How to Deal with Bloating – Digestive problems Naturally

Hi, I’m Dr. Group. This message, or
question comes to me from Shirline. Hi Shirline. Shirline says that her boyfriend has digestive
problems, he’s had ulcers, he’s has gas, bloating, and possibly now he has a
minor hernia in his groin and possibly he has a parasite. She wants to know what can she do to fix her husband’s or the boyfriend’s
digestive problems. Once your intestines start to become toxic, it’s a also a sign that your liver’s toxic, then you start developing intestinal problems.
You’ll start developingÉ your stomach will not secrete the proper amount of acid
or it secretes too much acid, and that’s where the ulcers start to come in;
the acid in the stomach literally eats holes into the stomach
lining, and causes severe pain. And it just works its way down from there, so
that is a sign that your boyfriend is extremely toxic and needs to be cleansed. First thing I would do, as well as the gas
and the bloating, I mean the gas is what causes the bloating because the body cannot produce the amount of enzymes, see your
digestive system starts when you look at food; when you see food or smell food your body starts to secreting enzymes all
ready to break that food down; your body secretes ptyalin in the mouth which
breaks down carbohydrates and starches, and then it just starts working down, your
pancreas starts to produce enzymes to break down food, your liver produces bile or your
gall bladder secrete bile into the small intestine to break down the fatty
parts of the food. So this tells me, that you have
multiple problems in the body, anytime you start developing gas and bloating and
hernias and everything like that. So, what I would do, first of all, is start with
an intestinal cleanse, and not only intestinal cleanse, but it is very important if anyone
has digestive disorders to do multiple liver and gallbladder cleanses,
because that means your liver and your gall bladder are toxic, and they’re not
producing what they need to produce. Also, it could be that you have a excess, or either an excessive bad probiotics or
bacterial or fungus, such as yeast, or candida; yeast or candida overgrowth
always causes gas and bloating; or you could have not enough good probiotics in your system as well,
so I would recommend getting on good probiotics, lateral flora is what I recommend, it’s a spore forming
bacteria; cleaning up the liver and the
gallbladder, cleaning up the harmful organisms, just in case there might be
some parasites in there; I’ve put together a real simple and easy
to use harmful organism cleanse, that’s available on my website
global healing center dot com,
( and really following the
instructions for cleansing would be my first recommendation,
going through all the cleansing programs, and then also he can start
strengthening those of abdomenal muscles very slowly. Bouncing on the mini
trampoline is a very good way to strengthen the abdominals, not exactly sure where exactly the hernia
is, nor the severity of the hernia, sometimes those need surgical intervention,
otherwise they’ll start getting bigger and bigger and bigger usually a hernia is where the bowel or a
section of the bowels pokes through the tissue that keeps our organs intact in the stomach area. Another thing that I’d recommend is that
he to chews his food extremely well. One of the main problems with people today
is they don’t chew their food well enough. When you have large chunks
of food going down into the stomach and digestive
system, it immediately messes up the production of acid and the production
of enzymes, and the body has to work five times as hard to get that food digested. I mean the food
should be pre digested in the mouth, and that’s from chewing. Chew your food 25 times before swallowing each bite. And that’s
another great way to lose weight, I mean it’s one of the fastest ways to lose weight
is just to chew your food 25 times or until its a liquid; you reduce your
portion sizes faster that way, you get full quicker that way, in your body doesn’t have to expend all
that energy to break down your food. Thank You, and have a good day.

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