Kids Try Tiny Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Tiny Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Speaker] Before we begin, I thought you might be thirsty, so, – Oh no, mamma. What the? (laughter) (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – [Speaker] How hungry are you? – I’m so hungry. (dramatic music) – [Speaker] Open! – Mini pancakes. – [Speaker] Open. – This is tiny. A snail could have this. – [Speaker] So if you’d
like you can put some butter and syrup on your pancakes. – [Child] Okay, if you say so, ah. – Oh man, oh man, oh man, um, um. (laugher) – It’s so tiny, I have to do that. (laughter) – I’m ready for lunch.. I’m ready for nothing. – [Speaker] What do you mean? This is not nothing. This is a beautiful, tiny, breakfast. What do you see? – That’s a miniature pizza. – What the? (laughter) – Okay this is, – Mmm, want some of mine? – This is weird. I didn’t even try mine. – Okay. – Who wants pizza? – [Speaker] I want some pizza. (laughter) I want some pizza. – [Male Speaker] Can I try it? – Just try it. – [Male Speaker] Food fight. – [Speaker] Tiny food fight. – I’m gonna eat three
pieces at the same time. – [Speaker] Whoa. (clapping) – Killed it. (laughter) – Oh man. – I don’t know how to
use Chinese chopsticks. – [Speaker] Those are Japanese chopsticks. How about that? – Japanese. – [Speaker] Those are
toothpicks, actually. (laughter) – This is so hard to eat. (laughter) – Where’s the fork? – [Speaker] You lost the fork? – That was delicious. – [Speaker] If you’re interested, the chef is going, – Don’t tell me. To be a fairy? (laughter) – [Speaker] The chef might be a fairy. But at the end of the show we’ll bring him or her out here. – Yeah! Melina, if it’s Tinkerbell
making all these foods I’ll get to see her when she’s small. – [Child] It’s tiny still. – [Speaker] What is it? – Tiny uh, – Cake, pie? – [Child] What is this? – [Speaker] A teeny-tiny cinnamon roll. – [Child] Strawberries with it. – [Speaker] Yes. – I knew it was roasting marshmallow. Where’s the fire? Wow. This is hard. (laughter) That was good. – [Speaker] So Ernie before
you eat the second one can you put the icing on? – No. – [Speaker] Can I have, like,
two more cinnamon rolls? He ate them so quickly. I brought you some extra. Just pick two. (laughter) – Next. – [Speaker] Next? That’s dessert, that’s it. – Ah! – [Speaker] Alright, you
get to meet the chef. – Yeah! – [Speaker] Open your eyes. The chef is there. – [Chef] Great to meet you. – Oh, hello. – [Chef] Hello. Did you enjoy the food? – Yes. – [Chef] Great to meet you Claire. – That is not the chef. It’s a mouse. – [Chef] I’m not a mouse I’m a hamster. My name’s Hamlet. – [Speaker] Okay, any
questions for the chef? – Why is he so soft? – [Chef] I use lots of conditioner. – [Speaker] Here are some of the tools that your teeny-tiny chef was using today. – [Chef] It tastes delicious. I carry them with my mouth. – Wait a minute. You use tiny tools? – [Chef] Of course. How do you think I cook my pellets? – Bye Mr. Chef. – [Speaker] Bye Sophie. – Thank you for watching,
“Kids Try Tiny Food.” (screeching) – Cheers.

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  1. Follow the kids from today's video!
    Marina (not a kid, but the director):
    Forrest (also not a kid, but the tiny chef):

  2. 2:06 TRIGGERED i was born in Japan I know everything not Chinese chopsticks and not hard to use easy to use

  3. Come. On. Who gave this a thumbs down? It's miniature food with delightful children! I mean…for the LOVE OF MOSES! Shhheessshhh!

  4. Once Kinder Surprise was banned from the US market, because of choking hazard, but giving kids tiny forks and knives is okay?
    "I lost my fork in my mouth"🙈😁

  5. Jungkook: wHaT dO yOu mEaN iTs eAt jIn iTs eAt hIhO
    (Its from a eat jin episode and JK wasnt even in this video:P)

  6. Everyone in the comments are talking about how cute the kids are but can we just take a moment to admire JUST HOW CUTE THAT HAMSTER IS💖💖😣😣

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