Hungarian Foods to Try | What I Ate in Budapest 🇭🇺

Prepare to drool or have some snacks on standby because in this video I’m talking about
places to eat in Budapest. I’ve already made a video trying Hungarian foods
and Hungarian Christmas foods so I’ll link those videos as well if you’re interested. The cuisine in Budapest really agreed with me – well, with one exception which I’ll talk about more later. The food is simple but very, very flavourful –
two things I love. From food trucks, to cafeteria-style, to the most expensive coffee I think I’ve ever seen – I want to give you a sense of what I ate in Budapest and an idea of how much it costs because it varies a lot depending on where you go. I’m going to start with my favourite place which Marc and I actually found
in the most rewarding way: by accident. There is nothing so satisfying as
stumbling across a place you didn’t know existed at the precise moment you’re hungry. I just feel like that feeling of discovery
enhances the whole experience somehow. And for us this was on the upper floor
of the Budapest Market Hall. The market was closing
just as ‘hanger’ was setting in so we wandered upstairs and were delighted
to find a restaurant called Fakanál Etterem. I hope I’m saying that correctly or close. They were close to closing as well
but they kindly let us scoot inside and it’s cafeteria style so you take a tray
and move along the line. The atmosphere is laid-back and cozy and any place with red and white
checkered tablecloths is fine by me. We had goulash – which by the way is the number
one thing I’d say you should try eating in Budapest – because it’s very traditional and extremely delicious. It looks deceptively simple
but it’s absolutely bursting with flavour. It was served in these adorable
red enamel pots with lids to keep it hot and I was so charmed by these little pots
that I actually looked around for them afterward because I loved them so much
and I was hoping to bring some home to kind of recreate that memory
but I didn’t find them in the end. We also shared a plate of two other
typical Hungarian dishes, one of which was basically dumplings with cheese and this other dish which unfortunately
I cannot for the life of me remember the name of but they were both delicious. If you happen to know the names of these
please leave a comment and remind me. Marc loved it so much
he did a happy little jig in his chair. The next place I want to show you
is called Café Gerbaud which opened in 1858 and it’s centrally located right downtown. The interior has a grand feeling which reminded me
a little bit of certain Viennese coffeehouses. There are sparkling chandeliers,
arched ceilings, and wood details. They offer a lot of scrumptious-looking desserts
which are all on display and catch your eye immediately
when you walk in the front door. I had big plans to go here for a slice of cake and the treat they are most well-known for:
Gerbaud coffee. The description of this coffee reads like poetry
so let me tell you – ready? Black coffee with apricot sauce, apricot liqueur,
hot chocolate, vanilla foam, and walnut sprinkles. Doesn’t that sound so unique and delicious? I thought so anyway…
until I saw the price on the menu: 2390 Hungarian Forints for one Gerbaud coffee. That’s about $11.50CAD or $9USD. For a cup of coffee. And a slice of cake was around $13CAD or $10USD and Marc and I honestly just couldn’t bring ourselves
to spend $50CAD on coffee and cake which is what it would have cost for both of us. Don’t get me wrong –
I am all for treating yourself sometimes but this just was not the time for me. If you’ve been there and tried the Gerbaud coffee
please comment and tell me what I missed! But I have to say, if you’re in Budapest
and you want to go visit a more lavish sort of place, I’d recommend the New York Cafe. It’s located inside the beautiful
Boscolo Budapest Hotel which is worth seeing in itself. It was built as the Budapest head office
for the New York Life Insurance Company in 1894 and the New York Café has been open
since the same year. It’s long been a gathering place for writers and editors. In fact, word is that the most influential newspapers
were edited right there up in the gallery. Stop and read the tabletops to learn more about
the history of some of the café’s most notable patrons. The interior is Renaissance-style
and there are high painted ceilings, chandeliers, an ornate gold clock, and plush red velvet
covering the chairs and contouring the banisters. My favourite, though, are the marbled looking columns
that twist up from the floor like oversized corkscrews. There are details everywhere that you have to
look closely for or you could easily miss, like these little faces. We went for the architecture
and history of the place but if I were dining there I’d want to sit
at the little private balconies that overlook the space. I decided to sit down at one of the little tables for two and use my very active imagination instead. One thing I was surprised to come across
in Budapest was a whole area of food trucks. For some reason I wasn’t expecting it
which made it even more exciting because if you’ve seen my other videos
you know that I LOVE me a food truck. This sandwich… it might be the best sandwich
I’ve ever had. It’s SO GOOD. It’s a little alley called Karaván Street Food
and Beer Garden which you enter off the street. There are lots of different choices
to feed the hungry crowds of people there. And Budapest is by no means
a paradise for plant based eaters but I did notice that Karavan has vegan options
for between about $5 and $7USD including vegetarian goulash which you don’t
want to visit Hungary without trying. There’s also pizza and pasta, a bar serving Hungarian craft beers, and a ton of burger places. Like noticeably a lot. Budapest loves burgers! There’s even an Asian food truck
where the burger ‘buns’ are made of rice. We went for a Hungarian speciality called langos
which is essentially deep fried bread and they generally cost between $3 and $4USD. You get a base of either sour cream or sheep cheese and then you can choose different savoury toppings
like more cheese, salad, or grilled paprika. Langos are to Budapest what crepes are to Paris. There’s a nice area at the back of
the food truck alley with tables and lanterns so we sat there to eat our
sour cream and cheese langos. It’s a bit messy to eat but I mean
what’s not to love about deep fried bread with cream and cheese on top of it? Is there enough sour cream on there for you? No. Never enough. Who else loves sour cream? I’m asking because Marc doesn’t like it
but even despite that he still enjoyed this. Can you handle the sour cream or is it gross to you? It’s not a lot of it so it’s ok. You can stomach it? I’d prefer it without. Yeah. For dessert there’s Hungarian strudel
for less than $2USD or another sweet treat that you really have to try
which in English is called Chimney Cake and I believe the Hungarian name is Kürtőskalács –
hope I’m saying that close to properly – and in Slovakia was called tredlnik. That’s my best tredlnik. So leave me a comment and tell me how I did. Anyway they’re funnels of bread turned over a flame and then smothered with different coatings
like sugar, cinnamon, or nuts. The ones at Karavan were about $5USD
which, trust me, is well worth it. But back to burgers for a second, which I’m sure
nobody minds a little more burger talk. One of the food trucks at Karavan
is Zing Burger which a local recommended to us. But we didn’t try the food truck location we went to a bricks and mortar location
on a very late night out. We figured if this is supposed to be
the best burger in a city that adores burgers then we should definitely give it a try. I really liked the overall aesthetic of the brand. The menu includes things like
the Hungry Hipster Burger and the Guitar Hero burger plus sandwiches like grilled cheese
which cost between around $4 to $7USD. It all comes served on individual silver trays and I couldn’t resist drinking a cheeky
cherry Dr Pepper for nostalgia’s sake. Who else is a sucker for cherry flavoured cola? The burger was pretty greasy so I used
Marc’s trick of wrapping the paper around it. After one bite, though, I saw it was really pink inside and at first I thought there was
something wrong with it and I was kind of weirdly looking
at other people’s burgers trying to see if theirs was also pink
or if mine was maybe undercooked or something. But then Marc bit into his and it was
exactly the same shade of pink and I realize this is purely a matter of taste
but it was just too raw for me personally and I didn’t eat any more of it. Ok so it’s just as pink. Just their thing. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows though: is that the popular way to serve burgers
in Budapest or in Hungary in general or is that just a signature burger at Zing Burger? There was an Italian restaurant
quite close to our Airbnb that we went to more than once
because it was so convenient. I did an apartment tour of that place by the way
which was incredible for only $33USD a night so I’ll link that video too. Anyway the restaurant is called Bellozzo
and I love the cheerful vibe in there: subway tiles, a bar area to sit at and a larger back area with tables. When you order you get a number
and then you can sit and relax until a big screen tells you your food is ready. More fun, though, is to watch your food
being prepared and plated. We were really impressed that you could get a large
spaghetti carbonara that really hit the spot for $6USD. Oh this is…it’s not metal. Really?! Carbonara has got to be one of my favourite
comfort foods so this was a definite winner. Another time we shared a cheese pizza
for less than $4USD and a bowl of pesto pasta. Oh and a bottle of sparkling water. San Benedetto! There were two people that Marc and I
guessed were maybe on a first date because she came over to his side of the table
to show him photos on her phone and he had his arm on the back of her chair hovering NEAR her back but never
made actual contact with her back. What do you guys think? Are these two on a first date? This is some of what we ate in Budapest –
some traditional Hungarian food and some not. If you want to see other videos in Budapest then make sure to check out
the rest of the series we made there. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video
and I love when you leave comments so please let me know what you thought
and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks for watching!

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