Japanese Canned Food Restaurant ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Japanese Canned Food Restaurant ★ ONLY in JAPAN

ONLY in JAPAN Osaka is considered Japan’s kitchen and you can see that from the cities over the top both Dhoton-bori shopping street It’s outrageous and packed with restaurants and delicious street foods Back in Osaka the Dhoton-bori yep now we ate a lot of food here last time In a previous episode Kevin and I ate until we practically exploded sampling tons of delicious street food on the Dhoton-bori Osaka is the place to be if you’re following your stomach to Japan and we’re back for some more food but we wanted to try something different and Kevin had heard of a place nearby so we left the Dhoton-bori A short walk away Japanese food is known for its beauty and presentation like Kaiseki-Ryori (traditional Japanese meal brought in courses) But we’re not here for that, this place is a wacky all canned food themed restaurant They have dozens of shops around Japan, but of course it all started here in Osaka It’s a lovely place with a view of the Dhoton-bori River Cans, cans and more cans! There are over 300 kinds of canned food here, which makes this both insane and totally fun Customers have to choose what they want to eat and that’s no easy task Here are some of the canned foods available After Kevin, and I had decided on five cans to try we took them to the counter and ordered our drinks This place is called Mr.Kanso, and I’d never seen anything like this before Could one consider this concept the opposite to Japan’s gourmet soul? Perhaps But we’re here to see just how good or how bad Japanese canned food tastes Kampai (Cheers!) First up was bacon honey mustard in a can They had me at bacon This is like big-cut bacon with a little bit of the honey mustard sauce Maybe many restaurants are serving this on a plate and we don’t even know it Right now this is the one to beat the bacon because it’s the first one. We’ve had That’s really good. Next up Takoyaki in a can, my favorite Japanese street food and well to see it in a can it kind of horrified me But it also got me curious. It looks so good freshly made like this could it compete with the real thing What makes this even more interesting is it comes in a can but if you eat it at the restaurant? They give you? Katsuo-bushi (dried bonito shavings) and the Nori (laver) and the mayonnaise as a set So it’s a total complete package here, so I guess the best way would to eat it like a little bit of mayonnaise and then grab on grab on to the takoyaki like this oh Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, I’m gonna try one of those yeah, Oh, just like They need to be heated, but it’s really good because it’s Just a ball of dough in a salty soy based sauce with in the middle That piece of octopus (the Taco) Mmm. This is good This is really good At the plate now is Buri-Daikon (Yellowtail and Japanese Radish) canned amberjack fish with Japanese radish the restaurant will dish it and heat it up for you The Buri looks great and the Daikon not bad Which one you going for it, the Daikon or Buri, I’ll go for the Daikon all right Buri – Daikon Hmm, that’s good It’s good! I like that Slightly fishy taste hmm good texture to it. Yeah, okay? Yeah, I like Buri too, it looks like a big piece of beef To be honest are they look like a big piece of beef, but it’s fish. It’s a meaty fish really meaty mmm Well, you know some fish is kind of a very loose and flakies mediator That looks nice Japanese food and a can isn’t so bad after all Then Mushi-Uni (steamed Sea Urchin) in a can hit the table It’s a seafood with a spiky shell that terrifies some foreign visitors to Japan it usually has a premium price, but in a can It’s quite reasonable But is it good? No normally, I like it fresh, I’ve never had it in a can before yeah I know I go to Hokkaido every June to eat fresh from the ocean so this is going to be Tested Kevin goes first like a brave seaman heading into a taste typhoon Really it was pretty good. It’s got that same ocean flavor when you get a fresh serving nicely done Right Still to me not good. I’m Not a big fan of Uni I’ll eat Uni It’s not in my top 10. It’s not the same as it being fresh. We’re in Hokkaido so, we can take it. This is pretty good I’m surprised Next up is Dashi-Maki, egg and a delicious fish soup stock. It looked like a cut-up omelet in a camp Something I’d never seen before it’s also the top-ranked canned food in the restaurant – Dashi-Maki This is the number one of the top 10 can here the most popular the most popular, and it looks weird, I mean who would put an egg in a can No, this is so weird it’s cool It’s so cool. It comes with Ponzu. Oh, yeah. Is it a vinegary sauce yeah? Something you could dip it in let’s let’s give it a try First Ha yeah, that looks nice. You can see the rolls in there. It’s so soft. Yeah wait. I’m just gonna go for it Good Mmm Very soft, tasty, filling and good enough that you want one more I can see why this is the number one item here Now the verdict Now we have to decide what the top 5 canned foods add Mr. Kanso Which one did you like the best Kevin okay? You know what I’m gonna stick with my original choice here I knew you’re gonna say that I’m gonna go with the bacon as well. I think the Atsu-giri (thick slice) bacon I have to go with that because it’s just it’s that good. It goes so well with beer what is it? Yeah? It’s definitely an alcohol Right Number two is a little bit in the air I’m going for the Takoyaki and a close third is the Dashi-Maki, fourth is the Buti-Daikon and those three are really close together second, third, fourth and the last of course for me is the Uni because It’s Uni, but it’s not bad. It’s just it’s better if fresh for me. Honestly. Yeah. Yeah it Can’t be fresh I’m kind of a Takoyaki, aficionado Who makes talking eating a high-class Takoyaki guy good yeah, I’m gonna take the Dashi-Maki over the Takoyaki So I’ll go – lucky then Takoyaki, but I think taking Uni are kind of tied for me Oh really, yeah, so but it’s still in the bottom now. It’s still in the bottom of the unit. Oh, yeah, yeah Just big guy. There’s already so here are our lists We both agreed that the Atsu-giri bacon and honey mustard sauce was the best and the only argument was between the middle three which were all very close Even the sea urchin was not too bad. Although definitely tried in Aomori and Hakodate where the taste and experience is the best There is a whole world of canned food in Japan with items that you’ve probably never seen before Some items are well known and all seemed to taste good enough to make these shelves That’s eating out in Osaka. No matter what’s on the menu It’s always crazy fun and worth exploring the city for more and since our stomachs will be empty again Kevin And I will be back for more food adventures around Japan’s kitchen If you liked it hit that subscribe button and check out another one of our shows Don’t miss my second live streaming channel only in Japan go and check out location photos on Instagram http://instagram.com/onlyinjapantv

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  1. Normally one doesnt eat so many cans in one sitting since each can is loaded with sodium. You need to eat them with white rice otherwise each can is far to rich in flavor on its own.

  2. Your Pepto Bismol bill must be huge or you have a stomach lined in stainless steel John. You are such a brave man.

  3. food reviewer tasting bacon honey mustard. oh wow its like bacon pieces with honey and mustard wow. thanks so descriptive.

  4. You know, if zombie apocalypse happens, i want it to happens when i in japan. No worry of BAD food in there.

  5. So Japanese have so much cash they wanna spend like 3x the price on canned food? lmao oh japan..you so silly

  6. Thanks guys
    Where I live here. Japanese grocery. A lot can foodstuff now I have the idea to pick some
    Hoping not make mistakes

  7. Only in Japan would they have a 'restaurant' that serves you food in a can! I noticed the waiter/barman looked rather embarrassed serving them their 'dish' via the can.

  8. Funnily enough, some of the best seafood in Spain is caught at the peak time of the year and canned in premium olive oil, or hand made sauces, the biggest sweetest mussels, premium tuna belly and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea ect. In a lot of cases some of these products are considered among the best seafood you'll get anywhere in the world as the canning process actually develops the flavor and people (and high end restaurants) pay a huge price for them. Given the level of detail, expertise and pride that seems to go into everything the Japanese people do, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a similar story there with some of those products, particularly the seafood ones.

  9. Omg THIS MUSIC IS AWESOME!!! 1:41 😻😻😻😻 I had a double take on that crab display moving! I couldn't believe it. Canned food scares me if I can't read the label or know the expiration dates on them. Interesting visit I have to say.

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