Kids Try Exotic Meats | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Exotic Meats | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Interviewer] And open. – It looks like a actual,
like, (squeals)… – [Interviewer] If I took one leg away, would you feel better? – Maybe. – [Interviewer] Alright. – But maybe not. (laughter) (playful guitar music) – [Both] Hi! – My name is Helena.
– My name’s Ethan. – [Interviewer] I just have one question. – Oh no, no no. – [Interviewer] Are you guys game? (laughs sarcastically) – ‘Cause you’re bringing us–
– Meats. You’re bringing us meats. – [Interviewer] Today we are
doing Kids Try Exotic Meats. – I knew it, okay.
– Cool, and also maybe not! – [Interviewer] Today
you’re gonna try four meats that I bet you’ve never had before. – Kangaroo meat? – [Interviewer] Why would you say that? (giggling)
– Because they are made out of meat, and they box really good. – [Interviewer] You like meat, right? – Yeah, I do. – [Interviewer] You may open. – This looks like, ooh, this is actually really nice presentation. (intrigued humming) Hey, I’m gonna taste some of the… – It’s sweet.
– Kinda the whole thing. – Oh. Is the meat good? – Taste like beef. Chicken. – [Interviewer] Chicken? No. – So it’s just a little, like– – It’s a bit gamey, yeah. Could be deer. – [Girl] Like venison, you mean? – Is it horse meat? – [Interviewer] That’s
a great guess, but no. – Goat meat? – [Interviewer] No. Helena, you said the name of this animal about two minutes ago. – Kangaroo. – [Interviewer] Kangaroo. (laughter) – [Both] Kangaroo?! – [Interviewer] It’s kangaroo meat! – Oh my god, that’s so weird.
– Cool! – I’m eating a kangaroo. I hope it’s not a mama.
(Interviewer laughs) – [Interviewer] Open! – This is a mini hot dog? – [Interviewer] It is. This is a brat. (chewing) – I just got a big mouthful of mustard. (giggles) – It tastes like a sausage. – I don’t know what to say.
– Tastes like mustard. – A dog’s tail. – [Interviewer] You think it’s dog? – Is it a dog? (Interviewer laughs) Can you tell me? – [Interviewer] You think we
would give you a hot dog dog? (laughter) Oh man, you guys really
boost my self confidence. (laughter) Do you wanna hear the noise? – Yeah. Please, the noise please. – [Interviewer] Alright. – And a one, and a two…
(boar grunting on recording) Is it a…
(chuckling) Is that a gorilla?
(laughter) – [Interviewer] It is a wild boar! – (yells) Yes, that’s what it was, a boar! I knew it started with a B. – It was little too bacon-y,
but it was good, actually. – “Bacon-y”? – Yeah, like–
– Why is that problem? – Well it’s just too much.
(laughter) – So it’s a stew-ish
thing with meat in it. – With a bird. – Kind of looks like chicken,
but I don’t think it is. – [Interviewer] It’s white meat. – White meat, like cow. – [Interviewer] Cows are red meat. – Oh.
– So? They could be white, too. – Is this meatloaf? I taste like it. – Oh god. What if it’s sheep brain? – [Interviewer] Does it
look like it could be? – Yeah, actually.
– What? – Like a panda, it’s panda? – [Interviewer] Well,
you’re not eating panda. Here’s your second hint: It is a reptile. – [Both] Alligator. – [Interviewer] Alligator is right! – You are kidding! – (giggles) I keep on not knowing it. – [Interviewer] You ever had gumbo? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Yeah, so
a popular meat in gumbo– – Louisiana. – [Interviewer] Was alligator. – Yeah, I wanna go to New Orleans where they party all night.
(laughter) – [Interviewer] Are you gonna be partying all night with them? – Yeah.
(giggling) – [Interviewer] Alright, open up! – Ooh, these look like legs. – I know what is it. – [Interviewer] What? – Frog legs. – (gasps) Ew, they look like… They look like legs! (humming) (squeals) (humming) I don’t want to eat its butt! (humming and singing)
(giggling) – [Interviewer] If I took one leg away, would you feel better? – Maybe. – [Interviewer] Alright. – But maybe not. (laughter) – [Interviewer] You
don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do! – Can I just put sriracha all over it? – [Interviewer] Sure, sure. – It’ll make me feel better. (laughter) – [Interviewer] Okay, Cavalli. – I’m not gonna lie, it
tastes good, actually. (laughter) – I taste, like, fish.
– Yeah. Yeah, it’s not bad.
– Nope. – [Interviewer] Do you prefer
fried chicken or fried frog? – Fried frog. – Is it ostrich? – [Interviewer] No,
it’s a frog (chuckles). (sad piano) Oh, oh I thought you knew that (chuckles). They’re frog legs. Oh my god! – I wanna eat a little bit more. (smacks lips) Thanks
for watching Kids Try. (laughter) – [Both] What’s your favorite meat? – Or are you ve-ge-tarian? – Don’t forget to subscribe. – See ya!
– Bye!

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  1. Vegetarian like if you are to 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽😁😁😁😁😁

  2. It makes a lot of sense that dog meat is horrible but not the others. We all know how god designed some animals for us to eat and some others of us to adore. Well done. #hypocrisy

  3. Cavali: “I wanna go to New Orleans where they party all night”

    Woman: “Are you gonna be partying with them?”

    Cavali: “Yeah”

  4. Are you guys “game”?
    Me: wtf is she talking about…
    Kids: oh haha you’re bringing us meat?

    I would have never of guessed that comment of “game” as like hunted meat, those kids are clearly smarter than me..

  5. Cavalli: sees the frog legs and has a whole metal break down

    Eats it: I’m not gonna lie this is good but then says what is it an ostrich

  6. I am a bit disturbed by how comfortably these kids are chewing down various species of once living beings and betting on which one they just ate. No I do eat meat, but this level of enthusiasm with variety of large mammals is weird and ignorant, even for kids :/

  7. No one :

    Absolutely no one :

    Cavalli : Puts ENTIRE SRIRACHA Bottle on frog legs

    Edit: Please dont hate on comment first time doing one of these

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