Kids Try German Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try German Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Mm hmm. – No, I’m just hungry. (laughs) (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Crystal! Today I’m trying food from Germany! – Hi, I’m Zander. – I’m Jacob. – No I am not. – Kinda. – It’s in Europe. They’ve had some hard times,
but they have a pretty progressive leadership currently. – Angela Merkel. – No I just knew that. – Yes! – Ja! (laughs) – [Crystal] This smells good, like pasta. – Pasta? I love pasta! Wait, is it pasta? – I think it’s some sort of potato. Like cheese. (moans) – It’s good! (grunts) – It is?
– Uh huh. – It doesn’t taste good. – This is so good. – It’s good. – German cheese pizza. – I’m usually not a fan of mac and cheese but this one got me. It’s delicious. – It’s actually not that
bad if you swallow it. – Oh, käsespätzle. – No. (laughs) – I like kajasmetsul. – Kasametshul. – I never heard of it. – Ah, it’s a sausage. Sauerkraut, Dijon. – Is this sausage? – Is that mustard? – And what it is this? – Oh, is it sauerkraut?
– Yeah. – Probably shouldn’t have
taken this big of a bite. – Hmm.
Mm Mm. It tastes different than the
sausages I eat in the morning. – I don’t want to know. – Oh, that’s disgusting. (laughs) – No. I’m just hungry. (laughs) – Ah, schnitzel. – I think it’s a breaded pork or chicken. Probably chicken. – Schichel. – Shitshal. – Shitsnal. – Schnitzel. – Shitsnal.
(laughs) – Alright. Now for the question. Is it pork or chicken? Yeah, it’s pork. Good thing it’s not passover anymore. – Oh my Lord, this looks amazing! It’s some sort of apple tart. – What is this? Is it pie? – Mm, apple pie. – It’s good! Good job! – Apfel Kuchen? – Oh, Apfel Kuchen. Do they grow a lot of apples in Germany? – They maybe got them
exported from Seattle. – This is really good! I want this to be taken home. – Thanks for watching me try German food! – What country should
we try food from next? Let us know. – Auf Wiedersehen!

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  1. Erstens, Deutsche bratwurst ist meist aus magerem normalem schweinefleisch gemacht und nicht aus innereien das wäre dann französische innereienwurst oder so und * Shitznel* ist nicht aus schweinefleisch gemacht, außer sie haben ein jägerschnitzel gemacht was dann aber nicht mit zitrone sondern mit einer pilz sahnesoße angerichtet wird. Das was die da darstellen wollen ist wiener schnitzel anscheinend aus schweinefleisch und nicht aus Kalb. Soviel zum thema deutsches essen, und von den spätzle möchte Ich garnicht erst reden. Einfach eine beleidigung.

  2. Alter Käs Spätzla als Mac n Cheese zu bezeichnen, was denken sich die Amis und essen können se ach ned die Kinder, hängt ja die Hälfte ausm Mund. Tut ja weh beim angucken

  3. Mädchen:Ist das ein kuchen
    Die Frau im Hintergrund: es ist WIE deutscher Apfel kuchen
    Der Name : Apfel Kuchen
    Es ist nicht wie sondern es ist

  4. Usually, German sausages aren't made out of pig intestines. The only kind of sausage that I think is made out of intestines is Leberwurst

  5. To the assholes, I think it was pretty clear he asked “do they grow many apples” not “do they grow apples”?, coming from someone who’s 2nd language is English, just like you. Btw, the whole comment section is under Anschluss.

  6. It really makes me wonder: how do you make sausages in the US? How is the meat hold together without bowels? I mean these kids has regular sausage. In Germany we got all kinds of sausages. Some made with liver and some even with blood. Would love to hear the children's opinion on those two

  7. Die Amis sind so lächerlich. Kennen nur Pasta Pizza Coca Cola und fressen reine Chemie. Haben null Kultur und sind ziemlich oberflächlich unterwegs. Kennen kaum andere Länder und deren Lebensweise.

  8. Wow, you had some pretty knowledgeable kids in this video. That's impressive, I mean, I know kids this age can have the capacity and curiosity to find out a bunch of information. It's just that a majority of "kids do things" videos I've seen across the internet don't have those types, not trying to insult those other kids either, everyone is as their own pace.

  9. To all the Germans here going on about how a American kid who knew who the Chancellor was, a feat beyond most American adults believe me, who didnt know apples were grown in Germany, dont sit there and say at that age you knew that your beloved potatoes were originally from America. Give him a break hes pretty smart.Also he even pronounced her name correctly too.

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