Healing & Poisoning with Herbs

Healing & Poisoning with Herbs

Hello fellow Survivalist how do we survive in the nature with plants that we pick up and how do we poison our enemies with it ? Let’s find out. So here we have a bunch of Nettles, Nettles are plants that do hurt people, but we can eat it as well, so how do we do it ? Very simple, you have first to see where are the spikes on the plant, the spikes are on the stem and also under the leaves so you can touch the upper part of the leaf, here for example. So you have to roll the leaf this way so you don’t get hurt I can touch everything here it’s ok and then we can eat it this way let’s go… very good ! So this is a wooden stick and if you can make your enemy eat it, he will probably die. – Isn’t poisoning a degenerate way to kill your enemies ? – Despite what we could think, poisoning is not a degenerate way to kill someone, of course a Survivalist should be able to kill his enemies by the iron, but you know my Youtube channel is viewed by girls as well, and i have to be able to give advices for girls as well because I’m a modernist and an egalitarist as well. This is a lethal flower, degenerate children use to blow on it, but if your enemy eats it, all the seeds there will get stuck in his throat. – Why do you walk barefoot ? – Because shoes destroy your way to walk, don’t you remember what I said in the second episode ? A bridge is comfort ! Do you see ? Day, Night. This is a proof that time zones are pure shit, and then an absolute proof that earth is flat, contrarily to what we could think because of (((them))). This is totally degenerate, it prevents rocks from falling on weak people, therefore, it troubles natural selection. Civilisation… Anyway, I just found a few Wild Garlics which you can recognise by this flower here, very nice white flower, so what yo can do, is cut it’s leaves and eat it, first you have to smell it and be sure that it smells like garlic because it looks a lot like Lily of the Valley which is a poisonous plant but let’s see yeah this one smells like garlic so it’s ok we can eat it, very good. – Can I try it ? – Yeah of course it’s okay – Thank you Are you ok ? Hey ! So I need to revive my friend now, and I have to wait midnight before making the ritual today I showed you how to heal yourself with plants and how to poison your enemies, and your friends as well. So see you for more videos and don’t forget to subscribe on Youtube and Facebook. So today I showed you how to… damn I don’t remember my text. – You suck, you fuckin suck !

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  1. You are hilarious, blue eyes. Subscribed! Glad someone posted your link on another video

  2. Btw, this burdock leave you cut at 3:13 is also edible.
    Tastes really terrible for a modern human being. You'd love it!

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