Kids Try Their Grandparent’s Childhood Favorite Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Their Grandparent’s Childhood Favorite Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– It’s called hamburger pie. – Hamburger pie. – Yeah. – So this is kind of a
dessert in those days. – Well, to be honest we didn’t have much dessert in those days. This was a main course and dessert. (upbeat music) – Hi. – Hi. – [Woman] Who are you two? – I am Clara and this
is my grandfather Ernie. – I’m GG’s grandmother, she calls me mimi. – This is my grandfather Preston. – Grandfather, thank you. – [Woman] GG, what are you
doing here with your grandma? – Hm, let’s take a guess. – We’re gonna do homework. – No! – I’m here because Clara wanted me to bring something that my mother, Kay, had made for me when I was a little guy that I liked and I remember. – What foods did you like to eat when you were my age? – When I was your age I ate
whatever my mama gave me. – You wouldn’t believe it. We ate squirrels. – What? – Squirrels, my dad
would shoot a squirrel, bring it home, fry it up, and we would have squirrel. – What? Did you bring squirrel? – No. – What did you bring? – Well it has meat in it. – [Woman] Should we bring it out? – Yes. Clara, open your eyes. – What’s that? – That is a good old
fashioned Bisquick biscuit. – Wow. – It’s probably stuck. What is it? – [GG] I don’t know. Bread, biscuits and gravy! – How about a dumpling? – Open your eyes, Cavalli. – What do you call it? – This is a bruncholoney sandwich. – Bunch? – Bruch. – Bruncholoney. – Yeah, because you know,
we’d have breakfast, which would usually be cereal, and then before we went out to play we’d take a little sandwich so we wouldn’t have to come back for lunch. – So let’s get to making this! – Do I get the tiny bowl or the big bowl? – Which? – I want the big bowl! – Of course you want the big bowl. – Come back here, chicken. What is this stuff? – It’s chicken and dumplings
and when I was little, I used to read cookbooks
and I read this recipe and I wanted to make it and my mom said, “Only if your dad’s not home because he doesn’t like his food mixed up.” So we made it one time
when my dad was gone and I loved it. – Can I have more chicken please? – Now this is what I made for myself. My mama didn’t make this for me. Then we just put it on
there and you take it and you smash it down. Put the top on there. Then you mash it down. – When would you eat this? – Well actually this would be kind of a good meal, this would
be like maybe a Sunday, fancy meal, like fancy Sunday dinner. – Did you have to dress
up for Sunday dinner? – That’s funny, we had to
dress for Sunday dinner. We didn’t dress up. – Let’s do this together, 3, 2, 1. It’s stuck in my teeth. – But is it good? – Yeah, do you think you were like me when you were a little kid? – I was probably a little
more active than you because once we had breakfast, we got kicked out of the house. – Dang! – We’d go out, we’d play baseball. We’d swim, we’d have rock fights. – Somebody got hit like that. – I got hit but I’d see
them come, I’d duck. I never got hit in the face, but yeah. We’d have bb gun fights, one kid got his eye shot out. – Really? – Yeah, he didn’t play with us no more. – What I recognize in
you is that you’re busy. You’re always doing something. You’re always moving,
you’re always active. Yeah, you’re like me in that way a lot and you know what it is? – What? – It’s because you’re a
pretty bright little one. You wanna learn how to make this? – Yeah. – Yeah, we’ll do that maybe next Wednesday on your early release day, that
sounds like a good project. – I found the last piece of chicken! Thank you for bringing
this delicious dish. I will be eating the chicken. – Thanks pop pop for coming here. – Well thanks for inviting me. – Thank you for sharing this food with me. – You’re welcome, wanna toast? Happy holidays. – Bye! – Peace.

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  1. The cranberry kid has a sister & she's just as hoped up on sugar as he is…I bet their ears were still ringing when she left the studio…loud & hyper😫. Smh.

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  3. "when I was your age I ate whatever my momma gave me"

    now that's what I'm talking about 😂
    good old childhood memories ❤️

    4:53 drandpa's face 😂

  4. I fall in love with cavalli the way he talks just make everything turned into a funny and interesting show😍😍😍😂😂😂

  5. Grandad Preston giving such bad ideas to that kid 😂🤣 “we had rock fights we had BB fights one kid lost his eye” he’s the cool Grandpops we all need !

  6. “One kid got us eye shot out.”
    slowly turns to his grandpa
    “yeah he didn’t play with us no more.”
    LMAOO 😂

  7. When my dad was in uni, he wasn’t that which so he got bread rolls and twisties and I tried it and it was really good lol

  8. Why do the EDLERS know what's up I mean brunch?? I still have that! Preston knows what's up. Oh! The chips inside the sandwich. But seriously who dosent do that??😏👌👏👏

  9. Does anybody know what’s inside the bruncholony sandwich? It looks kind of good but I can’t figure out what all the ingredients are…

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