I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty

I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty

41 thoughts on “I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty”

  1. Thank you all for tuning in the for finale! We had such an amazing time making giant foods this season, and we're so grateful to our wonderful team behind the cameras that made it happen. Huge shoutout to Tiko from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Glendale to making this happen, as well as Hannah Williams for being such a great and hilarious mother.

    Who should we invite in next?

  2. Alvin ,the rest of all the Making it big viewers and I have one simple request for you:

    DO THIS WITH MATT STONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

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  4. If feel like it’s the kind of thing where you think you can win the challenge then you look at the pizza in person and realize

  5. Next idea, giant brownie. Id totally eat that. My ideal dessert would probably be brownies. Other than that, any bready dessert would be too much.

  6. "How many calories do you think this is?" "Over a thousand?" Lol 1 normal slice of takeout pizza is 400 calories. This is probably in the 50,000 calorie range…

  7. I want to see Gordon Ramsay order one of those I don't know if he would try an insult it or be amazed by its size

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