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oh wow this one this one’s really fun it takes her whole body to need together we have 96 slices of cheese on the scroll cheese we’re gonna play with fire [Music] welcome back to making big this is the show where I make giant food for my friends and special guests I’ve always wanted to make a giant grilled cheese no one’s asked me to do it but I love cheese pulls and I’ve been really inspired by this channel called healthy junk food they’ve mastered the art of making these crazy giant foods I thought it’d be fun to invite them in to see if they maybe judge one of my creations so let’s go meet them how are you thanks for coming in just for the people who might not know who you guys are what do you guys do my name is Julia and this is JP we’re JP and Julia and we started healthy junk food back in 2013 to try to actually be healthier we started just doing copycat recipes of like Big Macs and contract Supremes making a healthier and then we’re like hey let’s make it bigger I like the way you think you guys have made several amazing giant grilled cheese videos one of the trickiest things about making a giant gold cheese’s you gotta get that ultimate cheese pull so when I get to that point I might ask you guys to come you know come and help me out because I’ve never done it before and I really think your expertise would help me make that cheese pull really awesome no I’m good with that as long as you have to me a soup and you could be dipping it in there so you guys feel free to hang out and chill out I’m gonna go work in the kitchen and go from there see you guys here for ya thank you for ya room for ya go 18 for Alvin yes okay we’re gonna make giant grilled cheese and the first step in dying grilled cheese is giant bread so we’re gonna take nine cups of warm water this will help make sure that the yeast is nice and activated not too hot it also it’ll kill it oil salt sugar whoop and yeast and just gonna mix this together until all of the sugar in the salt and the yeast is kind of like salt in the water these tool kind of incorporate and start growing all right that’s looking pretty good the next step is ten cups of flour it’s a lot of flour but we’re gonna do this in batches – this is only half of it trying to make sure there’s no huge lumps welcome to ASMR with Alvin this is about half of the flour and we’re gonna add the second half this is a total of around like 40 cups well how her this is gonna Nate make enough bread for the whole entire dough okay so it’s coming together we’re gonna turn it out onto the table finish kneading whoo boy bench flour whoo LeBron James LeBron James LeBron James there we go oh that was a bad idea it’s gonna start needing this guy oh we’re gonna need a lot of flour this looks like a job of the hunt whoo okay this is the dough we’ll call him my bread baby and this is enough dough for both slices of bread the grilled cheese so we’re actually gonna divide him in half mmm that’s cool all right awesome so we have two dough balls each one will make one slice of bread for the grilled cheese you will need to prove for 30 minutes so I’m gonna cover them and wait for them to grow up in size we have a lot of time while the bread proofs so we’re gonna make a tomato soup because you can’t have a giant gold cheese without a lot of tomato soup we’re gonna go on with a good amount of motor oil as Gordon Ramsay likes to say we’re gonna throw in some vegetables so we have garlic have celery and we’ve onions oh it smells great so we’re gonna add some salt to tastes pepper and tomato paste and this has to be cooked out a bit can I spread this around fry it up a bit very tomatoey getting a tomato steam face bath well let’s cook down a bit caramelizing real nice so now I think it’s ready to put in the liquid ingredients or going with the crushed tomatoes we have eight 28 ounce cans of tomatoes 224 ounces of tomatoes total then 6 quarts of vegetable broth whoo-hoo and also some nice fresh basil I love this stuff always sniff your basil before you hidden your food guys it doesn’t change anything about the food but it makes you feel better we’re gonna bring this to a boil and I’ll see you guys in a bit it’s been 30 minutes this is looking amazing so at this point we have a lot of tomatoes in here that’s a lot of acidity see we want to add some baking soda it’s basic like a couple of my friends and it’s gonna help balance and counteract that acidity from the tomatoes okay so it’s been simmering for a while it’s kind of mellowed out a bit now we’re gonna play with it this is probably one of my favorite weapons of mass destruction in the kitchen it is a immersion blender whoo we’re gonna be blending and puree all those vegetables we added in earlier some of the crushed Tomatoes some of the basil this is so good pretty good obviously you gotta add some heavy cream this is not diet food but it’s freaking amazing so we’re gonna go for it all those beautiful streaks just start coming to the surface oh that’s good well we made three gallons of creamy tomato soup to go along with the grilled cheese we’re gonna take this to the back and continue making our giant grilled cheese okay so our dough has been proofing for roughly an hour these will be the size of each bread slice because it’s the largest pan that we can fit in a tasty oven come on okay it’s ringing with our fingertips spread these out to the corners of the tray in this process were also knock down a little bit of the air that had come from the bacteria farts during the proofing section all righty that’s one this off here number two come on whoa that’s awesome I’ll never get tired of that whoo oh wow this one’s this one’s really fun trying to get a lot of the air out of this cool well this one looks great these two are going to proof for another 30 minutes do their final rise before we get them into the these have been proofing for about 30 minutes they got a little bigger in size it’s gotten a lot smoother and shinier and basically these are ready for the oven we’re gonna bake two giant slices of bread [Music] [Music] we have some pretty awesome bread slices right now one thing I think that’s important about grilled cheese is that it is made with slices of bread not the ends of the bread so that means both sides do not have a crust on the heart I get in here start off slow [Music] whoa this is so cool since both sides of these need to be trimmed I have an idea that I think will make it look like it is trim so we’re gonna go with a microplane and sort of grade off the crust of the bread and make some bread crumbs oh it’s working oh yeah strategy worked out nicely cuz I think if I went in with a knife on both sides I’m not amazing at knife skills I might have just destroyed the bread and made it like not usable at all but it’s looking pretty good okay so I’ve been chiseling away at this thing for quite a while so yeah this is looking pretty good this is our bottom slice kind of has a little well into it like a little bread well with little bread walls so that the cheese will not escape we have four beautiful and amazing cheese’s we have mozzarella cheddar American and Hardy so we’ll start with cheddar and then we’ll go with mozzarella so American and some hearty look at that for fit perfectly I’m gonna build a grid here four kinds of cheeses we have 24 rows of cheese each row has four cheeses in it so we have 996 slices of cheese on the scroll cheese okay so we’re gonna brush the butter a lot of melted butter a lot of bread so you need a lot of butter we’re gonna put like two sticks of butter on this guy it’s a lot but hey it’s gonna be great and if you’re eating grilled cheese I don’t think you’re worried too much about that content anyway so okay so this is the really really fun part we’re gonna play with fire this is a cool tool that spreads out the flame over a larger area because it’s kind of hard to get this bread into a pan that’s big enough to toast so we’re gonna use fire instead and I like playing with it so [Music] okay so I’ve been here for about like 30 minutes just searing this build cheese it smells great the butter the bread it’s browning the we’re making brown butter basically this looks really good we’re getting a really nice crust and we’re gonna actually take this guy this is a beautiful display of cheese 96 slices and we’re going to put it in the oven so I’ll see you guys in a bit guys look at this looks so awesome it’s like a checkerboard full of cheese I’m super excited that it kept its shape okay it’s going together real nicely we’re gonna put it back in the oven or like 20 minutes or so off we go and oh this is a heavy grilled cheese oh my god all right this is the final baked grilled cheese it’s been in the oven for a total of 45 minutes the top and the bottom are thoroughly heated it’s crispy it’s correctly you can hear we have these giant pizza peels that we’re gonna try to use to get this onto the board that’s one come on here we go [Music] nice I’m about to cut it but the thing is this is a pretty tricky part and I don’t want to mess it up so I’m gonna call in the experts JP Julia you want to come and help me out I’m here to help you all they make you how’s it going good that’s bigger than ours oh I thought yours is like super huge no I’m proud okay there we go oh my goodness we’re in come on Alvin come on Alvin you have beautiful hands thank you put concealer on them sometimes one nice long stroke through to make sure we’re even so the strategy I think we should try to get our hands underneath to try to support as much of it along the seam as possible yeah like this actually so maybe Julie if you want to get this area just like a little cheese baby one to [Music] that was crazy he’s me I heard you guys wanted tomato soup oh my goodness oh yeah mamacita hurt yourself there I’m gonna get a signer excuse me oh no oh you guys do not mess around the flavor this is flavor tell see you got a little luck and you got a giant lime okay yeah I think you have a little something on your face Julie can help me do you want to take that one home uh-huh all right guys next time thank you well I was fun I got to live out my dream of making a giant grilled cheese who better than JP and Julia to judge if it was awesome it sounded like they were pretty impressed with what we were able to make today that was awesome and here’s the thing if you guys have any ideas of giant foods that you would like to see us make on this show leave a comment tell us what you want to see send me a message we do read them but until next time [Music]

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