Bleh. – Good. – I would eat it. (laughing) – I’m done with this one. – [Boy In Gray] Uh-Oh – [Boy in Black] (sniffing) I smell air. – No, chili with beans. – That’s, we have that. We have chili. That don’t look like chili. (giggles) (laughing) – No
– Prepper? Under my brother’s bed. – We just like stay in there for the rest of our lives or something? Nope, I’d rather take my chances. – How did you eat these? – Well honey, sometimes that’s all they would give us to eat. (laughs) They did have stuff that was much worse. This does smell kinda strong. (laughs) – Yucky stuff like the other ones. – Ohh.
– Pasta! – (mumbled) Hot, Uh-huh! – Good. – Whatq? Can we do another one? – Yay – `[Boy in gray] Oh – What does it say? What does it say Alex? – Asian style beef strips
with vegetables and sauce. – Where’s the beef? – Yummy – It looked bad. – It tastes good. – Um, I’m done now. – Chocolate chip cookie? – Fudge brownie? Oh, it’s cold. – It’s so good! Can I bring this home?
– This is my favorite. – (screeching in delight) – Do you wanna try this? – No (laughing) – Thanks for watching Kids Try. You just watched me eat a MRE and the dessert was really really good. What should we try next? Bye.
– [Interviewer] Bye. Bye!

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  1. Guys stop, 99/100 are talking about the bob hair cut girl, i know that she did something bad but it's not her fault, they all started laughing when she dumped all the food on the table, which made her thought it was fine so she did it again.

  2. Little Dora at the end said we just watched her eat MRE’s when she was dumping it on the table on purpose, what a waste.

  3. I've been reading all the comments and I know all of that's true but she is just a kid and you can't teach a kid manners easily and she doesn't know that spilling food is not right

  4. That girl with the Bob is a spoiled little brat knowing her dad had to eat that a lot because he was in the army also he was watching her she should get wiped

  5. I’m so confused about all these people getting mad about Kamila because it’s a YouTube channel there’s nothing wrong

  6. Kamila/bob cut girl it almost seems like she’s spoiled because she only ate the pound cake who knows maybe she could’ve liked the food. But instead she throws it on the table like a baby. She looks 4, 5, 6? She speaks English well enough that I can think she is 7 or even 8 but either way she should not do that. I’m sorry directors but you shouldn’t be encouraging a 6 year old to be doing that. Her father especially shouldn’t let her behave like that. ‘Cause later on it would show immaturity and no one will like her. Teach her some manners, I insist.

  7. Dora shouldn't have poured all her food on the table. If she did only 1 or 2 then it would've been moderate.
    Edit:Her name is Camila not Dora😶😶😶

  8. That girl Puts Quality Over Quantity when she dumps her food on the table,She only likes The dessert,she's cute but expensive maybe it taste good,but she dosen't know the insides, she probably dosen't know how to cook

  9. 0:32 that lil`guy on the right is like,
    oh what thi-
    lil`guy on the left: takes food immediatly
    lil`guy on the right: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. Girl with bob haircut:yOu JuSt wAtcHed mE eAt aN MRE
    Me:No you didn’t you tortured the table learn some manners you don’t need to be in anymore videos

  11. At 1:50 Just laughing at Tamila is not going to do any good she’s just going to think it’s the right thing to do and she’s going to do it over and over again

  12. 2:16
    That girl with the bob haircut is wasting food..
    It is NOT cool. Some other People starve and that girl just threw those food without trying them? Don’t judge food by how it looks like, Try it first.

  13. That girl is so picky i hate her…

    She didn’t even try the MRE judging the food just because of its looks…

    Only eats things that are “Good for you” she is SO ANNOYING I hope she reads this comment.

    Thinks she is so funny when in reality she is just being a brat.

    Almost 100% of this is talking about her.

    Never let her back there EVER again!

  14. Everytym u dump rmbr there are civil wars and raids going on in wrld ppl gettin killed for a plate of food and glass of water and a roof..u dont knw its value till u see smeone else flip wat wud keep u alive jst for a laugh

  15. That girl that is dumping her food is not amusing.
    At first, I thought she was super cute, but she turned out to be such a brat.
    She is way too old to mess with her food like that, please teach her some manners before she shows up again.
    When she said, 'You just watched ME eat MRES.' That was an immediate lie, the table ate it.

  16. Fricking Dora should have let swipe swipe he’s doesn’t cause unlike u dumping food just don’t eat it don’t DuMp it

  17. Dora over here dumping all of her food,like homeless and people that don’t have stuff that we have,that really disgusts me!

  18. Really? Dumping the food? You tell her off. You don't encourage it. I would have not let her have the desert after that crap at the very least.

  19. I just ordered 2 of these online. Ratatouille and Cheese Tortellini. I'm putting them in my Christmas stocking. Confuse my parents.

  20. That little girl with the bobbed haircut is a brat. Don't bring her into anymore videos. Or teach her some manners. She's too old to be dumping her food like that. (Sorry if I sound rude).

  21. Beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot the more you toot the better you feel so put up your legs and let' em squeal

  22. 1:47 I eat soup that is called Sirloin Burger and looks just like that it is very good it has little meat patties and vegetables and it has brown soup instead.

  23. Ok the girl that dumped the food pissed me of
    But the adults pissed me of even more by laughing
    I also thought she was a brat tho

  24. That girl with the short hair is so disrespectful. And yes I understand that she’s a kid but she’s old enough to know that she’s not supposed to dumb her food on the table if she doesn’t like it. She could just say she does not like it. But otherwise she’s very cute. But I do think she should be taken off.

  25. just never include that Dora girl ever again your videos, and your subscribers won’t go down as it did when you released this video with that mistake.

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