Indonesian STREET FOOD TOUR in Bali Night Market – Is Indonesian Food Good?

Indonesian STREET FOOD TOUR in Bali Night Market – Is Indonesian Food Good?

thank you guys so tonight we’re heading
out for some Indonesian Street food I’m super hungry how about you yeah me the
same totally so the first time they’ll be trying street food are you ready to
go I’m ready to go let’s jump on the new scooter so the trip to the night market is
supposed to take around eight minutes with the scooter but for you it’s gonna
take three seconds let’s go so we just arrived here at the open night market
which is located in Bali in seminyak so now we’re gonna try out some foods here
oh yeah let’s go if you have anything typical Indonesian vegetarian and tempeh and it’s a big thing here in Indonesia
actually we have eaten like tempeh a lot when we’ve been here so now we’re gonna
find some local temper and treat that this street food stop let’s sit down this whole meal was
15,000 Indonesian Rupiah which is approximately about a dollar something
like that awesome look at this so here we got white rice fried aubergine and
fry tempeh with some salad and some ball okay let’s try this out I think they think this is hot
yeah I think that’s okay me too right up Wow yeah
you’re gonna eat that whole I need that water it’s turning to be okay now yeah
yeah think you managed didn’t how was the aubergine it was nice yeah what
about the temp it’s pretty traditional here in Indonesia yeah it’s a
traditional soy product here can you see the sweat on my nose is impossible look
how little chilli that we took in Sweden we’re not used to the heat like super
spicy food at least not possible so yes the sambal or whatever chili it
is kills us we’re sweating we’re gonna move on to the next air stop and see
what we find here you carry on no no no luck there let’s move on so it has been kind of difficult to find
something that doesn’t contain meat because we don’t eat that so we’ll
continue our search okay I think we found something
hi it’s like mixed vegetables and it’s typical Indonesian so let’s ask but most of my food has veggie option green curry have veggie red curry soto have veggie let’s try some okay so we’re going
to try some what do you recommend well maybe cap cay good for you
because you know my concept cap cay mixed vegetable so we have broccoli carrot mushroom beans a lot a lot of vegetarian and the concept is healthy
crunchy so I don’t cook too long so just half cook so it crunchy it sounds really
nice we can try that do you have something else also red curry and green curry have veggie also is it realy spicy not really only you know I make for the
coloring to make red I use the big chilli not spicy
it tastes like a paprika so not that spicy okay that sound good so red or green red curry or green curry what do you prefer maybe red curry is more mild yeah we take that then what about the rice with the rice with rice yeah so two rice or maybe one rice good we try something okay okay have a sit
so this meal is called cap cay and it consists about different types of
vegetables as you can see with some green beans cabbage mushrooms carrots
etc and it’s fried and then it’s in a broth of some kind of soy sauce water
and a little bit added oils to it and then we have some rice over here and
this is a red curry with a bunch of nice vegetables carrots cabbage tomato and
yeah it smells delicious so let’s try this out so here we go
cap cay nice but definitely has to be some kind of sugar in this because it’s
spicy oily and a little bit sugary also but it’s really really nice feels like
it’s so in this also Wow you’re gonna love this meal so let’s try
this one superhot this was really nice I don’t think
though that this is typical Indonesian I’m not sure but we definitely know that
this one the cap cay is from Indonesia but this was really really nice I think
after this evening we’re gonna definitely have a food baby each oh this
was super spicy in the middle something in this is super super spicy can you see
the sweat on my nose super hot so what do you think about the food the cap cay it’s really sweet sweet yeah baby I
think we will get one of these as well soto veggie I think some kind of soup let’s try it out ready soto it’s like traditional yeah very
very like every have ceremony like party like identity yeah like a family
gathering but this is my identity because different with another soto okay good so you heard this which is called soto
and it’s sometimes considered to be the traditional dish of Indonesia and this
had egg with it and we remove that sometimes it has meat as well but we’re
only eating the vegetables okay so let’s write up wow this guy totally knows how
to cook nice it’s just vegetables and broth but anyways he does it in his own
way as he told us and this is definitely something special this is delicious
you should try it out it is hello vegetables on the table look I’m a pig
really nice tastes yeah how does it feel to eat like
Indonesian’s national dish super fun because I love tasting like traditional foods and yeah I love it was it spicy or no it’s pretty mild it’s like it’s hard to explain but
it’s pretty nice yes thank you very much yeah thank you feel that it was like
from you traveling yeah this is definitely subscribe already subscribe
yeah okay so I can take that I wanna see yeah yeah yeah definitely you have to
check it out it’s gonna be good don’t have to be nervous so 16 Indonesian rupiah for this it’s
about maybe $4 us for like three different dishes two rice one water thank
you guys so it’s the scooter yes okay so they move their scooter but that’s
pretty typical for Indonesia or Bali at least that they’re moving on the scooter
and they also break this lock because you can actually just lock this like you
can lock the steering wheel here but they just can break it up anyway so it
is like why why do we even do that that was such an incredible experience
actually to eat Indonesian sweet food right yeah and we also met some super
cool local people here in Bali Indonesia that was really really super helpful
with the foods and everything because it’s not typical to order like
vegetarian food when you’re already here because there’s a lot of meat so it’s
hard for us like to eat vegan or vegetarian food at Street food
restaurants like this and it wasn’t that many stalls either food stalls it was
maybe 10 or 15 stalls I think yeah and they also had like various types of food
at this food stall that we went to lastly was pretty healthy and super
delicious this kind of street food market face it
doesn’t seem to be super big here in Bali but it was a really nice experience
so this wraps up this video trying street food in Bali Indonesia great
experience really good food nice people and subscribe to this channel if you
like what we’re doing traveling the world today we are in Bali Indonesia
trying Street food and hit the thumbs up because our bellies are
super full see you in the next one guys bye bye

35 thoughts on “Indonesian STREET FOOD TOUR in Bali Night Market – Is Indonesian Food Good?”

  1. You guys should visit Pakistan, since you are already kinda familiar to the culture as you've reviewed music videos from Coke Studio 🙂

  2. guys, sambal terasi isn't for vegetarian because it consists of acetes… please ask for no terasi on your sambal…

  3. In street food mainly from meet also a few from vegetables. But of you try in "warung" Indonesian typical small restauran at lunch or breakfast mainly contains vegetables. And mainly Indonesian people at home cook vegetables often than meat or chicken. Mostly kangkung or you can called it morning glory. And many others vegetables.

  4. I am vegetarian too, and everyday i eat different vegetables base such us "urap", "pecel", "gado-gado", "plecing kangkung", "tumis kangkung with soy ketchup", "sop", "sayur asem", "sayur bening", and many more.
    Everything that contain vegetables can cook with Indonesian style.

  5. If you both still in Indonesia, you can try indonesian main course salads like nasi pecel, gado-gado or sayur asem.
    And thank you for traveling to Indonesia.

  6. Indonesian Vegan food recommendations: a) PECEL (steam veggies usually spinach, bean sprouts, cabbage with peanut sauce javanese style b) GADO GADO (steam veggies, potato, fried tofu, fried tempe, hard-boiled egg in peanut sauce different from pecel) c) LODEH SAYUR (young jackfruit in curry sauce) d) SAYUR ASEM vegetarian (tamarind soup with assorted veggies. there is meat version) e) CAH KANGKUNG (stir fried watercrest) e) RUJAK BUAH MANIS (assorted fruits with sweet sour dressing or with peanut sauce) f) SOP SAYUR (veggie soup Indonesian style) g) TAHU ISI vegetarian style (fried Tofu filled with vegetables. this is more like street snacks) h) TEMPE BACHEM (fried marinated tempe, mostly in East/Central Java) i) SEMUR TAHU TEMPE and Telur (=hard boiled eggs) (if you can eat eggs, Tofu, tempe and hard boiled eggs in Semur style , there is meat semur also) j) RENDANG TAHU TEMPE (tofu, tempe cooked in Rendang sauce) K) BOTOK TAHU TEMPE (tofu and tempe steam in banana leaf with special sauce. Mostly in East/Central Java) L) DADAR JAGUNG (fried Corn fritter) M) PERKEDEL (spiced fried mashed potato coated with egg) N) BAKMI GORENG VEGETARIAN (fried noodle vegetarian style) O) KARE LABUH, TAHU, TEMPE (Indonesian curry with cayote, assorted veggie, tofu, tempe).

  7. guys if u in bali u should try lawar, but make sure its made from vegetable only, lot of lawar contain pig blood or pig ears. But the only vegetable lawar is also good! the vegetables on lawar is young jackfruit and long bean. And you can try tipat cantok that suitable for you guys who r vegan/vegetarian

  8. There are so much varieties of vegan dishes. Indonesia is the paradise for vegan lovers. Basically Indonesian foods are vegan, because it is rich in spices. The problem is the topping, it's still use vegetables or meat.

    This is top list for vegan dishes (search for image in google):

    Nasi Goreng (without meat & egg)
    Capcay (without meat & egg)
    Nasi uduk
    Lontong sayur
    Sayur asem
    Orek tempeh

    all delicious

    even u can try vegan rendang (without beef) ex: Rendang jengkol, rendang tempeh, rendang tahu, etc

  9. Indonesian food is actually really diverse. From west to east there is a distinct difference in cooking techniques, use of spices as in herbs, influence(chinese, arab, indigenous, indian, even dutch) and the level of heat(yogyakarta food is on the sweet side. Lombok is pure heat). A tiny example.. Food in the west uses alot more coconut milk compared to food in the east. In the middle of indonesia(java) peanut sauce plays an important part. So yeah its hard to define indonesian food. Every region has its own style and signature dish. But all the regions have a couple of dishes in common. Nasi goreng(theres like a zillion type of nasi goreng), sate(again we have so many style of sate), soto(same thing, so many soto varieties).

  10. if both of you are still staying in indonesia. you can try some our dishes that suitable for vegan like GADO GADO, KETOPRAK, MIE GORENG, MIE REBUS, NASI GORENG, SIOMAY, TEMPEH OREK, LONTONG SAYUR.

  11. Thanks brotha, bought of u trying indonesian foods, much varian in indonesian foods and if u like spicy? Almost people in indonesia likes anything foods so spicy ( include me 😂 ).
    Nice video brotha.thanks.
    Regards ; ZLataNZaccartaIndonesia.

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