Indonesian STREET FOOD HEAVEN in Medan, Indonesia | BBQ Chicken + SPICY Noodles + SEAFOOD & CURRY!

Indonesian STREET FOOD HEAVEN in Medan, Indonesia | BBQ Chicken +  SPICY Noodles + SEAFOOD & CURRY!

– Hi, so check it out, it’s Trevor James. I just got in to Medan,
Indonesia and I’m so pumped because today, we’re
going to go for a full on street food tour. I can’t wait. (upbeat music) This is Medan, a food
hotspot in northern Sumatra that you’re going to fall in love with right when you arrive. You’ll be surprised by the
sheer variety of street food right there for you to
try around every corner. There’s tons of classic dishes to be tried and a large amount of Chinese
influenced dishes as well. We found nine different
amazing street foods that you’re going to love, so stick around until the end to enjoy them all. We’re deep in the morning market here. (speaks foreign language) in Medan. Let’s see what we can find. After a quick walk through
the morning market, we found a hawker stall selling a ton of different specialties. But one thing that captures
your eye right away as you walk up is the famous Nasi Lemak. This dish is famous all
throughout Indonesia and Malaysia with slight
variations wherever you go, but one thing that is
certain is the rice is cooked in a rich coconut milk and you can choose some super spicy and
flavorful side dishes. Oh wow, look at this, guys. We’re going to get a Nasi
Lemak in a banana leaf. Rice on the banana leaf. Oh yeah, some crisps. Oh, fried shallots. – Rendang, rendang.
– Rendang. (upbeat music) – [Trevor] Oh, rendang. Oh, look at that. That just looks amazing. So we just got the Nasi
(speaks foreign language), Nasi Lemak. Doesn’t that look amazing? I got a ton of beef rendang sauce over rice, all of these fried. I think this is fried galangal. Here’s cucumber. Oh yeah, there’s, oh yeah, lots of different spicy sambos in there. There’s crisps, oh yeah. And I’m just going to get a nice big bite full of that rendang
sauce with a big piece of that beef rendang. Mm! Wow, that beef flavor. That rendang spice, it’s so thick. It’s ultra, ultra rich. That rendang is so thick and rich. It’s quite spicy, earthy. Oh, and that rice mixed
with all the little bits of sambal, fried galangal. Oh, that is just a
powerful start to the day. Next up, we made our way down the street to another morning market in
search of more street food and found an iconic dish in Medan, the Kuay Teow. As soon as we walked up
and found this Kuay Teow noodle stall, we knew
that it had to be eaten. This must be the famous Kuay Teow. Oh, duck and Kuay Teow! Just walking through a morning market here and there’s so much goodies to find. So fried Kuay Teow, which are
like fat, wide rice noodles and she’s going to put duck
egg in there and shrimp and rice cake and sweet
sausage, Chinese sausage. (Trevor and woman speak foreign language) Oh, this is just going
to be a marvelous dish. (speaks foreign language) Kuay Teow for life. Oh, there’s the duck egg. (cook speaks foreign language) (Trevor and woman converse
in foreign language) Wow, look at this guys. Oh, she’s just putting
a little lagau in there, oh, just a little touch. Oh, you can really smell
the flavor of the wok going into those noodles. (Trevor and woman speak foreign language) Oh yeah, right on the banana leaf. Wow, right on the banana leaf there. That just looks so flavorful. (Trevor and woman speak foreign language) This is famous in Medan. Oh, it’s hot and fresh. Look at that, guys, all
those Kuay Teow noodles packed with fish ball, shrimp, oh, there’s duck egg in
there and the Kuay Teow, you can really smell the
banana leaf fragrance because it’s warm. The banana leaf is just
emitting an amazing fragrance. Wow. (Trevor and woman speak foreign language) (Trevor and woman laugh) Wow, that flavor is incredibly fragrant. (man speaks foreign language) That is ultra flavor. The Kuay Teow mixed with the shrimp, mixed with the fish ball
and that slightly sweet Chinese sausage. The wok definitely gives
it a bunch of flavor. Slightly smoky, slightly peppery. Mm, mm, oh yeah, a touch of spice. Next up, we went to go
try one of the most famous street noodles in Medan, the Duck Bihun. Here, you get nice huge
chunks of duck meat, Bihun noodles, garlic, and greens all combined with the richest duck broth that’s been simmering for hours. This is one of the best
broths you’ll ever taste. – Good morning.
– Morning. Oh, good. How are you. Oh, the Bihun Bebek.
– Yes. (man speaks foreign language) The best in the world.
– The best in the world? Really? Okay. – Big one.
– Yeah, big one please. Okay, big one (speaks foreign language). – This looks so good. That duck broth is just like, in the air. You can smell it, it’s strong. (Trevor and woman foreign language) This just looks amazing. Look at this, guys. Starting the day of right here in Medan. We have the Bihun Bebek. Look at all of these nice, tender looking slices of duck with rice
noodle, tons of garlic, greens, oh yeah, green onions. And then the real magic, the duck broth and some chili paste. First thing I’m going to do
is just add a couple spoons of that garlic. Oh yeah, get a little more. Wow! And then add their specialty duck broth. That is thick! Look at that, guys. Oh, wow. That is going to be a
beautiful start to the day. And then just a touch. Don’t want to overpower. Just a touch of chili to start it off. Oh yeah. oh, that’s ultra flavor. (speaks foreign language) – All around the world.
– Around the world. – Peking, Shanghai.
– Really? – You cannot.
– Cannot get that flavor? – You can’t.
– Wow. That duck broth is just so flavorful with ll the garlic in there,
that is so powerfully smooth and the duck meat, it is so tender. Next up, we went to one
of the oldest restaurants in Medan, trying a famous
coconut milk and tumeric beef soup famous for
its distinct, rich gravy that’s spiced with
caraway, ginger, coriander, and garlic. This is a broth that keeps the
locals coming back for more. (Trevor and woman speak foreign language) – Beef, beef.
– Beef. – [Trevor] We just got
the full on morning soto soup here. This is made with beef
and galangal, ginger, lots of coconut milk. Oh yeah, look at those nice beef slices. It also comes with a shrimp
cake, fried shrimp cake. I believe these are fried potato patties. I think there’s some egg in there as well. And rice, and this is a
sambo with fried shallot. I’m going to do that,
I’m going to do that. Oh, beautiful. Make a soto rice concoction. Mm. Oh, it’s so creamy from the coconut milk. The creaminess from the coconut milk with a hint of galangal and
ginger, that tender beef. Oh, slight curry flavor
all over that rice. Beautiful. Next up for lunch, we made
our way to Tri-Medan’s most famous curry at the Bona restaurant. Right when you walk up
and smell these huge pots of bubbling curry, you
know it’s gonna be good. (Trevor and man speak foreign language) It’s beautiful. This curry broth is so
potent and it’s powerful. You walk by, you can just smell it. It is so strong. It hits the nostrils and it
is going to be so delicious. Oh! Oh yeah, we’re going to get one of these. Oh yeah, blood cubes, potato. Rich broth, oh, that looks amazing. We’re going to order one up. Add the curry broth, oh! (Trevor and woman speak foreign language) Thank you. Oh, look at this, guys. We have their specialty curry here. Oh, nice big blood cubes, black pudding. Oh yeah, slices of chicken. Bihun, see the Bihun
noodles here on the bottom. Oh, beautiful. Oh, and potato. Get a nice blood cube for that
first bite, the blood cube, chicken slice. Mm, oh! Oh, it’s so creamy from the
coconut milk they put in there. You can really taste that coconut milk. Oh, that blood. That blood gives it a
nice little pop of joy. It’s so milky and creamy. It almost tastes like a
laksa with the blood cubes, the chicken, the potato. Oh, it’s a slight spice,
it’s just a slight spice. (men speak foreign language) – 80 years.
– 80 years. (Trevor and man speak foreign language) – Bye bye. – [Trevor] Next up for
a mid-afternoon snack, we went to go try some
street side mixed chicken and organ skewers covered
in a rich and peppery gravy. It has been a wonderful day
here in Medan and we’re going to keep going. We’re going to get some sate. Oh yeah, we’re going to get it all. Chicken, beef, organs all covered in that. Look at this sate sauce right here. (Trevor speaks foreign language) Oh yeah, they’re putting latang, rice cake, covering it with a sate sauce. Oh, look how creamy and thick that is! Mix it up. Look at that sauce with
the fried shallots. (speaks foreign language) Wow, look at this, guys. Look at that chicken sate
covered in fried shallots and their specialty sate sauce. Look at that, right over the banana leaf. That looks so beautiful. Okay, we’re just going
to go right in for that. Mm, oh. That gravy they put over top. That is a very savory gravy. Slightly peppery, slightly peppery with those fried shallots. A little smoky and a little spicy as well. Oh, beautiful. Mm, oh yeah. Next up, just down the street, we found a famous popiah
joint selling these beautiful little rice flower rolls stuffed
with a sweet fruit sauce, boiled green beans and
carrots, a scoop of crab meat, fried shallots, Chinese barbecue pork, and boiled radish. You can order a deep fried version as well and you’re going to
fall in love with both. Oh, popiah.
– Popiah. (Trevor and man speak foreign language) So take a look at this. There is two types of popiah. Over here is the fried
popiah and that’s what he is making right here, which has radish, green bean, cha show, see
that cha show barbecue pork. The white is crab. There’s radish and it’s
wrapped up in a rice flour wrap and he’s just covering it in, I think that’s a bit of batter to seal it. Oh, he’s going to fry that up. And over here, this
one has tons of radish, shallot, green bean, carrot, and a sweet chili sauce,
almost like a sweet, fruity chili sauce. We just got the beautiful
rice flour popiah and then we’re just
going to add a little bit of a fruity sauce, a fruity sweet sauce over it there, oh. Mm, good. Sweet and spicy and refreshing. And this popiah, that is really good. That barbecue pork, that carrot and radish and green bean, it’s all very soft. It almost melts in your mouth with that smooth rice flour wrapper. There’s also a bit of
cha show barbecue pork in there and then you just cover it. And then you just cover it
in that sweet chili sauce. It’s almost like a
fruity, sweet chili sauce. For our final meal before
going to an insane durian mountain, we went to have
a beautiful Medan style seafood feast. I Medan, you can try a ton
of seafood, but we came specifically to try the
amazing mud crab cooked in padang sauce, even
richer than the chili crab you can find in many
places in Southeast Asia. The flavor comes from a
spice mix using garlic, shallot, bird’s eye
chili, ginger, tumeric, candlenut, and more red chili pepper. The sauce gets so thick
when it’s mixed with eggs and it’s super hot, savory, and spicy. We also ordered a plain cooked stone crab to dip into their signature sweet and sour pineapple sauce. (loud thuds) Oh, he’s just cracking that claw. It’s just spraying juice everywhere. This is amazing! Wow, look at that flesh. (Trevor and woman speak foreign language) What a feast! Oh (laughs)! Lots of seafood here today. Look at this amazing selection of seafood. We have two coconut stone crabs, one here, look at this in the padang sauce, which is like a chili sauce, chili crab. Wow, and those are huge, fat claws. Look at that claw, oh! Look at that claw. There’s egg in there
and it’s just dripping with that padang chili sauce. That is going to be plump. And then the other coconut
stone crab over here is just clear and boiled. Apparently the flesh is
supposed to be slightly sweet. We have some boiled clams and these, you dip into their
pineapple sweet and sour and spicy sauce. You got to mix that up well. We have some fried rice
with shrimp chili sauce. It looks like there are some
shallots in that chili sauce. There’s egg in that fried rice. It’s crazy! This is fried shrimp with
the Thai stink beans, those are going to be potent. There’s tofu puffs,
there’s fresh red chilis, and that chili sauce, I just
saw them put some curry paste there in the wok. You know what we’re going
to go right in for first though, right? Oh! These monster, oh, look at that! These monster claws,
these coconut stone crab. Oh, look at that. I’m just going to go right in for that. Wow! (Trevor speaks foreign language) Just dripping with that chili egg sauce. Wow, look at that crab flesh, oh. That is definitely slightly
sweet and spicy, wow. That is monster-sized crab flesh. This is an insane, an
insane crab spectacle. Look at that, look at that. This is so flavorful, so sweet and spicy and aromatic, and the fried eggs. Oh, that is just breathtaking. That is a super, super
flavorful, slightly sweet, spicy sauce and that crab meat is so, so springy. Whoa. We got just crab claw
after crab claw here. It’s like a crab claw Popsicle. Look at that, it’s like a Popsicle. You can just suck it right off the flesh and then you dip it into this pineapple sweet, spicy, and sour homemade secret sauce. Whoa! It’s definitely a crab claw Popsicle. It just pops into your mouth lik a big, juicy crab ball. That chili sauce, it’s
chili pineapple sauce. You can really taste the
pineapple, that sweet, slightly spicy pineapple, slightly sour. Oh, amazing, amazing. After this seafood feast of a lifetime, we went to finish the night
with the most controversial fruit in the world, durian. As soon as we walked up
to this 24/7 durian joint serving up some of the
best local farmer’s durians from the surrounding areas,
we found what looked like thousands of durians all
waiting to be ordered with staff sorting the best fleshy durians into takeaway boxes for customers and the tables full of people chatting and eating he stinky, sweet, potent custardy and creamy fruit from heaven. We just found the durian heaven. Oh! Wow. Look at this, thousands of durian. Oh, it’s like a mountain of durian. You could swim in there. It’s like a mountain of durian. So Medan is supposed to
be famous for durian, and this looks like it’s going to be good. We’re going to get a big fat one. Oh yeah, and try it out. Durian is one of the stenchiest
and most potent fruits in the world. You can smell it as you walk up. It’s really strong and
there’s a truck backing up with durian right here. This is crazy. And this is just like the
icing on the cake for us and come with a durian
feast at the end of the day. Wow, look at that. (Trevor laughs) Oh, you can smell it. It’s strong, it’s stenchy. It smells like, ooh! That smells like ooh, that smells like rotten cheese almost, but good rotten cheese. Oh, we found the jackpot here. Apparently Medan has
both sweet and bitter. I’m a fiend for the sweet,
so we’re going to go get some sweet ones. Oh, huge crates of durian. It’s like a durian, there’s a
couple durian mountains here. Hi.
– Hello. – You have lots of durian. Oh, it smells good. (men speak foreign language) Awesome, we’re going to get
some nice, fat durians here. (Trevor and man speak foreign language) Big.
– Oh fat, okay. (Trevor and man speak foreign language) – Oh yeah, it’s like a big durian bar. (Trevor speaks foreign language) You sit down, you get your durian fix and you’re good to go. So we’ve got two different
types of durian here. This is the bitter. Oh, that is very potent. It’s stenchy, it almost
smells like garbage. And then over here, this is the sweet one. This one just looks very soft. Some people love their
durian soft, some of it more firm. But my opinion, when
it’s creamy and it melts in your mouth and that flesh is just, oh, it’s so creamy and milky,
there’s nothing better. Let’s try it out. That is so, so sweet and creamy and milky. I was honestly, when I saw this, when I saw this durian,
I wasn’t expecting it to be super delicious. I thought it was going to be average, but that is actually fantastic durian. It’s so sweet and
butterscotch-y and milky. Mm. And now we’re going to go for the bitter. Oh, look at that. It’s so soft, that flesh. That is really the joy of durian, is sucking the flesh off there until it melts in your mouth. Wow. The seeds are big, but there’s
also a lot of flesh on there. The sweet was fantastic. Mm! It almost has a jungle-y,
earthy, plant-y flavor to it. That one is actually a little stenchy. Oh, it tastes like, it
tastes like foul onions. It takes like sweet foul onions, but delicious. The best thing about durian is the variety and how you can have
different flavors like sweet, bitter, alcoholic. There’s like, so any different textures. Some are soft, some are a little more firm and you can really just
get into it like a wine or a cheese. It really is a world of its own. For you.
– No, for you. – For me, oh (laughs).
– Yes. – Mm, oh. (woman speaks foreign language) Wow, it’s okay. It has been an amazing time here in Medan. Delicious food and friendly people and this whole month in
Indonesia has been mind blowing. I’ll remind you to click
that subscribe button and little bell button
behind it because we have a ton of awesome street food
tours coming up for you guys. So much amazing food and the people here have just been so friendly. It’s completely blowing my
mind and we are definitely coming back here. I would love to hear from
you in the comments below about what you thought
about this Medan video and our whole Indonesia
street food series. You can check out the whole
series in the playlist. I would love to hear from you
and click that like button as well. Thank you so much for watching, guys.

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  8. Indonesia's national motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or Unity in Diversity.

    It's not surprising to find older generations of Chinese Indonesians who speak Mandarin. Because before Suharto's regime in the 60's, Chinese language schools and other Chinese organizations could freely express themselves. Unfortunately, during the 30 so years under Suharto, an entire generation wasn't able to learn Chinese. Many in Kalimantan and Sumatra were able to continue speaking their mother tongue (usually a southern Chinese topolect like Hokkien or Hakka) within their community, but the ban on Chinese culture was a nationwide occurrence. So even if people learned Mandarin in secret, it wouldn't be much beyond a middle school level (unless they continued their education overseas).

    All the people in this video seemed to be elderly. Maybe not born in the 50s kind of old, but at least born in the 60s where they could've at least had a tertiary education in Mandarin. If Trevor had spoken Mandarin with a younger person who was born in the 80s, then it would be surprising. A Chinese Medanese from that age would speak Hokkien, and whatever was spoken by their parents at home (eg. Cantonese if one or both parents were Cantonese).

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