Kids Try Prison Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Prison Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Interviewer] If you
had to eat this every day what would you think? (child retches) – Is this, like, all they eat? Or is there like taco Tuesday? (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] What do
you know about prison? – Prison, you go in there if
do something that’s not okay. – It’s a bad place. – They have bad food there. – I don’t think prisoners need to have the best, most fanciest food. – [Interviewer] Well we
are going to find out, because you are trying prison
food from around the world. All right Nicolas, open your eyes. – Eek.
– You wanna dig in? – Yeah but where’s the fork? – [Interviewer] In this
prison the inmates actually eat their food with their hands. – Wait, with my hands? – Then you mix it all together. (laughing)
– Good? – I mean in prison I wouldn’t really trust where my hands have been. I wouldn’t wanna use my hands to eat. – [Interviewer] Do you ever
ear your food with your hands? – Never.
– In this country there’s a bunch of stuff that
you can get in trouble for that we might think is kinda crazy. They really don’t like kissing in public. – Kissing in public, not a crime. – [Interviewer] So you
can either go to prison or sometimes they’ll give you 80 lashes. – Is that, like, with a belt? Oh my gosh. – I don’t know about that one. That sounds a bit, torturing. – [Interviewer] Do you
think giving someone like unhealthy or gross
food is torture in a way? – If I ate this every day
it’d make me pretty crazy. – I can never eat this every day. – Ooh, that smells horrible! – Oh my gosh. This does not look fully cooked. – Tastes like a sardine. – [Interviewer] Where do you
think this is from Celine? – Maybe, China? – [Interviewer] This is from Singapore. – What, Singapore? – [Interviewer] Yeah. – Guess what, you can not chew
gum or spit in the streets. – [Interviewer] Yes, that is correct. So in Singapore they have to eat all of their food on the ground. They have to sit in their
cell and it’s kind of like, slid to them through a hole. – I wish there was like a
little teeny, tiny table. – Can they eat on their bed? – [Interviewer] So they
actually don’t have a bed. – Do you sleep on the ground? – On the floor, there’s
no like little bed? – [Interviewer] There’s
just like a straw mat and a blanket, but no pillow. – Oh my gosh, I cannot
imagine living without a bed. Whoa. This looks like what I see in movies. – It doesn’t look good. – Pasta does not taste that great. – This is, not good. – No?
– No. – [Interviewer] What country
do you think this is from? – Mexico? Or maybe Italy? – England? – [Interviewer] This is from the U.S.A. – Is this, like, all they eat? Or is there like taco Tuesday? – [Interviewer] Not
usually taco Tuesday no. How many people do you think in the whole country are in jail? – 5,600. – [Interviewer] 2.2 million people. – That’s a pretty big number. – [Interviewer] The
U.S. alone spends up to $182 billion every year on prison. – What? Well I mean, like, they
gave us brownies, so like. – [Interviewer] So that price makes sense? – Yeah.
– Where’d all the cake go? – [Interviewer] I think you
ate all the cake Celine. All right, open your eyes. – What, is that rice? – Whoa, a real meal. That’s good.
– So this is from the Alexander Maconochie Center which describes itself as a
human rights compliant jail. – Sounds like a bit nicer of a jail. In their minds be like,
oh these people are human, they probably have reasons to
do this, they have rights too. – [Interviewer] Exactly. It’s a lot smaller, so there
are like 300 prisoners here and it has like a town square so there’s like a health
building, an education building, a library, a visiting center. – Whoa! – I’d tell them that’s pretty good, ’cause, they don’t want you to get dumb. – To give them, like, a chance? – [Interviewer] Yeah that’s
a good way of putting it, it’s kind of just giving
somebody a chance. – Sounds right. – I mean, I think if you treat a prisoner more like a human than an inmate they’ll probably feel like, oh, I’m being treated as a human I can still live a normal human life. – If I ever went to jail, I’d go here. – [Interviewer] Commit
a crime in Australia, if that’s really what you’ve
got your heart set on. Actually don’t, just don’t go to prison, I don’t know why I’m advising that. – Yeah but I’m just saying if I ever went to prison
that’s where I would go. – [Interviewer] Gotcha,
well a lot of times you don’t really get that choice. – I seriously don’t wanna go to jail. – [Interviewer] I do not want
you to go to jail either. Bye!
– Bye!

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  1. I just realized that they probably didn't get this food from the places around the world; that's highly unlikely. That means that somebody cooked this food if they didn't get it from around the world. That chef must be really sad right now…

  2. Prisoners should have bad food and not have anything fancy. You have to make it so that they wouldnt want to go back. If you gave them everything they wanted and a nice meal everyday they'd want to be there and not mind going back

  3. I thought for the entire video that the title said "poison food" and I finally took a double take at the very end and realised

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  5. In the united Emirates they are Muslims and so they shouldn't do theese things that's why If u kiss in public u go to prison

  6. We I'm Saudi and i must say celine eats food with her hands like a professional even i never eat rice with my hands even though i live in K.S.A i just don't like to get my hands all dirty i only use them when i try to cut the chicken otherwise i eat with a spoon 😗😬

  7. The first one looks good I live there actually. Eating with your hands is called Sunni witch is how some Muslims originally ate

  8. I cannot believe my country food they tried first and people in the uae specially eat with hands because our prophet used to do that!

  9. why are you teaching kids kissing and all when they are just about seven to eight years old you should be ashamed of yourself

  10. I love how they picture the UAE as a hellhole 😂😂You actually can kiss in public, it’s just disrespectful, and from I have heard, there is no physical torture so… u American boys wrong

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