Kids Try Korean Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Korean Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– I bet I’m gonna pick up this fish. It’s swimming, yay! (laughs) It’s swimming! I think it’s dead. (upbeat guitar plucking) – Hello. – Clara. – Eating food. – (gasps) China! – Tokyo! – What? Korea! Yay, let’s start. – [Boy] What’s this for? (slurps) Mmmh… – The seaweed’s dancing while I blow it. – [Boy] This fish is names Bob. This fish is named Joe. These fishes are named
Bob and Joe and Dee. – Ew, I don’t wanna kill my friends. – Why would you call it
a birthday breakfast? – It makes what? – I do eat fish, but… I don’t wanna eat Joey! – Why Joey’s friend? Fishy, you taste good! – Lunch. – You can tell that
this is gonna be spicy. Everything that’s red, it’s spicy. – Tell me what these are called. – Spicy! – Spicy! – I’m a volcano! – Mmh-mmh. If it wasn’t spicy, it would be good. – Not so sure if I like it or not like it. (upbeat guitar plucking) (silence) – What’s this? – This, right here. – Green onion pancake? – I’ll try it, even if it’s spicy. Smells like it’s spicy. – It’s spicy, that’s what the problem is. Oops. – The beef is good. (barking) – Love it! – (singing) Bap bap,
bap bap, bap, bap-bap. – Yes! – What is this? Is this fake fish? – It’s shaped like a fish. “I am one of your fish!” – (singing) Swimming,
Swimming, swimming, swimming. – Fish, I’m gonna dissect you, I’m sorry. I just have to do this. Chocolate! Right? – Red bean paste? – Is this dessert? – I’m squishing the guts out of him. – This is good! – Can I please take bungeoppang… Home? – Gamsamida for watching. What country should we try food from next? Bye! Can I have a paper towel now?

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  1. 감사합니다

    I eat most of these all the time here, I live in South Korea in Busan. I enjoyed this video so 고마워요!!

  2. 90% of the comments on these types of videos are people who have ethnic resemblance from that country complaining that “We don’t eat that like this” or “Did anyone else cringe when they did *insert phrase here that very close to what they did in the video*” No wonder the world is a mess! Keep up the good videos Hiho, I really enjoy them.

  3. I got to hear about Dogmeat being a delicacy in Korea just today as a winter olympian shut down a dog farm in Korea. I didnt know.

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