Kids Try Hospital Food From Around The World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Hospital Food From Around The World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Oh, come on! – Wow, chicken pot pie. There’s cake? You serve me cake while people is sick? (whimsical instrumental music) – Hi! – [Woman] How are you? – Good. – How about you? – [Woman] I’m … Feeling a little sick. (gasps) – [Woman] Have you ever
been to the hospital? – I’ve already gone to the hospital ’cause I had the flu. I got to eat popsicles. (whimsical instrumental music) – Ew. (laughs) – Hm … ooh. Okay, I’m just gonna try this piece. Ah, that’s sour. – [Woman] Is this what you were expecting to get in the hospital? – Someone is sick?! I usually eat rice and soup and noodles. – Is this chicken noodle soup? – [Woman] That is miso soup. – It needs some salt and pepper. – This looks like fish. I’ve never eaten fish before ’cause every time we go fishing,
we do not catch any fish. (laughs) – Ew, what’s on the bottom? – [Woman] That’s the skin. – Ew. – Okay, I’m just gonna try this piece. Yep, I like it. – That actually tastes really good. – This is healthy because cucumbers are healthy for your eyes. – Soups keeps your body warm. – A-choo! – [Woman] Uh-oh. Get this boy to a hospital! (whimsical instrumental music) (screams) – Mm … That has no cheese on it, but mm. – It looks like it’s from a kid’s menu. I think it’s not really
on the healthy side. – [Woman] So what do you guys
know about health insurance? – Oh, health insurance! It’s when you break a bone, and the insurance pay for it maybe. – [Woman] Yeah. – Tazianna, what are you doing? – Huh? – [Woman] Butter … – You nasty. – I’m not nasty. Give me your butter. (laughs) – It’s too plain. When I have certain kinds of noodles, I like having certain things on ’em. – Want some more sausage. – [Woman] There’s some more on your plate. – I was gonna eat that one. – That was yours? I thought that was mine. (laughs) – [Boy] Are you gonna stab
me with a sleeping medicine? I’ll stab you. (stabbing sound)
– Ohhhh! (whimsical instrumental music) – [Girl] There’s cake? You’re gonna serve me
cake while people is sick? (laughs) Mm. – When I’m in the hospital, I’d be happy ’cause I have mashed potatoes,
and I like mashed potatoes and cake and buttered bread, which I like. – That’s good. That’s cold. That’s vegetable-y. – [Nolan] They have a yogurt. I like berries. They’re also blueberries. Blueberries are my favorite. – [Woman] Here we are
in an American hospital. – If you broke your arm, with health insurance,
it could cost $1,200. – Oh!
– Oh, shoot! All of this … Expensive! – [Woman] No health insurance … $2,500. – What? (laughs) – I’m not paying for it. – [Woman] So if you
don’t wanna pay for it, what’s gonna happen? – Suck it up, buttercup. (laughs) (whimsical instrumental music) – Really fancy. – Fancy, fancy, fancy. – Oh, my gosh, there’s cheese. – [Woman] This is what’s called “quiche”. This is from a country known for having fancy hospital food. – I know it smells like vinegar. – I don’t like it. – This is a little spicy. – I’m scared to try these. It’s too fancy for me. – [Woman] You broke
your arm in Switzerland. How much does it cost? – Since it’s fancy, I’m thinking $1,020. – $1,150. – [Woman] $316. – I was gonna guess that. – And I was off.
– Come on. – [Woman] All right, one more, you guys. – [Girl] Is it Indian food? – [Woman] Open! – It’s Indian food. Yep, I knew it. It’s my mama’s favorite. – ‘Kay … – Okay, that, I do not like. I’d rather eat a popsicle. – In India, if you break your arm, how much do you think it costs? – $500.
– $63. – [Woman] $10! – Wow, cheap!
– What?! – We used to go to the Indian
restaurant all the time. – [Woman] In India, you could
just go to the hospital. Well, Nolan, are you feeling better now that you’ve had
all this hospital food? – No, ’cause I took lots of medicine. – At some places in the
world, hospital food could be really expensive. – If I was in the hospital, my mom has to pay that because
I don’t have any money, and I don’t have my own bank. – [Woman] Have you guys ever
talked about this at school? – Never! – I did not even know! – [Woman] All right.
Bye. Bye!

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  1. “I’ve never eaten fish before..because everytime we go fishing we never catha by fish”

    boy:*tries fish for the first time*
    also boy:*amazed*

    10minutes later

    boy:*still amazed*

  2. 0:56
    Chicken noodle soup
    Chicken noodle soup
    Chicken noodle soup wit' a soda on the side
    Chicken noodle soup
    Chicken noodle soup
    Chicken noodle soup wit' a soda on the side.

    sorry i had to. 🙄

  3. Girl- I ain't pay in for that. Suck it up butter cup.
    Me~ move to Britain with health insurance free
    Without health insurance also free

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