How to Treat Someone for Food Poisoning | First Aid Training

How to Treat Someone for Food Poisoning | First Aid Training

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  1. i would like to stick my face between the milky white thighs of the chick in the thumbnail preview pic…only god can judge me

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  3. I red the title as.. How to treat someone who has Food
    and I was Hungry!
    That was the story How I end up here! .. Not the Thumbnail!

  4. How to Treat Someone Who Has Food Poisoning.
    1) Drive the person to a hospital
    2) Let the Dr diagnose him/her
    Did you know that food has vitamins?

  5. @Howcast I have nee/leg shaking. when I set or even stand for longer than 15min. it start to shake, sure I can control it but it seems like its a habit. or when I look intro my history I sat in class for really long time. my school starts at 8:00kl and it ended 15:00kl time and we had one hour lunch, and all the time I spend sating. I think that affected me. (now im 20 years old)

  6. I just went through it. I dont think im done but when it happened it hurt so bad and i was acting crazy but thanks though

  7. I been throwing up since yesterday at around 2:00 to throw up and i woke up again (day after) around 2:45 again throwing up? Is that bad?

  8. My stomach hurts and is feeling a bit sick after KFC earlier today, I haven't been sick or anything yet but I feel like i will be.. Ugh hopefully It will go away O.o

  9. I have had food poison before somehow all of my relatives know I have food poison but for some reason I don't have any symptoms and keep chowing on food

  10. I ate at Dennie's a big burger and with fries the I ate Apple pie the I went home and drank atole and I woke up in the middle of the night cold but sweaty I feel asleep but the whole day my stomic was hurting at around 2:30 I threw up all the food I ate but it didn't effect me right away but after I threw up I felt much better if I had stomic flu I would have probably still have a stomic ache or I could have just ate a lot

  11. I've been nauseous for about a week, I threw up once, I still have the shits, I've been drinking clear liquids and even medicine and nothing works, what do I do?

  12. I wanna vomit, but when I try, nothing comes out. I been tired so fast for 4 days and I couldn't focus at all.

  13. I ate candy right now And the expiration date said june 4 and it is June 4 right now and I'm so worried about myself…

  14. I had 1 bite of a McDonald's hamburger that was in 92 degree heat for 6 hours. I suggest sleeping in between bathroom goes

  15. Aaaahh… I see how this can help but it doesn't help when you can't stand up without feeling nauseas as heck. I tried standing up and that only made my nausea worse so I have been laying down most of my time today after I got back from school, should I skip today so I can get rest and heal? Or go and get it over with?

  16. See I tried drinking water but anything that went in my body came straight back up with in 10 minutes!
    I've got the runs and I'm sick every 30 minutes violently.

  17. I guess it depends on what type of food born illnesses? she says it happens quickly but another source say it can happen days before. either way it sucks to get it..

  18. I threw up at school today and I kept throwing up my stomach was rumbling and I got picked up and I need advice plz it won't stop! I feel like I'm DYING! !!!!!!

  19. I have food poisoning but I can't keep fluid down bc every 30 mins I just throw it back up again violently and can't breathe. HELP

  20. I Ate Some Pizza and I Had a Ache right in between my Body.I Checked my Temp it was 96.5 So I Guess I Fine?

  21. Just always drink water If u dont u will become dehydrated and get more sick
    As ur symptoms get less worse u can start eating soft foods that are bland I suffer from Acid reflux and that is similiar

  22. I don't even have food poisoning. I'm just paranoid because I ate sushi that wasn't even bad. No one can beat me in this hypochondriac game

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