Kids Share Their School Lunch With Their Parents | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Share Their School Lunch With Their Parents | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Okay, so do you think
this is a healthy lunch? – Yeah. (bright music) – My name is Eva. – I’m Nicholas. – I’m Kavali and this is my mom. – Hey! – Every day. – ‘Cause I made his lunch
every single day last year. I wanted a little break (laughs). – I did pack lunch and then she decided she didn’t like anything I was making and we just made a mutual agreement for her to be able to choose hot lunch. – Today I’m going to be serving you one of my favorites. – You guys stay here. I’ll be right back. – Are you going to serve? – You just wait. – Okay, I’ll wait and see. – I need to leave. – Oh wow, bye. – Can you do it? – Is this a magic act, too? – Open your eyes! – [Man] Oh, wow. – Oh my gosh, and you
have a hair net. (laughs) – Oh, you do. I didn’t even see that. – Oh wow. This is a lot of good food over here. Oh, wow! (laughs) – This is a big pepperoni (mumbles). And I did some celery and ranch, Funyuns. – Can we try? Are we gonna start it? – Just start.
– Try it? – Alright, sure. I haven’t eaten. (laughs) – Wow! – What are the rules in the lunchroom? – You can not get up and walk around in the middle of lunch. – You cannot just go up to someone’s table and talk to them. That’s a rule. – That you have to have at
least one piece of vegetable. – You’re not allowed to go have lunch. – Did you eat vegetables and fruits? – I don’t think so. I don’t think I did. – You don’t remember? – Yeah.
– Really? – Yeah, I don’t think I did. – A lot of the times. – What about you? – Maybe I didn’t once. – I used to pack salads for his lunch. – No. – Oh, so did you eat it? – No. – I would throw it away in the garbage. I told you I didn’t want them. – No, you told me that you wanted them. That’s the only reason
why I would buy them. So he fake likes vegetables. – Can we eat?
– Yes, go ahead. – Geez, you are hungry. – I guess so. – I see you’ve chosen chocolate milk. How often do you eat chocolate milk? – Every Monday and Friday. – I’m lactose intolerant,
so I don’t really eat those on the other days. Yes. (laughs) – So do you choose to sit next to anybody in
particular for lunchtime? – I like sitting next to my friends that do Pokemon. – Oh, how nice. – Do you guys have your Pokemon cards while you eat lunch? – No, Pokemon cards aren’t allowed. – A dollar. – Two dollars, I think. – It’s not many. It’s just at the
beginning you grab a card. – I might need to have a conversation with her about the money part of it. – Well, there it goes. – Well, you know, that’s the way it was in the old days. We ate when we could, so
you don’t want to miss this. – Can I have another pizza? (laughs) – Yeah. – Yeah, right. You know they only give you one. – They give me two at sometimes. – Yeah, right. – Do you have enough time to eat your whole lunch? – Sometimes. Lunch can be very short. – Do you know, is it about 15 minutes? – I think about 10. – Maybe 10 or 11 or something. – Packed lunch or hot lunch? – Both. – Whose lunches do you like better? When mom packs it for you
or when I pack it for you? – Really?
– Oh, wow. Ouch. – Are you feeling happy
with hot lunch everyday? – I want to go back to
what we did last year where one day I would have hot lunch and then the next day I don’t. – This is news to me. So I guess we’ll have to
discuss what our new plan is. – Yeah.
– Alright. (clattering) – Oh! Okay, Kavali.

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  1. since no one else said it, they probably go to private school, because public school in the country, so that good-looking food

  2. I noticed how the black kid doesn’t have a dad he probably said I’m going to get milk and then the kid looked in the fridge and the mom already had milk

  3. Did anyone notice that the mom with the daughter who is lactose and tolerant said how often do you EAT chocolate milk?😂

  4. Omg these kids are so blessed with this food, my food is absolutely horrid and nasty and unhealthy aswell as greasy, nasty smelling and looking and it doesn't taste that good.

  5. They have good lunch. My school has lunch that sucks. Even their trays are even nice. All my lunch+trays are trash. Me and a ton of other kids barely even eat the lunch. Sometimes the food is good.

  6. i miss elementary lunch lol. now at my hs we just get a dry "burger" and an apple. if youre late to lunch at our school (even if you had lunch detention) you dont get fed. our lunch ladies pack stuff up after the first wave ;-;

  7. They have to pay for their school lunch!? I get mine free, the only thing that cost money is like ice cream, chips, and other sweet snacks (unless we buy them our selves) it cost kinda more but at least u already have it

  8. My Middle School lunch be bomb, and then we can go to another table to talk to friends and go to the snack cart and get snacks and talk to friends or go outside or play in the foyer.

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